1 ways to get women to like you in a dating club

The woman I was introduced to at the dating club might be my last love.So she wants to do her best to be liked by women.

This is exactly what I always think.

I'm sure there are many people in their late 50s and above who use dating clubs thinking so.

To be honest, I'm in my late 50's.

I experienced marriage once, and then I became late to women.
(Once you stop talking to a woman, you really can't talk.)

Even when I went to a club in Ginza, I couldn't even have a light conversation like I used to.

So to speak, it feels like I've completely finished as a man.

The part that you don't want to show like that comes out blatantly, which works negatively and cloudes your approach to women.

I have a typical uncool pattern.

It's an embarrassing story.

I couldn't really laugh at myself.

I just have money in vain.

So, I heard about a dating club from an acquaintance of a manager, and found some kind of detonator for myself (to regain myself as a man).
) and tried to become a dad.

However, even though I've actually become a dad, what I always think about is, "How many more times can I fall in love?"

At first, it was just a light conversation and an allowance.

At first, I felt a little dry about women, but I started to see some changes in myself.

It's how you interact with women.

I can't go as far as I used to, but obviously, by talking to a woman who works as a daddy, I'm starting to get used to women.

Money can't buy these things.
(If I can buy it, I want to buy it)

That's why, at first, my father, who somehow managed to become me, was actually doing something for me.

Maybe when you reach your late 50s, won't it become difficult to persuade women without relying on the power of alcohol or something else?

Then, everything that cannot be bought with money will follow a step of deterioration.

And another thing that sprouted in me was love.

It's an embarrassing story, but I was in my 50s and thought that I would never fall in love again.

In other words, I gave up.

The reason was that he knew that he had no contact with young women and that he would not see himself as a romantic interest.

However, at a dating club, he was introduced to a woman, and by becoming a dad, he was able to fall in love with a woman he normally wouldn't have met.

Then, of course, the heart of wanting to be known and liked will grow.

Of course, there is also a desire to support women who have dreams and goals in their dad activities.

However, what sprouted more than that was the feeling of wanting to relive the love of my youth.

So, how did you do your best to be liked by a woman who actually works as a dad?I would like to introduce here.

Of course, giving allowances is the best thing for women, but this time I would like to introduce mainly the points I worked hard on other than that.

keep time anyway

Basically, when meeting with the other woman, I tried to get dressed about 15 minutes before the meeting.

Of course, it was common for women to be late.

That's why we often have to wait for about an hour.

If I was younger, I would definitely go back. (smile)

But I was convinced that dating a young woman was like that, so it didn't bother me at all.

Besides, there was always an apology from the woman's side on the spot, so I thought, "I don't have to worry about it."

Also, most of the women I was introduced to at the dating club had good manners, including conversation, which I think was one of the reasons I became positive.

Going back to the story, I thought that a little staging was necessary in order to be liked by women.

For example, let's say you meet at a hotel lounge.

When a woman appears there, it will appear as if she was reading a book at that timing.
(It was surprisingly effective when I took off my glasses at the moment I met with a woman.)

However, I can say it now, but at that time I didn't want to read books that much.

Because the reaction of the woman when I did it for the first time was too good.

Just a little bit, I wonder if I've reused even a different woman.

In addition, I took care not to make the woman who came late say, "I'm glad I had time to drink coffee."

In fact, there is a line that was said when I was dating a woman.

It was the words, "Papa, you always have plenty of time."

This sounds like a very deep statement to me.

Any man would rather have a compliment from a woman than be late.

Also, did I become a role model for young women?I felt like that.

Including such a meaning, it seems that the action of arriving earlier than the woman and waiting was not wrong.

I'm sure some men feel uncomfortable with women who are late.

On the contrary, some men may even return home.

And, as a matter of course, they will say such a throwaway line.

"What about young people these days?"

However, I think this is very wrong.

In the first place, women make time for me and come to see me even though they are busy, so I think that respect is essential.

That's why, even if you become a father to a woman who is often late, isn't it an important role of a father to watch over her kindly?I felt.

Also, if I always bring it in front, women will gradually come on time.

By all means, there were people in similar circumstances.

Besides, leeway is an important factor for adult men, and it can also be a weapon for young women.

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