Renai Vaccine Episode XNUMX Happy Embarrassment

Receiving "u", "I'm happy and embarrassed"

Shiritori comic chat with Joe.

Mr. Mac was in middle school, high school and boys' school.

In college, well, thanks to you, I have now, but it was a dull youthIt was.

There are many side effects.

One of them is "Not Moe in Sailor Suits".

I don't spend time in the same classroom as junior high and high school girls, so I don't get it..

It can be said that it is a kind of frigidity.

A little sad.

I've tried playing with a girl I'm dating in a cosplay sailor suit, but, I'm not excited.

I had given up.

When I talked about it with Chie-chan, a female college student,

"I have my high school uniform, so I'll bring it once."

And that.

Mr. Mac complained that he didn't like the sailor suit, butChie-chan, who loves Les, has been thinking about the content of Mr. Mack's story for a long time.It seems that she wanted to wear a uniform for the first time.

By the way, on the next date, Chie-chan will be wearing a sailor suit, as promised.came.

"It's been a long time. Nostalgic."


When I saw the slender Chie-chan in a sailor uniform, my heart moved a little.

This might be good

Try hugging me.

This is what Chie actually wore when she was in high school.

It hasn't even been two years yet.

I can even faintly feel the lingering scent of a high school girl.

The toy-like sailor uniforms you buy at Donki and Amazon are made of fabric.The tailoring is also different.

Push down on the bed as it is and insert it.

Chie-chan, she lost her virginity after becoming a college student.

That means she was a virgin when she was wearing this uniform.

I feel like I'm violating the virgin sailor suit itself.

Well, Mr. Mac, who woke up to the sailor suit, wants to play morebecame.

Is it possible to rent a place like a school classroom?

It's a standard AV situation, and there should be a shooting studio.

It may be in the city, but it would be nice if it was here.

I did a quick search and found that it had just recently opened for cosplayers.There was a studio in

Unfortunately, due to the entertainment law, underwear and swimsuits are fine, but nude photographyShadows are prohibited.

By the way, whether or not nude studios are subject to the Entertainment Business Law depends on the localVaries by region.

The city where Mack lives is strict with nude studios.

A long time ago, a sex shop opened with a nude studio and a signboard, and was caughtIt seems to be an insult.

In any case, Chie-chan will be happy, so I'll go for reconnaissance.I made it.

Here is the work.

Pretty fun.

A date like this would be nice.

Next, Mr. Mac puts Chie-chan in a sailor uniform on the new HapI decided to take him to Ningbar.

Let's thoroughly enjoy the sailor suit.

Taking Chie-chan in a sailor uniform without panties, the men who were thereSurprise me.

After that, let's take it off and give him a greeting naked, hug him, and surprise him even more.This is a view.

A real happening (laughs).

Chie-chan undresses many times at the bar that Mac always goes to.And it's okay to go to the new hapbar.

By the way, on that day, Mac and Chie-chan met a man with a new Hapbar.I came to the front of the session.

It is a stylish new building.

On the homepage, it is a designer's apartment, and the furniture is also a girlIt was said that they have prepared things that would make them happy.

It was also noted that there were many men and women in their 20s and 30s.

There are many single women on the communication bulletin board (where you can see the entry status), and there are many men and couples.There are many days when it is written that there is not enough pull.

Is it true?

Well, when I entered the store, there were several men and women.

Certainly, the customer base is younger than the Haupbar I usually go to.

Seeing Chie-chan in a sailor suit made me shudder.

i love this moment

Chie's skirt was lifted up and shaved with no pantiesWhen I expose that place, I get a second roar.

Thank you, Chie-chan.

A stylish room with white as the base color.

Underfloor heating is working, and it's warm even if you sit directly.

While hugging Chie-chan, join the circle and chat.

Regardless of gender, it's good that there are a lot of young people.

I've been thinking of going here for a while, Mr. Mac.

Male customer XNUMX (to Mr. Mack) “That’s amazing.Are you going to appear dressed up? ”

Mr. Mac: "Sometimes I put a collar on it."

Mac took out a collar set with handcuffs from his bag.showed.

Male customer XNUMX: “Oh, that’s it? ”

Mr. Mac: "Please, please."

Male customer XNUMX happily picks up the collar and points to the male customer sitting next to her.said to XNUMX.

“〇△ (the name of the second male customer), try this.”

They seem to be on good terms.

They were both in their mid-twenties when they were young.

Male customer XNUMX: “Me?

Male customer XNUMX: "Isn't it fine? Give it a try."

I forcibly attached a collar to male customer XNUMX, who seemed to be disgusting, and put handcuffs on him.

Then stand up and pull the leash attached to the collar,Like Momotaro who exterminated the demon, he held the back of male customer XNUMX with his foot.I got it.

Male customer XNUMX: "Stay here, please stop."

Male customer XNUMX: "It doesn't hurt that much, does it?"

Male customer XNUMX: "It hurts, it hurts, my heart hurts."

I'm a little teary-eyed.

Male customer XNUMX is laughing.

Mac was impressed.

Wow, haven't seen this in a long time.

A primitive and violent fight for a mount between young men.

Male customer XNUMX is tall, small, and handsome.

Male customer XNUMX also has good features, but he looks shorter than male customer XNUMX.inferior.

You're blatant.

When I was in junior high school and high school, I feel like there was such a competition,It's the distant past.

Innocent cruelty that is typical of young, lively men.

As I was deeply moved, Chie-chan whispered to Mac-san.There was.

Chie-chan: "I'm that type of person."

Mr. Mac "Eh? That tall handsome guy?"

Chie-chan: “Yes, it’s cool.”

Oh yeah, young girls have a weakness for good looking boys.

Even if the other party is a sadistic bully.

Mr. Mac: "That's right. Then Chie-chan, it's just right,Take off your sailor suit, get naked and hug him."

Chie-chan: "That's embarrassing..."

Mr. Mac: "It's embarrassing... it's normal at the bar I used to go to.Didn't you know that? ”

Chie-chan: "That's right, but in front of him, I'm embarrassed.I can't be naked..."

Ha, is that what it is?

Since it can't be helped, Mr. Mac called out to male customer XNUMX and asked, I asked Chie to sit next to me while she was still wearing her school uniform.

It is between male customer XNUMX who finally had the collar removed.

Mr. Mac (to male customer XNUMX): "That child seems to like you, soGive me a hug."

Male customer XNUMX: “Ah, is that okay?

Male customer XNUMX took Chie's head, and Chie's lower body came next to her.Male customer XNUMX, who has regained his energy, starts stroking.

Male customer XNUMX kissed Chie-chan.

Chie-chan enraptured herself.

Male customer XNUMX lifts up her skirt and begins to lick Chie's pussy.It was.

While being licked over there, being kissed by a male customer XNUMX of the type you like,Chie looks happy.

"I'm happy and embarrassed."

It's been a long time since I've seen this again.

Youth, innocent cruelty, and strange shame.

In it, sex blossoms.

No matter how much money you spend at the dating club, you just can't get this.

While stepping back out of the way of young people,I will give you a firm kiss.

It was a treat.

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