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Extra club activities ~ erotic consideration in the movie without permission, part 2

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Nine half

"Nine Half".The music and the actors are just so nostalgic... It was the era when Mickey Rourke shined the most (far eyes)

.It is a work depicting Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger's perverted nine and a half weeks (nine and a half).

Caressing using ice is famous, but I would like to try it once.
There are many food items, such as dripping honey, and I'm tired of cleaning afterward, and I think it's a dream.

To be honest, this perverted world is stimulating, but empty (especially for women).

In the end, the heroine cannot bear the emptiness and leaves the man. Similar results to "Fifty Shades of Grey".

In the first place, I think that women feel emptiness even if they have stimulating sex if they do not recognize that they are loved.
By the way, I love honey, Magnolia.How to use it is a secret.

Corridor of love

And even further back, "Ai no Corrida" directed by Nagisa Oshima.
What is "obscenity"?The film is based on the Abe Sada Incident, and is a controversial film that later went to trial.

Magnolia has not seen the uncensored version, so I would like to see the uncut version someday.
There are too many mosaics, and I don't understand why (bitter smile).

The most famous one is probably the scene where he strangles his neck while having sex.
It appears in Junichi Watanabe's "Paradise Lost", but there are quite a few stories that strangle him.

I don't know what to do...whether the pleasure will be amplified or not?I've tried it lightly, but it was just choked and painful, so I don't recommend it (laughs).
Junichi Watanabe's "Love Exile" also says that he died from overdoing it.Don't overdo it!


Then there is the Vibrator, which is a little different.
Shinobu Terashima's presence is so amazing that it popped into my head, but it's not a work that specializes in eroticism.

By the way, I think the actor Nao Omori is a sexy actor recommended by Magnolia.

Menhera woman who met for the first time at a convenience store and a truck driver.

Two random people get on a truck... It's a story that seems unlikely at first glance, but Shinobu Terashima realistically plays a mentally ill woman.

By the way, car sex, narrow and hard!
It's boring if it's just erotic!I feel like I want you to take a look at it.

Whirlpool of love

A relatively new one is "Ai no Uzu". For two hours, almost everyone is naked (laughs).
It is a work with the theme of sexual desire, and depicts a back-door customs where strange men and women have orgies.

This work was the first time I knew Mugi Kadowaki.Mugi Kadowaki is flying away...

Unfamiliar men and women who meet for the first time explore each other, sometimes making corrections... Although the theme is sexual desire, I think that reading the subtleties of human relationships has something in common with dating clubs.

By the way, there is also a movie called "Koi no Uzu", which is part of the same "Uzu" series, but Magnolia thinks that "Koi no Uzu" is for women and "Ai no Uzu" is for men.

erotic or sex

This kind of erotic talk is bright and fun, and I want women to have a place where they can talk like Jun Miura. (Is there something that Magnolia just doesn't know about? Looking for information lol)

Eroticism and sex are really human.

If there is a lewd side, there is also a humorous and ugly side.If you have a sense of immorality, Ikeike GO! GO!I have a feeling.Soft, hard, pleasant, painful.Sometimes I feel nothing!Oh my God.

If you enjoy bargaining at the dating club, shouldn't there be a way to enjoy it, including making mistakes and making new drawers?
Turn each encounter into a new drawer.Otherwise, I think it's boring.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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