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Tell a girl who doesn't know how to get along with an older uncle

i don't know how to get along

Occasionally, a woman will ask me if she doesn't know how to date an older man.
All the sisters of hostesses who are good at talking are amateurs when they start working.
In the first place, there is no way I can talk to an older man from the beginning.
A man older than me who was born in a different year and in a different environment...
I want to start working as a dad today!But I'm worried!I will deliver it to a woman called.

Uncle just wants you to be happy

My uncle will be happy if you eat deliciously.
My uncle will be happy if you talk happily.
However, there are some conditions.
It's feminine power, care, thoughtfulness, etc...
Let's keep good manners. (It's been noisy since the last column, sorry)

In the first place, the other man is...

The man is much older than you.
And he has a lot of social experience, so if you're worried about the story, you can leave it to the other person.
For example,
Mr. S: “Does A-chan have any hobbies?”
Child A: “Cooking…is it?”

Mr. S: “Hey! You’re good at cooking! $%&#$%…”

It also spreads the conversation in the wind.

But if you are interested in yourself and receive an offer...
Mr. S: “Does A-chan have any hobbies?”
Eiko: “Cooking…is it? Mr. S also says that he plays golf in his profile, but do you have any other hobbies?”

I think the answer is Hanamaru (^^)
Conversations that interest me are returned to me with conversations that interest the other person.
If you were taught to return what you received when you were little, you should be able to do it☆

"Sashisuseso", a magical word that men like

Since ancient times, men have been creatures that want to stand in a position of superiority over women.
Do you women know the magic word "sashisuseso" that doesn't hurt such men and doesn't bother conversations?
Starting tomorrow, it's a magical sashisuseso that can be used by both older men and proud women!

As expected

Anonymous N from the Hiroshima branch often says, "Asami-san, you're amazing!"
I know it's not heartfelt, and I know it's called sticky reading.Kusun.
But those who are not used to being praised, those who are not usually praised, etc. are very happy.

i didn't know

There are many men who especially want to tell the other person what they don't know.
This is strange, butIt seems that by teaching them what they don't know, they feel a sense of superiority and a sense of accomplishment that they were able to control them a little.
Men don't want to talk to computers, so it's better if there are a few things they don't understand.
Rather, I think it's better to be able to honestly say that you don't know what you don't know.


As expected, I think there is no one who is not happy to be praised.
It doesn't really matter, but when I'm praised, my nose stretches out and makes a hole in the wall of my office.
It's not intentional.

(Straighten up and stare into his eyes) Listen seriously

This is not a word, but an attitude.
Eyes speak as much as mouths, and it makes men feel bad that they don't listen.
If you straighten your back, your face will look 2% larger for some reason.

That's right!

This depends on the situation, but it's important to agree.
But as with anything, diversity is prohibited.
That's right, the continuation will be considered annoying, so please be careful!

Be interested in the other person first

By taking an interest in the other person and enjoying yourself, the conversation will naturally flow.
When you listen, the world you don't know may spread out depending on the preferences of the other party.
Memorize the content of the conversation, even if it's just the main points for the second date.
on a first date"I want to see a movie called ◯"if you said
"Speaking of which, have you tried ◯?"You can also use it when you get stuck in a conversation.

You don't have to be a strong woman.
Just because she's smart doesn't mean she's popular.

It is up to you whether or not to use "Sashisuseso" that can be used from tomorrow.

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