Papa activity imitation in Colombia, South America (papa activity reflection meeting)

I have been working as a dad in Medellin, Colombia, which is also called the "Beauty Capital".Write down miscellaneous things that you noticed later

《Fans gather for good dad activities》

After returning to Japan, I checked a famous Dutch site that corresponds to the international version of Reddit, and found that Medellín Papa Katsu fans had been making threads for many years.The owner, I thought he was American, but he's actually Australian. . .If you search for the information described in the previous columns, you will find hits, so if you are interested, please visit.

This thread started in 2008 and continued until just before it was closed due to the corona disaster.The occupancy rate of the main building is more than 95% throughout the year, and the reason why it has been able to maintain such popularity for over 10 years is that it has attracted a good number of fans under the charismatic owner who is "honest and trustworthy".The fact that honest management and good users are the two wheels is a common keyword not only in Colombia but also in Papa Katsu.The owner who has followers should have gotten closer.

The image of fans who follow their charisma

One thing that left an impression on me when I was working with fans was the self-imposed rule that papa-katsu was limited to women who gathered in the main building and submitted their IDs, and that women who were picked up at bars were not allowed to be brought in. is.

I will explain the background.In Colombia, district levels are set from 1 to 6, with higher-level districts paying higher taxes and improving public infrastructure such as roads, electricity, and water.Taxes are low in low-lying districts, but on the other hand, infrastructure development is delayed, and power outages occur first when the electricity situation deteriorates.Naturally, security is proportionally bad.The papa-katsu main building is located in the topmost district, "6", so that women can come to it with peace of mind. It was written.

《Papa life is like a game》

Papa katsu time is from dusk until after midnight, and you don't know what kind of woman will come during that time unless you are there.I had to pay attention to the unspoken house rule that "the man who called out first has priority".There are plenty of women on Fridays, but on weekday nights, the number of women who come slowly is less, so this rule works quite well.

Let's say, for example, on Thursday, a female college student who has nothing to do is relaxing on the sofa from the early hours and looks like a minimum OK level.As far as I can see from the drinks, there are no offers from men yet, so if I call out now, I will definitely be able to negotiate.But the girl you like may come later.

Suppose that an American dad who is likely to compete there comes.To make sure I keep it, I have to talk to the woman sitting right now.On the other hand, if another female college student comes down the stairs during the negotiation, the priority negotiation right with that woman will be taken by another dad.However, since it is a weekday night, there is no guarantee that you will have another chance, and if you let the woman in front of you pass you by, you may lose your chance.

As a newbie to dad activities, I emphasized certainty and called out in this situation, and ended up making a half-hearted compromise.Of course, the female side also has a proper strategy, and during the early hours on weekdays, types with little advantage over competitors gather.So, now that I think about it, it was the right decision not to make a quick decision, but to buy just one drink and hint at the right to negotiate, then leave and prepare for the next woman at another seat.Papa-katsu cannot be a winner unless it has a good sense of game.

《No premium for university students》

It is not uncommon for women in certain industries to receive a premium.Even in Universe, I feel that women in the aviation industry tend to be categorized in a higher class than expected based on their looks.I've seen Papa Katsu Main Building in Medellín introduced as "a place where you can meet cute college cuties", so I thought there was a college student premium.

It was different than expected.As I wrote in my previous column, the cost of taking a normal college student out for an hour or two is about a little more than one night at the Sheraton Hotel, which is slightly higher than dealing with a professional in a low-level area.On the other hand, in fact, carefully selected professionals were also allowed to enter the papa katsu party, but the rate for such women is twice that of university students, and women from Venezuela are popular and the premium is tripled. there was.

This is a simple supply and demand relationship, and there are many college students who are interested in dad life, so the market for adults is probably calm.My behavior, which jumped at me just because I am an active college student, was not ideal, and I should have sat down and worked as a dad.

"City of education and culture" Medellín has many students

"Too Narrow World"

The maximum number of dads is 20 to 30, including the number of rooms in the main building/annex and the owners, and the total number of women who gather is about 50 per week. There are also men/women.Popular women also have a high rotation frequency, and if you stay for a few days in such a situation, there will be many combinations in which multiple men are involved with the same woman.Every night, two or more men who have had affairs with the same woman have "small talk" in the presence of the woman, sometimes with the woman.

I felt that this too narrow world is a disadvantage for dad activities. In the 2000s, when SNS was not as developed as it is today, I was able to experience the legendary Papa Katsu on a Dutch website that was built by Australians in Medellín, Colombia, where security was quite bad, and supported by American fans. It was a rare experience.However, this is an old-fashioned business model, and it would have been obsolete even without the corona crisis.

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.

This is the end of "Papa Katsumodoki in Colombia, South America".Thank you very much for reading to the end.

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