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Club Activity Diary Vol.3 ~The disgust comes from money

last column"Club Activity Diary - For Magnolia"So, let's talk a little bit about money.

What I am about to tell you is based on Magnolia's personal experience and thoughts.
I think there are people who are not convinced.

I hope that, including the dissenting opinions, it will be an opportunity to think once again about money as compensation for club activities.

sex and money

Well, SEX and money, it reminded me of the movie Wolf of Wall Street.

This is also a feature film of about 3 hours, but I couldn't help but murmur at the movie theater, "Seriously, Leo-sama, amazing..." so much.

Money is scary.

There are times when I have no money and spend my life crouching, and there are times when I have too much money and get out of control and my life tumbles down.

The motto of Magnolia is to give back the money you don't have.

adultery and money

I've gotten off topic.

Where should I start talking to you?
First, before we talk about money, I have to confess to Magnolia about her affair.

There was a time when Magnolia had an affair for about six years.

Through a shared hobby, the distance between them narrowed, and although they were both married, they continued their relationship while following unspoken rules.

Moreover, because it was a long distance, transportation and lodging expenses were incurred, but I was able to meet many times on my own.

Speaking of adultery, I think that there is an image of jealousy of a more muddy woman, selfishness of a man, etc., but such tactics are unrelated to adultery.

However, after five years, the relationship began to crumble.

Due to Magnolia's family circumstances, there was a time when life became a little difficult, and I thought more and more that I would like to use this money for living rather than going to see an affair partner.

When I honestly told him about it, he suggested, "Then I'll give you XNUMX yen each time we meet, so please come see me."
At that time, I was quite hesitant to receive money.

However, his feelings were strong, so he accepted the proposal.
It's just club activities.Those words may not have existed at the time.

But Magnolia couldn't take it.
We exchanged money a few times, but Magnolia decided to say goodbye.

Maybe I really liked him.

Now it's a fun memory, but at that time, why couldn't you accept the money obediently?I don't understand myself anymore, and I remember being quite troubled.

love and money

Isn't the answer that recently, I've lost my position?I feel.
It starts with love, becomes an affair, and when certain rules have been established, money comes into play.

When money is generated as consideration, the feeling of divisibility will inevitably grow.

The reason why Magnolia couldn't get rid of the feeling of "it's different, it's not" may be that she didn't want to bring the value of splitting into a relationship that was born out of love.

In the case of Magnolia, there is such a background, and when it comes to club activities, we always have a clear mind.

Because it is very dangerous to become indivisible.

Well, I wrote it in a serious way.

I think it's kind of cute to have club activities that say, "I want money!" with a lighter feeling.
It's just that money, if you really make a mistake in how to use it, your life will go crazy.Moderation is the best (laughs).

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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