The impact of the New Year's gift campaign Episode XNUMX

[Synopsis from last time]

After four months of joining Universe and getting used to it, a dream-like project came down under the name of a New Year's gift campaign.

This project that the universe will listen to one wish.

Without hesitation, I ask for an offer for XNUMX people for XNUMX yen!and request.

The answer from the universe is too stingy and is NG.

However, there is also a kindness universe.

I managed to get an answer that XNUMX people would be fine, and I got excited and immediately deposited.

And although I proceeded according to my desires with a ton-ton beat, if I think about it, do I have time for that?

The campaign period is two months.

I met XNUMX people during that time. . .

I'm working properly, so I don't have time.

However, when I actually tried it, I realized that I had so much time.

And now for episode XNUMX.

showcase success stories

And boast (laughs)

[Episode XNUMX is the first child.Episode XNUMX reveals the third child]

This time, the first person in the New Year's gift campaign.

The story of when I was excited for the first campaign.

she is a gold lady.

The photo is thin and fair

Age is 25 years old.

There is also a recommendation from the universe, and we are looking forward to the day.

On the day of the event, the meeting place was the entrance of the shopping mall, and I arrived early and wandered around.

When I was looking around the store, I found a woman with a fairly revealing outfit that reminded me a little of the bubble era.

Unexpectedly, I enjoyed shopping until the time was up and went to the meeting place.

that?There's the bubble girl from earlier. . .

No way. . .

When you turn around to the front, there is the appearance of the photo.

Putting aside the clothes, the appearance was as shown in the picture, so Yosher! !While thinking that, she went to the store she had reserved.

When you talk at the store, you notice something surprising.

I can hear my voice.

Loud voice.

You can probably hear it all around.

According to what I've heard, even during night activities, the voice was loud and the neighbors got angry.

That being said, it's cute and feels like tension.

I want to start negotiations on the main subject as soon as possible, so I softly suggest moving to the second store.

The second restaurant is a dark and famous Asian restaurant

But select mistake! !

The atmosphere is good, and she (hereinafter referred to as MM) feels so good that she sticks to herself, but I can hear it again.

It's dark and the surroundings are quietly talking, but only this story is unfolding loudly.

I gave up because I was running out of time, and I negotiated at night.

Loudly but smoothly OK.

If you are in a normal relationship, you can hear the level of applause from the surroundings.

The relationship at night will be turned to the next time and we will go on a date outside.

Since it's a big deal, let's drive a little and go out.

MM was dressed in a way that piqued my interest in what kind of play he likes, so I will develop a memory story of various past plays.

I'm also a fairly experienced player, but she follows every story.


It's great to be young.

And thank you Universe.

This is a premonition that I was able to get a partner who can expose the hidden pervert.

And while we were talking about such fun things, the car arrived at the amusement park at night.

It was raining heavily on this day, and although the amusement park was open at night, there were few people.

By the time we arrived, the rain had stopped, and it felt good.

Go out, hold hands with MM, and date night.

The clothes are also clothes, so the cleavage and thighs are glimmering.

While enjoying various scenery, go to the Ferris wheel that is also open at night.

There is no one on the Ferris wheel, and it is in a chartered state.

Then her eyes are Tron. . .

If you bring your lips close and stick together, your body will also be tron. . .

Take down the back zipper and go around it for 5 minutes.

It was my first experience not seeing the scenery at all on the Ferris wheel.

However, I experienced 5 minutes of excitement climax for the first time in a while.

It's the moment you get the best partner.

I had given up on the idea that only platinum would be a good woman, but I chose gold after the campaign, and it turned out to be the correct answer.

There was treasure in gold too.

And gold women are more modest than platinum women.

The conditions are OK at a level that seems to be continued for a long time.It is said that the play will also match here.

After that, the exciting date continues, and it is still going on, albeit loudly.

This is why I can't stop Universe.

I don't gamble, but the feeling of winning a good girl in the universe should be similar to the feeling of winning at gambling.

Although we are in a relationship where parting will come someday, I want to enjoy it to the fullest until then.

It is clear from the third episode that there were many failures in the subsequent campaign.

However, as I touched on in Episode 5, I generally understood that if you meet five people, you will find one woman with whom you can have a long-term relationship.

And the success of the first one suggests that your intuition is important.

Universe is kind, so I'm sure they'll give us a similar challenge next year.

At that time, I wonder if I'll try to increase the number of people.

And let's put this lesson to good use in another column.


This time, I wrote a success story.

Please make use of it for your winning streak in Universe activities.

I think everyone is faintly feeling it, but new up to the second page of Universe's HP, or

I think you have a better chance of choosing an updated woman.

Also, women who have been enrolled for less than a month or women who were 1 years old or older at the time of enrollment and have been enrolled for 25 years or more are more suitable.

For the former, it goes without saying that the standards have not yet been clarified.

The latter is because I am humbled by getting older, and I am no longer forced to do anything because I have experienced both sweet and sour at Unikatsu.

Analysis through my campaign.FYI.

Thank you for reading.

Pseudonym: Ray World

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