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Extra Club Activities ~ Hair Controversy

It's almost time for the Christmas mood in the city.
I don't think there are many women who take care of their bodies for events.

This time, among them, I don't talk about it openly, but I'm probably the most worried about it, and I'm talking about the hair of the dick.

women's pubic hair

I would like to ask you straight out, ladies, do you take care of your pubic hair?
Are you Magnolia? Magnolia, although I say it proudly, is smooth (laughs).

Of course, there's a reason for that...

Role of pubic hair ~ Sexual appeal

Well, there are many things when it comes to hair.
Not only the head, but also the unwanted hair on the legs and arms, armpit hair, and pubic hair.

It sounds like pubic hair (laughs).After all, let's go with pubic hair.
Among them, armpit hair and pubic hair are quite biased in preference, aren't they?

By the way, both armpit hair and underwear are places that create sexual appeal.
There are sweat glands called apocrine glands in the armpits and genitals, which release pheromone substances.

Both armpit hair and pubic hair are curly and frizzy because they have the role of confining the pheromone substance.

Chili Chili is smooth!

This is going off the rails, but I remember seeing a story in a manga by Rieko Saibara a long time ago that said, "If you rinse your pubic hair, it will become silky smooth." .Give it a try!

Role of odors - conservation of species

After further investigation, it seems that people have an instinctual input to "hate people who smell the same as you".
It is said that it is a mechanism to maintain the diversity of such species, which does not leave descendants within the same family and tries to bond with people who have different genes than themselves.

daughter who hates her father

I can understand why adolescent girls hate their fathers because they smell the same.
This kind of smell plays a role in getting old and leaving home.

If you think about it that way, it's safe to say that the daughter who treats her father as wicked is growing up in a healthy way (laughs).

People who don't like Magnolia

The smell reminded me of it.
A long time ago, when I was sitting on the train, a handsome man sat next to me.

As soon as I thought, ``He's quite handsome...'', Magnolia said, ``This guy can't do it! I felt.
The reason was the person's smell.It's not like it smells bad or smells bad.Physiologically impossible!Because I thought you were going to say something like this.

Maybe they're blood brothers who don't even know each other's faces... ←Seriously, Magnolia has a brother from a different father who I've never met.

What is Heidi Nina?

Pubic hair has an important role in such sexual appeal, but in modern times, there are various preferences.
I like it light, I like it dark, I like it smooth!From the amount of hair to the shape, it's really a wide variety.

By the way, smooth and hairless hair is said to be "pa ◯ bread", but in the world of beauty hair removal, it is called "Haijinina".
For a moment, Magnolia had a stupid association with "Heidi!? Because it's a child?", but it seems that hygiene = "hygiene"

first shave and lessons learned

The first time Magnolia slipped was when she was in college.
The boyfriend I was dating at the time said, "I want to shave the hair under Magnolia."

I was very embarrassed, but I had my hair shaved carefully in the bathroom.
My boyfriend was overjoyed, but after that it was hard.

It's very itchy when it grows back, and during sexual intercourse, the prickly, half-grown hair irritates the boyfriend and hurts him too (laughs).
After that, I decided to stop shaving.

Try Brazilian wax

And the second time is him in the adultery era.
After being asked again, I was given a Tiffany necklace as a present, and Magnolia finally gave up and decided to try making it smooth for the first time in a long time.

But I don't like that tingling!
I thought so, and when I looked it up on the internet, I was interested in Brazilian wax.

I wax my eyebrows from time to time, so I can generally predict what will happen.
"It looks painful... and it's embarrassing in such a place! I was worried about it, but when I asked someone who had experience with Brazilian wax, it seemed to be quite good.

What's more, people who play sports don't have to get their hair tangled, or they can maintain hygiene during menstruation (just hygiene).
Magnolia also does sports, so I thought it would be a wish come true, so I booked a salon with good reviews.

Treatment at the salon ~ Only the first time is embarrassing!

Since it was my first time at the salon, I had Magnolia put on a towel so that I wouldn't be embarrassed.

What is the VIO line?

Of course, in addition to Heijinina, the V-line can also be used in various shapes such as round, heart, and triangle.
By the way, hair removal in the delicate zone is basically the VIO line.

Is there anyone who doesn't know?
V is the part visible from the front, I is the vulva, and O is the area around the anus.

But the embarrassment is just the beginning.
After the second and third visits, the staff will also know you, and you will be able to receive the treatment without revealing anything more, talking about the world in a matter-of-fact manner (laughs).

Before you know it, there are no towels, the lower half of the body is bare, and they are talking about dinner menus, so it's a pretty strange space.

The finish after the treatment is fluffy!

By the way, right after I received Brazilian for the first time, I was impressed.
The dick is slippery, but it's fluffy and soft.

What is this softness!I feel like I want to touch my own dick all the time (laughs)!

Care for the delicate zone

The staff told me that it would be good to use a special lotion for the delicate zone, and since then I have taken good care of it.
According to the staff, the skin in the genital area may become hard due to dryness.

I also remembered that a boy who works as an erotic massager for women said that women who don't take care of their vaginas at all have rough vaginas. (I think I'll write another column about sensual massage someday.)

I don't think there are any girls who are like dads, but it is necessary to take care of the delicate zone in moderation.

What are the benefits of being Brazilian?

That's why I've been going to Brazilian wax regularly since then.Waxing is not permanent hair removal, so you can leave a little bit of the front if you feel like it.Also, in the case of Magnolia, I feel that the hair quality is gradually becoming softer. (Strictly speaking, hyginina refers to permanent hair removal in the delicate zone, so Magnolia's is hyginina.)

Individual differences in pain

Oh, about the pain of the treatment ... There seems to be individual differences in this.
Magnolia gives a moderate tingling sensation, but not enough to make you scream.

It seems that some people are greasy and sweaty.
The staff is strong in pain!That's what I was told, so maybe it's true.

Advantages felt in daily life and hot spring problems

Sex and sports comfort

Of course my boyfriend was overjoyed.

I think men's tastes are largely divided, but it's easier to feel when you have sex, and it's easier for men to lick and play with, and it's visually stimulating.And even during sports, hair will not get caught!

Wherever the pain so far is, it's really comfortable.

comfort during menstruation

Also, even during menstruation, it is easy to maintain hygiene without getting stuffy. (It has been pointed out that menstrual blood tends to flow to the buttocks and leak, but there is no problem as long as menstrual blood is controlled.

other people don't really care

Sometimes it's embarrassing to go to a hot spring, but if you cover your front, there's no problem.
Plus, older women are usually so thin that they almost don't have pubic hair.

Looking at that makes me think that I don't need Magnolia's pubic hair anymore.
Magnolia thinks that young children are wild and wonderful when they are black and wild.

Worried medical hair removal

Magnolia has become accustomed to such a hairless state, but it still bothers me when it grows back.
Considering the damage to the skin, it is not possible to go to the salon frequently just because the hair has grown a little.

If you think about the hassle of each time, maybe it's time for medical hair removal?I'm thinking.
In the case of medical hair removal, there is a doctor, so you can rest assured even if you have skin problems.

I will go to counseling soon.While writing this column, I made up my mind (laughs).

Refreshing for Christmas!

By the way, Brazilian wax can be satisfied with just one treatment for a while, so it is also an advantage that you can use it only in the summer when you wear a swimsuit, or only at events such as Christmas.

enjoy lingerie

This time, it's not a movie, but an introduction to underwear.
Actually, Magnolia likes underwear more than clothes.I like non-wire, no-pad total lace, and I like La Perla.

I especially like the triangle bra.
However, it doesn't have a function to support the breasts, so I need to train on a daily basis, but I like Magnolia's underwear because it doesn't feel constricting.

For everyday use, I like hanky panky because it's cute.
Also, to prevent the cold, wear practical silk underwear.

It's warm compared to polyester underwear, so it's definitely recommended for women.

Wouldn't it be a great Christmas to clean up your pubic hair and get a nice lingerie as a gift?

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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