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I tried to summarize in 500 characters until Dobbs found his dad and received "2000 million yen".

There are many girls in the world who are doing dad activities.I used to be one of them.
Intensively working as a dad for a period of his life, he is now a graduate.
that kind of me"From the beginning to the end of dad life"I will share with you.

often like thisI made money with super low specsI'm sure you would think so too.

■ I was not dealt with by a man

Even if you leave it alone, it will be teased by the surroundings...
It wasn't the beginning of life like that.Rather the exact opposite.Onset of atopic dermatitis several months after birthI had a cruel childhood when I woke up in the morning and my sheets and pillows were covered in blood.I hate being photographed.Even now, I still have some scars, but until I was in junior high school, I was lamenting my misfortune, wondering, "Why was I born like this?" Every day was a tragic heroine.How to say, before "not cute"Childhood to adolescence with a "poor" appearancewas.A man shouldn't come to me...

■ I want to know the market value as a woman!

And when I became a high school girl, I gave up on the "feeling of excitement between men and women" in my daily activities,net worldfind a way out.Long before the word "papa-katsu" appeared, people started looking for men on sites that looked like dating sites.Days of meeting offline and dating.All through high school and college, I did just that.I think I met dozens of men.
Even for someone like me, if I do a lot of work, I will be able to polish my “woman” somewhat.But honestly, there's nothing to be gained from being approached by someone who is "this size of a man".And I am deeply aware that I am "a woman of this level" in the first place because I can only attract men of that level.

"What is my worth?"
"I want to know the evaluation as a woman!"

With such a question as my life's proposition, I'm about to graduate from university, and when it comes to my career path after graduating...

■ Looking for dad candidates in hospitality industry in Minato Ward

As a realistic option, I looked atA restaurant in Minato Ward that smells like money (laughs).It is a normal shop that is a little high-class, but not a nightclub, and is visited by both men and women.Work as a full-time employee as a course after graduation.Looking at it from the side, I think it's a serious choice.

However, it is a workplace where you can exercise the privilege of being a "young woman", and you have a lot of life experience,A job that seems to be able to contact a man with a certain status and moneyThere is no doubt that it is.Isn't it a "daddy hunting ground" that's not bad?
With that in mind, in my daily work dealing with presidents of large companies, and sometimes people in the media and the entertainment world, I have customers who "give me money" or "give me business cards". etc. will appear.There was also a male customer who personally met outside.

■ Encounter with Papa and subsequent developments

It was around 10 months after I started working that I met the man who would become my dad.
While I was working at the store, when I went to change the ashtray, an acquaintance glared at me (laughs)."Hey, let's have some tea," he handed me a business card.It is.Friendly and nice, according to what I heard, the president.I have to go for this!A few days later, I pressed the phone number with my trembling fingertips while my heart was pounding to death.It all started from there.

Shame away.There are some moments in life when you should be here.I would like to praise myself at that time for not missing this chance.

Well, if you take his words as they are, it seems that he said, "I'm hired as a president, so my take home is about 130 million a month."If you don't include bonuses, your annual income will be over 1500.I remember my father, who was relatively old, saying, "I have no use for the money."
My relationship with him went off without a hitch, and from the phonethree and a half months laterNear the restaurant where we metRent an apartment, "a relationship with an allowance"I started to doThe total amount of money received was about 500 million yen.It was just two years of dating before I said goodbye.

■Maybe I was lucky after all?but…,

A woman who had no relationship with a man even managed to get "aid" and "provide an apartment in Minato Ward".She may be lucky.

But,I've done everything I canintend to.
Be faithful to your instincts and obedient to your desires, and act on your own initiative.Choosing to have a long-term relationship with a married man (that is, to become a mistress) despite the conflict with his parents.
Of course, I've been studying and practicing while constantly updating myself, such as how to attract myself and build my body.

and more than anything,
A complex rooted in childhood =Even though I was aware of "my uglyness", nevertheless, I didn't always put myself down..If he puts himself down, he's done with everything. (This is important♡)

■ [Bonus] Disclosure of breakdown of 500 million yen

Finally, at the timeCompany income other than salarywill be secretly released based on the data of the household account book app. (Don't tell anyone else)

Total for 2 years…¥5,060,000

□ 1st year… Total 2,890,000 yen
Allowance*) 2,180,000 yen
Property fee) 410,000 yen
Furniture and appliances) 300,000 yen

□ 2st year… Total 2,170,000 yen
Allowance*) 2,170,000 yen

About half of "allowance" is rentis devoted toOther than that, spending money.Partly, it also includes advances for accommodation and transportation expenses when accompanying business trips.

In the first year, when I moved to an apartment, I received a large amount of support. For some reason, the allowance is almost the same for the first and second years.1 on average per monthIt seems that you have received it.Of course, I also received my salary from the company, so I didn't spend a lot of money buying fancy brand items, but I was blessed with a situation where I had a bank balance of 100 million yen, even if I spent as much money as I wanted. I was.

I tried to write a frank secret about things that I could never tell my friends and acquaintances.
It is a record that even I could do it.

We are rooting for everyone's daddy life.

In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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