Dating club that is not only sweet and sour (XNUMX)


Nice to meet you, I'm Ren, a newcomer.So far, there have been various incidents with the women and staff who made the offer (there are some!).I had been wanting to organize my thoughts on the activities up to this point, and I was given the opportunity to write a column.

I was overwhelmed by the writing style of other writers, and while I wondered if I had the qualifications to write something ahead of my seniors, I wanted to use this as a real example to help those who read it. I would like to write what I thought in idleness.

If I simply describe my attributes,

  •  Short stature + high BMI
  •  The so-called grim student days
  •  It's basically "chicken".

Purpose of this column

Through trial and error, I have been blessed with good fortune, and I have been able to get along well with the people I have met here.

I would like to use this opportunity to write realistically about my trial and error and conflicts.

I would be happy if there was something I could use as a reference.

Including this time, I would like to write about this.

  • Motivation and history of joining the dating club: Limits of information collection ← This time here!
  • First Dates: How to Use Staff and Avoid Wasted “Second Dates”
  • Continuity: On Relationships and Sense of Distance
  • Controlling Your Emotions: Having Multiple Parallel Relationships
  • Happenings are inevitable: various things happen (^^;; 
  • Finally: the risks and rewards of using dating clubs

Why did you join the dating club in the first place?

My partner is very light-hearted, and before I knew it, I hadn't known him for many years.

However, I have no intention of destroying the relationship. . .I wanted to "play with fire" within a range that would not be found out.

To put it bluntly, my motive at the time of joining was "I wanted a sex partner with whom I could communicate a little."

I'm sorry I don't have a body or a

However, in retrospect, I wonder if I've actually been able to get "fulfillment in terms of feelings" that's not just that.I'll cover that in a later column.

Attractiveness due to the “ambiguity” of dating clubs

She is good at customs because she is a professional, but on the contrary, it is difficult for her heart to pass because she is a professional. .The cabaret club is too lucrative. . .I want to have sex with a little "feeling" that is "a little exciting" and "a little exciting".

However, the relationship is not serious with each other.I was thinking of such a convenient thing.

At times like that, I'm not a professional + it's not just money + it's not just sex + I have feelings but I'm not serious. . .In the first place, I started to take an interest in a place where gray elements are likely to gather = a dating club.

So where have you been? Why Universe Club?

The first thing I found in my search was a dating club (probably a long-established one) in Chuo-ku and Minato-ku.

After that, I found a portal site, Alwa Alwa Dating Club. . .First of all, I was surprised by this.

However, none of them were helpful because they were all similar to the club's position talk. . .After all, I couldn't judge the "good club", and the truth was that it was suspicious.

About a year in this state.I didn't take action because I lacked determination.

By chance, I found a male blog and a female blog of a user of the dating club.

This was very helpful.Then, while reading multiple blogs, I came across something called "Universe Club".

By the way, I can't say that the evaluation of the universe club on the dating club portal I saw was high, and it's a charm that it was completely unmarked in me until I came across the

These blogs are excellent.

Women who spend money, women who cancel dates at the last minute, and men who treat women arrogantly. . .

Various episodes are naked. . .

What a human world! !smile

The blogs of these users, and the staff blogs and columns of the Universe club that I saw in the wake of them were the decisive factors, and I decided to join this club with the determination that "there's not only good things!" .

By the way, I was hesitant about the one-click interview application because of my "chickenness".big laugh

What I have realized so far is that the "advertisements" and "promotions" from various clubs are unreliable (I can't see the risks).

So, what should you focus on when paying the admission fee and annual fee?

For me, the decisive blow was to be able to “feel the breath” and “see the character” of the people who work at the club, as well as “see the disadvantages and risks”.

Offer! !before that!

I'll talk about offers and dates for next time, but for me, before the offer"Make your own policy"was an important task.

Because I'm a chicken, I'm a person who can't improvise, so I couldn't move because of anxiety unless everything was planned.

  • How much do you spend on dates?
  • What if you don't like me?
  • Sense of gratitude?
  • Negotiating terms first?Meal first?
  • Should I invite you to my room on the first date?
  • How would you like your first date to end?

etc. . .

In making this policy, what was very helpful was the blogs of club users and staff blogs."Troubleshooting"was.On top of that, I decided on a policy based on my own goals.

  • The concept is "Petit extraordinary".
  • I will do my best in the first session.If you don't get excited, you will disband there.
  • A level that would be easier for women to tolerate.
  • Meal first.
  • Don't invite me to your room on the first day.
  • Exchange contact information if you can go to the second meeting. Agree on the terms of the second meeting.

Also, since this is chicken, we also made it a policy not to negotiate the price.

I plan to touch on this heart next time, but the wisdom of my predecessors (mainly blogs) was very helpful in deciding on this policy.


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