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Club Activity Diary Vol.4 ~Business Trip Host Experience

By the way, are there any women who have used the opposite pattern of dating clubs?

A pattern in which a woman chooses a man, eats and dates him, and pays him an allowance including transportation expenses.

The first thing that comes to mind is the host.A rental boyfriend?

Cases such as the case where a woman puts in a favorite host are now a topic that is not uncommon.

Travel host and dating club

Magnolia isn't familiar with the night world, but there may be more.
(However, it may be misleading to say that it is simply the opposite, as it does not strictly incorporate the dating club system.)

Such Magnolia has used a business trip host three times.

Going back to the last time I had an affair, the other man was very busy with work, so I could only see him for a few hours at night.Then, the daytime will be empty.

I'm used to going to museums and movies alone, but having lunch alone is too lonely...!! ︎

So, out of curiosity, I asked him to be a business trip host for lunch.

Even in dating clubs, there are many men who offer girls on business trips, right?That's the pattern.

Select a man by photo and brief profile.From there, I exchanged emails directly with the host.

What kind of date do you want from the host?what do you want to eat I have a detailed question.
It's the same as a dating club, where women are treated and men are escorts.

However, in the case of the host, of course, all expenses are paid by the woman.

humble host

I chose a boy with a simple and cute smile.

To be honest, I have a good impression that it doesn't look cool.Ah, after all, a smile seems to be the decisive factor, regardless of gender.

The host, who is from Hokkaido, is about 10 years younger than Magnolia, and was just like a cute younger brother.

Even though we were meeting for the first time, he prepared a gift for me, and planned everything from restaurant reservations to the date plan after that, and it was a perfect date.

In a way, a woman can be a total princess during a date.Until you pay (laughs).
In addition to the date fee, you pay the host by the hour.

When I was walking, Magnolia gently held my hand."I don't need that kind of thing (laughs). Please treat me like a friend."When I refused, he looked surprised.After all, most women want to feel like a “lover”.

As for the contents, we eat out, watch movies, go to museums, etc. Well, it's a type A relationship (laughs).

The host also treated me quite frankly, and after that, I asked him to date me twice.

On the last date, he said that he would quit being a host, return to Hokkaido, and try working as a hairdresser again.

go on three dates

In the end, there was no boy other than the host who seemed to be right, and Magnolia's financial situation became suspicious, so the date with the host was over after those three times.

So Magnolia asked the host.
"I see your face in your profile picture, but you don't know me, do you? Isn't it scary when you first meet?"

The host has a sour expression
"It's scary! There are some strange things, but if you cancel at the last minute, it will cause trouble for the club, so it can't be helped.

It's the same, men and women.

Even if you switch Mgnolia's position and your host's position, there may not be such a difference.

However, the difference in this one point is that there are both male and female interviews for the universe.
It also depends on the quality of the customer base.

I remember that the host was gloating with a tired look on his face.

"Doing this job made me mistrust people."

I sincerely hope that women who register for dating clubs do not fall into such mistrust.

the difference in what you want

In dating clubs, men are looking for mistresses.
In the host game, women seek pseudo-romance.

I think it's like that, but if you think so, I feel like Mgnolia doesn't fit either (sweat)

One movie that overlaps with such a host.Midnight cowboy.

It seems that Haruo Mizuno is particular about being a cowboy, not a cowboy. I mean, people these days probably don't know Midnight Cowboy or Haruo Mizuno (laughs).

A young man who came from rural Texas to the big city of New York to become a gigolo (I bet you don't even know the word), to gain fame and fortune.

next time

I've gotten off topic a lot, but... I'd like to get back to club activities first, and next time I'd like to think about how to continue the relationship.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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