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Extra club activities ~ erotic consideration in the movie without permission, part 1

It was surprisingly fun to write the column, and I ended up releasing quite a lot of momentum...

As you can see, Magnolia loves movies.

I wonder if there's anything interesting to write about... I wonder how many cups of cafe au lait I've had at this time (laughs).So, I decided to give it this title because I wanted to focus on my hobbies.

Magnolia basically likes erotic things.
I like erotic art, erotic artists, erotic people, erotic movies, and of course, I like thinking and doing erotic things. ←Unfortunately, there is nothing much to do.

That's why I'm going to list the erotic movies that suddenly came to my mind.

  1. Birds she doesn't know
  2. be my slave
  3. Disturbed by Gymnopedie (Nikkatsu Roman Porno)
  4. Anti-Porn (Nikkatsu Roman Porn)
  5. Helter Skelter
  6. Fifty Shades of Gray
  7. Nine half
  8. Whirlpool of love
  9. Vibrator
  10. Corridor of love

It's just 10.If you dig deeper, you will find it.
I would like to write as much as I like while mixing in my experiences with Magnolia.

If you haven't seen a lot of erotic movies, please refer to it.

Is there such an erotic!And a new world may open up. (I wish I hadn't known about it.. There may be some, so please take care at your own risk.)

Birds she doesn't know

By the way, I just watched "The Birds She Don't Know Their Names" yesterday, so I included it.
Yu Aoi, who is swayed by a useless man, is not only a useless woman, but also a sad role.Is the Kansai dialect just barely a passing score?

The characters are just bad people.But aren't humans like that?
Magnolia doesn't dislike all the characters.Not only was it erotic, but the second half was a suspenseful foreshadowing movie.

Be my slave, disturbed by gymnopedies

The actor for both "Watashi no Slave ni~" and "Gymnopedie~" is Itao Itsuji.That person must have an erotic atmosphere.
In my private life, I've been able to overcome some hardships, so I can understand why there's a shadow somewhere.

"For my slaves" at Ginza Sinepathos.It's a theater that no longer exists.Minor movies and pink movies were also shown, and it took a lot of courage to buy tickets at the window.
It was a tasteful movie theater, so it's a shame.

"Watashi no slave ni~" is famous for Danmitsu.I'm going to be trained by a man called Sensei, played by Itsuji Itao.
I remember watching Magnolia, thinking, "Well, this is what men want to do."

dreaming man

As was the case with the man Magnolia dated, men are generally not that complicated.
Simple.But very delicate.

That's why, in "Watashi no Slave ni~", if you're a man who is aware that Danmitsu is doing various things that are erotic, I think most of you are dreaming about it.

Women may think, "It's disgusting!", but unfortunately (laughs)
Most men would love to do something like that.And her wife and girlfriend can't do it, pretty much.

'Cause my heart of glass can't stand being rejected.
If you hate it and the relationship after that is awkward, you'll be in trouble.

The truth is that you can't feel like that in the first place.
At that time, it's a friend or a mistress.

The scene that made me feel erotic

Going back to the movie, unfortunately, I couldn't get into the erotic feeling...

The men watching (nearly 9% of them were men) seemed to be excited.

The only thing that made me feel erotic was when I masturbated while taking Danmitsu's shower.

A man gets excited when he sees a woman's foolery.A woman gets drunk and excited about herself.

It was in an article some time ago.
Throwing you naked into a mirrored room.There is a high probability that a woman will start masturbating.

I don't think Magnolia's SEX scenes are too erotic, but her masturbation scenes are pretty good.

When I go to a love hotel, there are men who want to show me AV. In Magnolia's opinion, girls are just embarrassed (I'm sure there are plenty of girls who aren't ashamed of themselves) and rarely get excited.

Men may think, "I hate it, I hate it, I like it...", but honestly, girls really don't like it, or don't think about it at all.

anti-porn, helter skelter

Back to movies. "Anti-porn" and "Helter Skelter" are a broken system.
"Helter Skelter" is directed by Mika Ninagawa, so it is a work that is beautiful even for women.

Recommended for those who want to see Erika Sawajiri's beautiful nude body.
"Anti-Porn" directed by Sion Sono and "Disturbed by Gymnopedie" directed by Isao Yukisada are both works by the Nikkatsu Roman Porno Reboot Project.

A wet spot once every 10 minutes, 80 minutes in total, with a budget of 1000 million.
I couldn't watch all 5 works, but I'm looking forward to it.

Director Sion Sono is a director who can't exclude sex and violence, so it may be a bit subtle if it's erotic or not.

Fifty Shades of Gray

"Fifty Shades of Grey" didn't make much of a hit in Japan, but it feels a little like a dating club setting.
A rich man CEO and a college girl.

At first glance, it looks like a Cinderella story, but there is a propensity that men can't tell.Well, it's SM (laughs).
By the way, Magnolia doesn't have SM tendencies.She is good at soft SM at best.

SM hotel experience

On another note, I once went to SM Hotel in Azabu once.

Even though I went in, I was scared, it looked painful, and I didn't know how to use it, so I couldn't use most of the tools in the room (laughs).

There are rooms with various themes, and there is a Japanese-style toilet in the middle of the room... Each room has a scary name.
I can hear it sometimes.

A woman's scream (crying)!
If you search, it will come out immediately, so if you are not afraid, please try the challenge.

Fifty Shades of Grey's Wet Place

I will return to "Fifty" again.It was a movie that didn't have such an erotic atmosphere in terms of wet scenes.

It seems that the Harlequin novel was a big hit overseas.After all, words and letters require imagination, so each person who reads them may link them with their own desires and amplify the degree of eroticism.

The reason erotic novels and Harlequins are still directed is probably because they are supported by people with such strong imaginations.

Experience writing erotic novels

Magnolia loves reading and writing.
For fun, I made Magnolia and her boyfriend the characters, wrote an erotic story, and emailed it to my boyfriend.

I want to read more!I've made about three works (laughs).
When my boyfriend replied, "I'm sitting on the train now, but I can't stand up from my seat (>_<)," I burst out laughing.

However, the third one was tough.
After all, amateur sex scenes are in a rut, and it seems to be on purpose.

After all, professional writers are amazing.It was Magnolia, which was the third work and broke the brush as soon as possible.

Magnolia, who read one of Oniroku Dan's SM novels and said, "I'm full, please forgive me (crying)", may not be suitable for erotic novels.

It's been a long time, so if you feel like continuing.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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