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Club activities extra-adultery pandemonium, part 1

By Joe Rubicon, a column for menRecent PostsReading this brought back memories that I had completely forgotten.
It's been a long time since I remembered, and I would like to organize my memory. (I don't think I'll ever know in my life that it's going to be a joke in a place like this.)

father and mother

It is often said that it is the price of adultery.It is a memory of such a shambles.
The era has changed from Showa to Heisei several years ago, and Magnolia is in her third year of high school, and is in the middle of her entrance exams.

Magnolia's father is a surgeon who looks like a Japanese Harrison Ford.
Anyway, I was very popular with women because I was kind.

A gentle but indecisive father.For 10 years without being able to break up with his mistress, he went back and forth between his house and his mistress's house.
It was such a situation, so Magnolia's family was a home where there was always a tense atmosphere that could explode at any moment.

My mother is a flashy woman who can't do housework, and she has a violent temper.

i was always a dry kid

When it's stormy, she takes out a kitchen knife, throws a plate... Magnolia was the kind of child who would go to school after cleaning up her room after such a storm had passed.

As a child, always dry.Now that I think about it, I think she was an unattractive child.
Listening to my mother's complaints, I recommend her to divorce.

Hearing his father's confession, he advised his father to join his mistress.
A normal child would say, "Dad, mama, don't break up!"I didn't think so, in my child's mind.I never thought that only my father was at fault.

parents' sanctuary

One night like that.I heard her mother's voice yelling at her father who came home late as usual. The usual scene that has continued for 10 years.
Magnolia was flipping through the worksheets, listening carefully to see if there would be a fight.

It was also Magnolia's role to intervene if it got too hot.
A bad feeling hits, and my mother is madly screaming Magnolia's name.

When I went to my mother, there was my poor father sitting on the floor with his head down.

Magnolia: What's wrong?
Mother: “From now on, it seems that Papa is going to break up with a woman.”
Magnolia: Yes...
Mother: “So Magnolia, now go with your daddy and see if he breaks up with the woman properly!”
Magnolia: (Are you serious!?)

Father raised his head,"I'm sorry, you have an exam tomorrow, right?"

That's right. Magnolia is supposed to take a certain university instead of her mock exam, and the exam is tomorrow.

Magnolia "No, no. It's a substitute for mock exams."

shambles with mistress

I got into my father's car and went to my lover's house.
I knew the mistress's house, but it's the first time I've met the mistress. Magnolia was a little curious, to be honest.

When I rang the intercom, the door opened a little and Mistress showed a moment of relief when she saw her father.She's not that young.
To Magnolia, a high school student, she seemed like a normal old lady.Immediately she sees me behind her father and her face freezes.

Mistress: "It's cowardly to bring a child!"

Magnolia agrees. (This line still rings in my ears.)

Magnolia: I'll be waiting for you in the car, Dad, come talk to me.

What I really remember is that the room that I could see through the gap in the door was very organized and beautiful.
Also, the very dark song "Bokuratachi no Kaisetsu" by Doji Morita from the drama "High School Teacher", which was popular at the time, was playing.

She must be the complete opposite of her mother.
Under the cold sky, the stars were clearly visible, and a few hours later, I was at the exam venue, and it seemed like a world that had nothing to do with me.

Did you wait in the car for about an hour?His father came home and said, "We broke up."

Magnolia: It's not too late to break up or not. We have to do better.
I'm fine, but I have to do it so that I don't hurt mom or that person.It's adultery. "..."If you can't do that, don't do it from the beginning."

Father: "Yes..."When.

The next morning, almost without sleep, I headed to the exam venue.It was Magnolia who was half asleep (laughs).
But shambles aren't like that.From there, it was the beginning of the real shambles.

This time, without the movie, it's a serious affair story.
Truth is stranger than fiction.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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