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How I became a dad and the rest of my life as a dad★

Hello, I'm Bell(*^▽^*)

I think there are some people who saw the title and thought, ``I wonder if the content is negative.''

That's not the case at all, it's a very positive Cinderella story where dreams come true, so please read until the end (≧▽≦)

Although it is called a Cinderella story, it is not a story about getting married or finding a lover (lol) (*^^)v


The current date as I write this article is April 18, 2023.

Roughly two months have passed since I decided to immigrate.

It was thanks to the people I met through Papakatsu that I was able to move, which was my dream.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that it is thanks to Papakatsu that I am able to make my dreams come true.

Fast forward to five years ago.

Life with my fiance at the time was extremely difficult.

I was having a hard time making ends meet by wasting money and became depressed.

My fever of 38 degrees didn't go down for a long time, and even though Tadoku was mentally exhausted, it also took a toll on me physically.

While seeing a psychiatrist, we decided that there was no need to continue living together, so we ended our cohabitation and decided to part ways.

Even if you think it's a fresh start after moving,

Once you become depressed, even if you feel a little better, you will quickly return to the depressed state.

Even after returning to work, I ended up developing a panic disorder and started having seizures on the train.

I can't take the train anymore.

I took another 9 months off work and was living off of my savings.

My savings ran out and I had to work.

I returned to work, but within two months I had a panic attack and had to quit my job.

I lived on injury and sickness benefits for three months, but when I ran out of benefits, I found ``Papa-katsu''.


It all started when I heard that a friend of mine had joined a social club.

I immediately contacted them and went to register, and found out that I could also do dad activities on the app and website.

I registered about 3 at once (lol)


Since I can't ride the train, I also use my bicycle to register for a social club.

Even when I met the gentleman, I was traveling by bicycle (;・∀・) (lol)

I was desperately trying to make a living (lol)

Gradually, I recovered to the point where I could ride the train as long as it wasn't crowded.

Now that we can travel by train, our range of activities has expanded.

I still can't get on a crowded train. Because you don't know when a seizure will occur

I decided not to force my body to overcome it by beating myself with the whip.


I used to travel around the world as a backpacker, and my dream was to live overseas.

If I hadn't gotten engaged, I might be living overseas by now.

After getting engaged, I became depressed and there were periods when I couldn't go out at all.

I had a lot of time to look at myself.

“Why did it turn out like this?” “Where did I go wrong?”

"When did I become such a weak person?"

At first, all I could think was blaming myself.

However, I gradually learned to accept myself as I am now.

The road to get there is long

It's been 5 years since I started getting better and then feeling depressed again.

I don't have to ride a crowded train, I work from home, I also work as a father, and I earn my living expenses.

I was making money.

Then, on my birthday, I went abroad on a comfort trip.

There, the five years worth of energy that I had been locking up exploded (´・ω・`)

The feeling of excitement and curiosity that surprised even me returned in an instant (/・ω・)/


After all, I was convinced that I should go abroad, so I started looking for a job that I could do overseas.

I applied for over 100 jobs and had over 40 interviews, but I didn't give up.

To the people I met during my dad activities

I told everyone, ``I want to live abroad and I want a job.''

Even if that person wasn't recruiting, I thought there was a non-zero chance that someone would introduce me to someone they know.

About two months after I decided to move here, I met a gentleman for the first time through Papakatsu.

I had someone say, ``I'm just looking for a secretary or someone who can do office work.''

Fortunately, I have a background in secretarial work, so we matched unexpectedly (lol)

I received my salary for the month on the spot, and the job was sent to me the next day.

I wanted more work, and I was working hard, and you appreciated me.

He said, ``I'm going to double my salary, so I want to do more work.''


Since my salary has doubled, I no longer have to worry about my daily life.

I am currently implementing my dream migration plan.

I decided to go in June and am currently preparing the documents for the VISA application.

I have also started separating the things I take with me, the things I leave behind, and the things I throw away.

Thanks to that, I haven't been able to do much as a dad at all (lol)

Preparations are progressing steadily, and there are only two months left until departure.


Being a father is never something to be praised for.

Thanks to my efforts as a father, I am one step closer to making my dreams come true.

It's up to you how you use it.

Sometimes things like this may surprise you (*^.^*)

I think there are some people who have a dream and are temporarily trying to become a father.

You never know where the opportunities will be. Good things can happen if you work hard.


I hope you all find a wonderful father (^_-)-☆

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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