Mr. A's first date and preferred dating type

1. Screen women

Screen women...I feel like a king.

Log in to the Universe Club page and display the "Female Member List".There are over 8000 registrants nationwide.

Since there may be duplication, if you display only "Tokyo" by region, there are still more than 2400 registrants.

Even if you display 1 people per page, it will be 100 pages.That's a lot.

Based on a clear face photo and full body photo, we will screen and narrow down to about 200 people.Narrowing down means adding to "favorites".

In addition, I reconfirmed the appearance from various angles with videos, and built an image that was closer to the real thing in my brain from the tone of voice, etc. Remove the "favorites" of those who have, and narrow it down to about 50 people.

Mr. A immersed himself in this task every night.It's a good time.

Finally, we narrowed it down to about 20 people.These 20 people will pass the third screening.

20 selected people with beauty (my preference) + alpha.

No matter what, most of them are upper-class women.The eyes of the staff ranking are correct.

Even if you make an offer to these women, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will go on a date, but in my experience, about half of them are OK.

Isn't the probability that half of the selected targets is quite high?

The customer for the club is men.Here, customers are allowed to take the side of the choice by paying a usage fee.

2. Unfortunate youth (recollection)

Mr. A was looking back on his junior high and high school days.

Mr. A attended a boys' school from middle school to high school.I had very few encounters with girls.Or rather, there was none.

The world was a bubble.Mr. A indirectly sensed that she was being teased just because she was a young woman, from the train on her way to school.

Brucella, terekura, and later compensated dating.

Mr. A has a sister.It's ugly, but at the station, I heard that my older sister, who is still in high school, asked me, "How about XNUMX yen?"

A woman who enters reproductive age and becomes more and more beautiful.She has clothes, bags, shoes, makeup, accessories, and hairstyles.

On the other hand, I, a middle and high school boy, suffer from pimples and take showers many times a day because I worry that my body will stink.He feels bad about his hair.If no one sits next to him on the train, he wonders if it's because he's dirty.

Mr. A thought that "women are cunning."

Even after entering university and becoming a member of society, I still thought “women are cunning”.

In the world, everyone admires young and beautiful women.Young women have many options.

Women who live in a glamorous world who have never been able to create a point of contact just by watching from a little distance.
CA, model, race queen...

If I was a cabin attendant, a model, and a race queen, how easy would my life have been?
Opportunities arise just by rearranging the legs.

However, Mr. A no longer thinks that "women are cunning."

This is because Mr. A has the right to choose for them.

3. First date

Mr. A's first date was a relationship type C, and it wasn't very good.

The system that divides women into relationship types (A-E) is very good.

It is quite a hurdle to get this information directly or by e-mail.By being clear in advance, unnecessary costs can be greatly reduced for each other.

Dating type C indicates that the woman expresses that if the feelings meet on the day, the adult relationship is fine.

Mr. A planned to eat slowly first and then decide what to do after that.

However, depending on the woman, the existence of an adult relationship is a premise, and it seems that some people think of the meal before that as an opening act.

Within minutes of meeting Mr. A, the restaurant he had made a reservation with was immediately rejected, and he was only offered tea in the hotel lounge.

As a result, Mr. A's mood dropped, and it was decided to break up after just tea and superficial conversation.

However, I felt sorry for the woman who was expecting a total income including after that, so I gave her a little more transportation expenses.

The root cause is that Mr. A's profile was read poorly because it was the first date.

If you offer 8000 people carefully selected from 20 people, even if it is the first date, you should definitely have the advantage of spending an exciting time.

Through this experience, Mr. A realized that he didn't necessarily want an immediate sexual experience at the club.

Mr. A wants to fall in love.Sexual desire may or may not manifest itself in an extended romantic experience.It depends.

However, it does not mean that I want to have a romantic relationship in which there is no possibility of sexual desire appearing.

By the way, every date after the second one brought wonderful love experiences to Mr. A.

4.Mr. A's preferred dating type

First, the relationship types in Universe Club are listed.

Relationship type A meal date
Dating type B 2nd time onwards
Relationship type C depends on feeling
Dating Type D Aggressive
Relationship type E Love/marriage oriented

Dating type E is difficult to evaluate because the absolute number is small in the first place. Less than 8000 of the 30 members.

Depending on how you think about it, you may be able to have a surprisingly interesting date.

Mr. A does not offer dating type A.

It is thought that girls who have no intention of having sex, but who will receive an allowance and eat meals will come.

"Since I'm young and I'm going to have a meal with my uncle, even if it costs money, I'm grateful enough," he said.

It's a pretty good story.A super A-class beautiful girl, a female announcer, an idol, or a woman who can find rare value just by eating together may be allowed.

There may be some men who are happy with that, but for someone like Mr. A, it's not a big deal.

For Mr. A, there is no demand for relationship type A at the moment.Because if it's just a meal, it's enough to invite a girl from work.

For relationship type D, Mr. A has not offered an offer so far.

This is because it is premised on the adult relationship on the day, and not proceeding here would be a violation of the tacit agreement, and it would be disrespectful.

The core groups offered by Mr. A are relationship types B and C.

Among the women who are registered with dating clubs, there may be those who think, "The point is, you want to do it."

I want you to know that it varies from man to man.
In the case of Mr. A, the bottom line is that he doesn't want to fuck.

It is more reasonable to think that men who use dating clubs are simultaneously seeking something other than "dating" without exception.

If a man is simply a "fuck", there are countless shops where you can easily do it in a few hours, depending on your taste, in various business categories, so it's better to go to such a shop (price・ Contents and time) Good.

There may be people who think that there are no good women in such shops, and that we are better.

You are women (even if you have experience working at a sex shop, it is the same) and you have never used such a shop, so it is understandable that you do not know, but you are wrong. is.

You should know that there are many excellent people who have one or all of personality, humanity, technology, as well as appearance.

The world is vast, complex, and each person has their own circumstances.

Famous stores have produced many female celebrities that everyone knows.

If you're not a good person, you can't become a female celebrity that everyone knows.

back to the topic.

Mr. A believes that there is essentially no big difference between relationship types B and C.

However, as mentioned above, in the case of dating type C, it may be necessary to behave cautiously, as it may disappoint the woman's prior expectations.

Among Mr. A, the relationship type B is the most excited.

This is because we believe that dating type B is the easiest to achieve a simulated love experience that is close to real love.

What is not allowed is the act of offering B to the desire for an offer, even though it is actually a relationship type A.

We would like this to be strictly managed through interviews and feedback from male members.

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