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I got a Cinderella story with Papa Katsu!

Nice to meet you, I'm Bell♪(*´▽`*)

It's been XNUMX years and XNUMX months since I started working as a dad.

I've met a lot of people until now.A total of about XNUMX people.

Dating club, Daddy activity app, I've come all the way.

I would like to share my experiences and impressions in it and help you even a little.

Before I started working as a dad, I worked as a hostess in Ginza for about XNUMX years.

I have been working as a hostess and a dad for about XNUMX years.

I write what I feel and think.


In my 20s, I sometimes backpacked and lived abroad on a working holiday, so half of my 20s was overseas.

I had a vague goal, "I wish I could live abroad someday."

I don't particularly say "I want to live until when" or "I want to live here".

Things like "I'd rather go back and forth than stay in Japan all the time" or "I'd like to spend half the year abroad" were almost unattainable dreams (´∀`*)

Even when my engagement was called off and I became a free man, all I thought was, ``I want to live overseas someday.''

While I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to do that, I was mentally damaged and fell into depression.

There was a period of nearly a year when I couldn't work.

As various things piled up, the idea of ​​"I wish I could do it" disappeared from my mind and changed to the idea of ​​"impossible" (・Д・)

After 2,3-XNUMX years of that kind of situation, I started to think that I want to go abroad and receive power again (*´꒳`*)

It was around the time when I was recovering little by little and my physical condition was getting better.

I thought that if I didn't go outside, I wouldn't be stressed and it wouldn't affect my mental health, but

I've come to think positively that if I don't go outside, I won't be able to feel the emotions, feelings, and warmth of people (´∀`*)

When I start traveling abroad again in 2022, it feels like everything I've accumulated so far explodes.
The power inside me exploded ( ゚д゚)

I was able to once again feel the overflowing energy I had when I was enjoying backpacking★

After all, I felt that when I was abroad, Seoul would dwell within me.

I thought, "I really want to go abroad!" and "I want to live!"

I worked really hard for these 9 months ( ; ; )

I was looking for a job where I could work from home overseas, but it was difficult.

It required a lot of skill, and I felt that it would be quite tough if I didn't specialize in something specialized.

I had only done office work and secretary work, and I could only do simple Excel and Word, and I couldn't use PowerPoint, so it was quite a narrow gate.

The 300 companies I applied for are ridiculous.

Among them, I was able to go to interviews with only about 10 companies (XNUMX).


If it is a small company that does not have human resources in a small company and the president directly interviews

I was told things that could be seen at my feet, and I cried because I was frustrated

I broke my heart many times and almost gave up (T ^ T)


Even so, I continued to apply for jobs, and told everyone I met that I wanted a job.

Of course, I also asked the gentlemen who I met for the first time to join the conversation and ask for them (*^^)v

One day, as always, I told him, "I want a job where I can work overseas so that I can live overseas."

"I'm starting a new business, so I'm looking for a secretary who can do clerical work after just starting a corporation, so should I do it?"

I received a specific offer.

However, there are occasional stories like this in Papa Katsu.

However, I also know that there are many patterns where business and private matters are mixed, so I was quite skeptical.

Specifically, there were many gentlemen who were told that they wanted to ask for this type of work, but could not be contacted after talking about the work.

I was half in doubt because I had such a thing many times (T_T)

However, that person handed me this month's salary on the spot,

He asked me, "I'll send you a video of the board meeting tomorrow, so please make the minutes!"

Every month on the payday, I was worried about whether I would be paid properly.

After XNUMX months, "Bell-chan, I can work, so I want to request more. That's why I'm going to double my salary, so I don't hesitate to give you a job. What do you think?"


"I can go abroad with this!"


In order to get the salary I was aiming for, I had collected about XNUMX side jobs.

Now you are finally ready to go!

I organized my XNUMX side jobs, cut out the ones that didn't suit me, and limited myself to jobs that I could enjoy to some extent!(^^)!

After that, I was able to get a VISA in a blink of an eye, and all the problems were cleared.

Oh my God! !We are leaving in a week! !

My second life, what I dreamed of, was brought to my attention by a man I met in Papa

It came true! ! (`ー´)ノ

I really don't know what will happen in life (^^♪


I pray that everyone will also be able to meet a wonderful dad (^_−)−☆

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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