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Daddy experience report while drinking coffee on the 45th floor


Nice to meet you, I'm Noto from the production department.
I have been living a life that is completely different from that of a daddy girl, and I have experienced daddy life.
I would like to write a report on this first column.

Noto writesVery weakpowerful sentencesHas become
note that

I'm going to do a dad life experience report

Every day, as the production department, we are facing the computer by making new creations, corrections, updates, etc.
Let's actually go to the place where female members are called to meet!
The plan was raised, and I received a voice.


"Would you like to go to the meeting place and have some cake?"




"It just opened."


"Heh~ that's good~~"


"Dress codeI need you, so please come dressed properly."


"I can't eat cake in such a place"


picture? ? ? ?A cake that requires a dress code? ?Is cake like that?Are you eating cake so politely?
I thought cake was something to eat more casually, but...
#what is cake


Why don't you invite someone else to go?I offered
What kind of feeling does a woman who date for the first time in Papa Katsu feel?I need
I was told to go.


About clothes

When going to the meeting place,Dress smart casual!"They said.
However, Mr. Noto is a person who is not very interested in fashion,
Well, I don't have clothes like that.

“A spirit that shouldn’t cause trouble to those around you”So (I got the URL and looked at the site, but after all it didn't come to mind) I went with a collared shirt (Y-shirt), a cardigan, pants that aren't jeans, and short boots.

Amazing... There is only the minimum amount of out smell...,Even though I think this is the limit of Noto.
*Please do not imitate


The female members who join the Universe Club are all motivated to improve themselves, so I thought that this would not happen.

(On the contrary, I thought, "I have to prepare clothes, shoes, and bags to come to this place.""Initial cost"I thought it would take


To The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo La Boutique

The meeting place is The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo in Midtown45 floorIt is a chocolate and pastry shop called "La Boutique".


Now, take the elevator to the entrance on the 45th floor.

My first thought about the entrance was

A man (Japanese) who got on the elevator with me started talking in English with the person I was waiting for.
The hotel staff will guide you in English.


"Is English the official language????"


Just hearing the people around you speaking English gives you the illusion that you are in a foreign country.
…you’re lying…that’s weird…even though you were supposed to be in Japan a while ago,
You're clearly in the wrong place...! ! !


View from the 45nd floor
Live piano music on the 45th floor
45th floor fountain

45th floor!It's a nice view! !
I like the music they play!Live performance! !
Water is flowing!very!What's going on with the water pressure? ! (???)

*How is the water pressure?When I told the members of the production department, they said, "Do you care about that?"

At the entrance, the tension went up!


While experiencing such an entrance, let's go to "La Boutique".


The interior is very beautiful, the waiters are very kind, and the hospitality is as expected.
Please introduce the menu item by item,
What I asked for
・Chocolate Yuzu
・Cake Sakura Cherry
・Coffee Tropical Mountain
There are two.

Chocolate Yuzu
cake sakura cherry
coffee tropical mountain


Sakura cherry is the season of cherry blossoms, so I asked for it.
I also saw this cake on the site, so is it okay to post it in the column?Thought.


The contents of the cherry blossom cake are...
“Cherry Compote Sakura Panna Cotta Sakura Chantilly Sakura Jelly Crunch Crumble”
*Excerpt from the menu


? ? ? ? … Mr. Noto doesn't know sweets.


What are compote, panna cotta, chantilly and crunch crumble (You know jelly! ! ! ! !

Ah...knowledge...knowledge is necessary...
You explained the cake, but I didn't understand about half of it...I'm really sorry...


The impression of eating

When I ate it, the scent of cherry blossoms spread throughout my mouth!The sourness of the cherry compote and the sweetness of the cherry cream go well together.
Since it is in a transparent case, the pink layer is beautiful when viewed from the side.
Pleasant to look at, delicious to taste.It is truly first class! (Impressions written with the reader in mind)


Hahaha~~~~~~~ The cherry blossom front is in full bloom! ! ! ! ! !(IQ2 impression)


Too bad a reviewIt was delicious, I just don't remember.

And I thought that this kind of thing would be Instagrammable.
It's such a wonderful place, so it's natural that many people like it.


But I also thought, "I can't be friends."
It was so much fun that I posted a photo on Instagram and my friends told me it was good.
It's hard to say, "Well, let's go together next time!"


I know it's not a place to go casually,
"fun"The“Good friend”"share"I thought it would be difficult to do.
It's hard to invite because the amount is high, and you have to check the clothes.
(People who go go, though)

Takes me to places I can't go with my friends,This is dad life...! !


While drinking coffee on the 45th floor, I felt like I was able to understand the feeling of a female member, saying, "Papa's life is amazing!"

Production Department Masishi no WonderfulThe Ritz-Carlton Tokyocolumn isClick here for the guidelines.

Juri Noto

I only write random things.Please do it with a smile.

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