Shingo Lee's Always x Affair (XNUMX) The lonely man at Christmas is more likely to lose XXX women at the beginning of the year

Shingo Lee.

Recently, I have been concentrating on writing "Pleasure Process", but I would like to continue the series of "Always x Affair".

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Let's get down to business.


Christmas is the season of the end for men and women

Christmas is approaching and it will be bright.

Christmas songs have started to play in the streets, and many people must be worried about buying expensive Christmas gifts for their daddy girls.


Speaking of Christmas, it is a big event for men and women to confirm their relationship, and many people are probably planning this and that.


However, spending Christmas with women is not recommended.

If not, don't try to meet him.

Whether it's a favorite girlfriend or a papa active girl (PJ), it's a dangerous season to try to meet the woman you're interested in.


Christmas is thought to be an event that brings men and women closer together, but in reality, Christmas is the season that brings men and women closer together.

In particular, "two weeks before Christmas" is statistically the season when relationships between men and women are most likely to end.(*From Peak Break-Up Times On Facebook of Facebook, data is beautiful team)

According to the research, more breakups are concentrated in the two weeks before Christmas than any other event of the year.

Statistically, most relationships between men and women end during this season.


The cause is the balance between supply and demand for men and women.

The data mentioned above is only a quantification of "farewell", and there is no way to find out the cause.

However, the cause can be inferred from the correlation.


In the first place, in the relationship between men and women, there are many cases where the person who has a strong desire to "keep it together" causes unpleasant feelings to grow in the person who has a small feeling, which leads to a breakup.

As the saying goes, "If you fall in love, you lose." If there are two men and women, there is a balance relationship between "my desire for the other person" (demand) and "the other person's desire for me (supply)". are doing.

It would be nice to have this balance, but the balance changes all the time.

I don't think about this balance on a regular basis, but suddenly I notice the imbalance and think, "Maybe I don't like him?" This leads to parting.


In particular, it is customary to spend Christmas with a special person, so it is easy to notice the imbalance of the people involved in oneself by planning who and when to spend Christmas events.

Therefore, by thinking about the schedule for Christmas, it becomes easier to notice unwanted people.


Also, because there is one division called New Year's Eve,"This guy has a low priority, so let's cut it by the end of this year."Parting occurs because of this awareness.

In addition to noticing the imbalance, the year-end“Let’s break up and sort out our relationships.”This is the motivation behind it.

Let's raise the priority by not seeing each other on Christmas

If you are a man who is active as a dad, there are probably many people who have a home and spend time with their family.

Some people say that work is really the busiest because it is the sales season.


Aside from the actual situation, as mentioned above, the more women make Christmas plans and try to see each other, the more they move away.

By not saying "I want to spend Christmas positively with you" so as not to notice the imbalance, it is to prevent the other party from noticing "the desire to want my partner". be.


"That person, even though it's Christmas, he's not actively inviting me.Maybe that's why my priority is so low among him."It is possible to disguise the real imbalance by making people think that

Since then, I've decided not to spend as much time with girls as when it's important.


Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day.


By not giving anyone the only day of the year, you are implicitly conveying that the other person's demand for you is low.

The reason can be work, parents, or whatever.

Thanks to this, I have never been dumped during the year-end and New Year holidays.


The type of woman who is easy to drop during the year-end and New Year holidays

You can be proud of it as you enter the New Year without being cut by a woman at Christmas.

And, being able to celebrate the first year with many women, his self-esteem must have increased.


If you have a high sense of self-affirmation, it will be easier for you to make appointments with women.

Good news for you.

In fact, since Christmas, there is a genre of women who are clearly easy to drop.



It's a "foreign woman".



New Year's is a big event in Japan, but it's not so important for foreigners.

For example, for Westerners, Christmas is more important, and New Year's holidays are not given much weight.

For Asians, the Chinese New Year (mainly in early February) is more important, and New Year's Day in Japan's Western calendar is not as important.


Actually, while Japan is New Year and the shops are closed,Foreigners living in Japan are very busy.


Shingo is mostly foreign amateurs such as Westerners and Asians who welcome the princess.


You can pick them up, or if you want to do sugar daddy activities with foreign women in Japan, you can search for them on

Once in a while, it might be a good idea to add some glamor to your life by experiencing a different encounter with a woman from a foreign country.

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