Thin and long Case③

Including the encounters at this club, including the way they are and their relationships
The style exists as many as the number of parties... must be.
In the meantime, I picked up a pen because I wanted to write down a few things.

My membership registration was in XNUMX, so XNUMX years ago.However, there have been no new developments in the last few years.
Several years to transfer only the annual fee. . .


I don't care about the reason until it's "new".
As a feeling, "It's better to have new tatami mats."That's right, but the current
The past few years have passed with the motto of being thin and long.

I was in my XNUMX's or XNUMX's when we met.However, they are also in their XNUMXs, and some
To the XNUMX's.We are XNUMX years old now.However, they are more "lustrous" than when I first met them.
The frequency of meeting varies, but on average it is about once a month.

Well, in the meantime...

I hope it will be a hint for everyone to have a long and thin relationship.


If you have ample funds in a short-term decisive battle, please skip reading.
She is an office lady who works for a foreign company.Since her first date, she has been shy and cheerful.
, Straight (straightball) in a good way. "I like what I like!"
In addition to such a first impression, there is also an impression that there are many comings and goings.

And "Time is Money!! I can't forgive people who are loose with time, regardless of gender."


As someone who belongs to a very ordinary domestic company, I don't think I will have the financial strength to continue investing here.
This is my first impression.

Playing with the man's heart with a glossy gesture that draws up the long straight hair that sometimes shows.

As usual, the first date starts with a meal (Japanese food).
Including basic manners, there is no sense of incongruity in the way you answer and respond to the flow of conversation.

And we also praise the gesture of brushing that straight hair.

↑ Try to praise yourself for what you think.That reaction is important.


As an honest impression, "I can only look like I'm inviting you."When I said it straight, the person who said it for the first time said,

You are the second.
I don't know if it was praised or liked, but I got a ticket for the next time.

She preferred to talk about her hobbies rather than about work.
While thinking that her posture and technique regarding listening may be better,
In particular, I've been fascinated by tales of life-or-death, very dangerous events.

The story of circuit driving with my own motorcycle
Diving stories of super advanced points in difficult places and open seas.


He seemed to particularly like the story about the circuit, and after a while
All of a sudden, I got a call saying "I bought a car".Seriously surprised.
It is said that he purchased a certain midship car.He admires his wealth.
It is said that the company also commute by the car.What kind of company is it, and is it a company that allows it?
Way to go foreign capital!I don't think there's a need for dad life...

After that, running on the circuit, photos, etc.
Next is a motorcycle license!and was in high spirits.I was worried about this and that about the bike,
First of all, I said it was a driver's license, but it has nothing to do with circuit driving.

And the next surprise was that he started working as a night butterfly (hostess part-time job) at a high-end membership club.
receive contact information.This really surprised me.


When asked about the name and location of the store, he said, "Well, the threshold is too high.
It's impossible for ordinary office workers around here," he said, but in the end he accompanied him.

I would also like to see a world-famous ultra-luxury store.

Several times to accompany.She has to put her face up too.
To be honest, this place is an investment.
As a result, it was intentionally used by the shop's mother, and was also used for entertainment several times.


back to the beginning.
Also, after praising the gesture of brushing long hair, the first meal and + α.

In my slumber, I answered honestly to what was asked.
He seemed to like the honesty.

Since then, we have promised each other that we will not ask about private matters anymore.

She revealed that she is a single mother.

We don't hear any more.That's my only promise.
Other business and play stories have been open as much as possible.


Do not interfere with each other's lives.Spend time together and spend time together.

However, only this relationship with each other is useless.
Treat others as "good friends".That's an adult's promise.

About XNUMX years have passed.After a while, she left the super-luxury store.


Naturally proficient in languages.I was informed that he had re-employed at another foreign-affiliated company.
Then, as a postscript, I received an email to the effect that "I will spend my time quietly for a while. I will contact you when I buy a motorcycle."
What that means is something I've learned over the years in relationships and conversations.

I also replied with "Okay. Please contact me when you start riding a motorcycle" and sealed the contact after that.

What she left me was permission to enter and exit an ultra-luxury membership club.
For the mother there, "an important friend who keeps her promises",
"He always comes to meet me on time without being late. A person who doesn't loose his time."
Is it proof of your trust that you introduced me?Even now, I use that store once every six months.


One day, at a motorcycle parking lot in the corner of the highway SA,
I hope that I can encounter the gesture of brushing long hair while taking off the helmet.

Even now, the email and the exchanges at that time remain deep in my smartphone.I wish I could just delete it.

D for right turn

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