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What are the benefits of being a dad?

A "charismatic beauty manager" who has gained a huge amount of wealth by going from one male patron to another.

Hello, this is Madame Butterfly.

What kind of benefits do women expect if they want to get hold of an uncle who has both wealth and honor?

I don't think it's too dull to just say, "I want money."The ideal is to step up from your current stage.

A wealthy man with a lot of experience, he knows a world that we usually don't even imagine. "Step up" is a vague term, but for example, let's say you are taken by your uncle to eat at a fancy restaurant.That in itself will be one step for women.This is because when you go to a luxury store, you need to dress appropriately, and your fashion will naturally become sophisticated.

The most effective use of uncle may be when you start a business.After quitting my job as a hostess in Ginza, I started various companies.Each time, I received financial support from my uncle, and I still receive advice from many people. There are so many things to learn from an uncle who has been running a company for XNUMX or XNUMX years.Leverage their wealth and knowledge

For example, there is this woman.

Mr. T, a “charismatic beauty manager” who runs many companies.

Recently, she has been active as a commentator on a wide show, but she was originally the mistress of the founding president of a major IT company.

There she learned management skills, and was later recruited by the founding president of another venture company.

This time, he became the mistress of the founding president, and became independent several years later.

Of course, it was the founding president who raised the investment.Then she grew her company and made a huge fortune.

Of course, the two founding presidents who raised her are super-famous people in the Japanese business scene.

"XNUMX% of work is connections"

Isn't this true in business?The ideal is to build a “win-win” relationship that benefits the other party as well.

I don't want to use the cheap term "success in life", but if there is an indicator, I think it's determined by "the number of uncles you get close to" x "the distance traveled".

You should spare no effort in getting to know and befriend your uncle.You should broaden your horizons to the whole of Japan, or to the rest of the world.From tomorrow, let's go on a journey to find a good uncle.

Characteristics of a good uncle that can be understood through sex

I have shared a bed with many uncles.Every time I get to know them, I have something on my mind.That is, "Uncles who are good at their jobs are good at sex."

They have sex as if they were having a "business meeting".In other words, they blame the other party while looking at how they behave.

On the other hand, the young man ends up feeling good about himself.To use a work analogy, he seems to have a fruitless argument.

I myself gave a one-sided presentation, and there was no proposal from the other party.One-way sex can be an empty feeling, but a good uncle is trying hard to please a woman.

 Have you ever felt like a man's attitude became cold right after sex?

This is common among young men, but what the uncle wants from women is comprehensive communication, including sex.

Therefore, there is no such thing as "throwing away" only for uncles.

The important thing in sex with an uncle is that "the skin is touching".Ladies, you should try the compassionate sex of a good uncle.

The sex of the owner president and the hired president is different

People say, "I like heroes," but many presidents with hundreds or even thousands of employees have strong sexual desires.

There are two types of “president”: the owner-president and the hired-president.

In my experience, the two are completely different in terms of how they have sex.The owner president is the lord of one country and one castle.

Especially in the case of the founding president who has led the company through one-man management, I think that there are many people who have many mistresses and treat them equally.

On the other hand, there are many types of hired presidents who devote themselves to one mistress in addition to their wives.

They have a way of dating that brings out the "lover feeling" on the whole.For the owner president who has selfish sex, the hired president tends to have selfless sex.It will be interesting to taste the difference when you get to know your uncle.

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