Do you know Saori? ③

It seems that I have about 3 more thongs.

I'm looking forward to this in the future.

After taking pictures, I finally took off everything and went to take a shower.

Saori is slim and light enough that even I can hold her like a princess.

By the way, my boyfriend is athletic and seems to be macho.

My boyfriend is the same age as Saori, so I can't compete with him in terms of physical strength.

But there's one thing I do have an edge on and that's the size of it lol I think it's probably bigger than average.

At night, I took off my clothes while saying, "Let's turn off the lights."

I took off my coat and hugged Saori.

Just like last time, we do foreplay carefully.

From the kiss, carefully use your tongue and hands to caress your neck, chest, stomach, waist, and buttocks.

Saori put her hands on my pants, unfastened my belt, unzipped my pants, and slipped her hands into my underwear.

 Saori said, "What's wrong with this? Ufufu," while squeezing up and down.

 Not to be outdone, I unfastened the belt from Saori's trousers and tried to pull down her underwear all at once.

 Saori said, "Well, I can't take it off because it's caught on me. Why? Ufufu."

 While skillfully moving his hand up and down, he rolled my thing with his tongue.

Yoru no P "It feels great. Can I lick it?" 

Saori says "no".I'm choking on my array.

Reaching Saori's dick while casually changing her posture.

I also started licking Saori's pussy. 

Saori: "Uh. Hmm. It feels good. My tongue is coming in. That's good."

At 69, I was on top and we were licking each other's dicks, but soon we started kissing and Saori-san was on top.

Saori says, "Let's go. Already," and tries to guide me into my pussy, but since we are not wet yet, it is difficult to enter.

Saori said, "Doesn't it hurt? Are you okay?" 

Saori: "It looks like it's going to go in. Shall I go in?" 

I said, "It's fine. Please let me in quickly. Otherwise, I'll be on top." 

Saori ``No. 

Saori: "Hmm. It feels good. This dick does a lot of things like this. No, you just play around too much. (laughs)" 

Night's P "Is it okay if I go with Saori-san? (laughs)" 

Saori: "I don't know. But I'm the only one today." 

Saying that, he shook his hips violently.I move it back and forth up and down and kiss it for a while while Saori is in the upright position, and I keep my things in it for a long time.

 When I try to remove it, it won't let me.

Saori "I never thought I'd be like this with Mr. P at night, but I wanted to try it." 

Yoru no P: "Is that so? It's an honor. Now, please be a little gentler. (laughs)"

Saori: "How?"

While talking like that, I made time to flirt.

Saori: No more. I'm too embarrassed to say it. 

Yoru no P: “But if you don’t tell me, you won’t understand, right?”

When I heard that, I went up and was inserted into Saori at once.

Back, Missionary, Cowgirl.How many minutes have passed?Juice is soaking around the waist.


I couldn't go because I was drunk, but the desire to ejaculate was pushed up.

Yoru no P "Where are you going?"

Yoru no P "Can I say it?" 

Saori "You can put it anywhere you like at night P. The inside is good." 

At night P said, "I'm going away?"

Saori took my liquid in her mouth as if squeezing out the last drop and seemed to drink it as it was.After this, I met with Saori several times, but each time, she took it in my mouth and drank it all. I probably drank about 1 liter lol

Saori: "I drank..." 

Night P "Really? I'm happy." 

Saori: Me too

Yoru no P: "Ah, I think it's going to be bad if it's not about time." 

Saori: “That’s right. 

Saying that, Saori gave him another deep kiss.Then she left LH alone and went home.

It's a lot of fun when you're positive and responsive to sex like Saori.

I suggested that I would like to exchange contact information because I would like to meet with him once a month in the future.

If it's cacao, it's OK, so we exchanged contact information at cacao.

Even so, it was a really fun time.

After that, I had a relationship with Saori for about a year.

I enjoyed playing various games each time.

Also, I want to meet Saori somewhere.



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