Fuu's Papa Katsu☆GOLD's Real Episode 14 Feelings that satisfy even the heart


I'm Fuu. Fuu looks like a normal middle-aged man.

I've never been popular, and I've lived as a love weakling.

A cute young girl I thought I couldn't reach out to when I saw her on the street, and she really makes me feel good about her, so I praise Universe for her basic stance.

But I'm not a passer-by, so I'll also write down the akan part.

In the case of Fuu, the main battlefield is the GOLD class C type.


I met him not long after I started working as a dad.

About 2 years ago, there was still no corona, and I was on a business trip to the Bang Bang region, and I had a job in Sapporo about once a month, so I made a local offer to the Univa Sapporo branch for the first time.

The great thing about UNIVA, which is expanding nationwide, is that you can make offers even in rural areas while you are in Tokyo.

Prof was probably 19 years old at the time when he looked like Airi Suzuki, an entertainer who Fuu likes the most.She will call her Airi-chan from now on.

Airi-chan is 19 years old, but commented that she responded well with ☆ plus 1.The photo is cute with the club push!
But you must be used to this activity~
But in Sapporo, there are few opportunities to meet each other once a month, and it's better to be a child who is used to it than to be sad about adventures and landmines.

It was my first offer to a teenager.Although it looks a little gal, he tried his best to talk to me and gave me a good OK in the room.

At that time, I hadn't encountered ED medicine yet, so Fuu's pussy didn't work even though I'm the type who likes super cute
"Sorry for being unattractive and techless"

Airi-chan apologizes
No, it's Fuu who's nervous and bad.

You've worked hard, so your allowance is full.

"Well, I didn't do it properly, so I can't get it."

such a good boy

OK.I want youI want to see you next time

"Thank you. Next time we meet, I'll do my best to satisfy you."

Oh, what is it?cute.Your heart will be filled.

I couldn't go to H, but I'm looking forward to going to Sapporo.

started to meet regularly

On my next business trip to Sapporo, I want to purchase ED medicine and go on a date with Airi-chan in perfect physical condition.

I was numb~
it was so good
young and narrow
It's a little tuna, but with medicine, Fuu is binging and I was able to fight in the second round.

Since they fit in with Fuu's business trip schedule, after that, we met regularly at a pace of once a month.

By chance, Fuu's business trip to Sapporo overlapped with the coming-of-age ceremony, but he still made time to meet with us.

After the memorable coming-of-age ceremony, I went to a drinking party with my friends after having sex with Fuu.It was a dress, not a kimono.Was cute.
You came all the way and I was so excited.

Airi-chan is a nursing student and her tuition seems to be tough, so she started Sekucapa with a part-time job.

This time of year, I think it's a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of

I'm a part-timer until late at night, so I'm going to bed right after the game, and I'm not feeling well?Are you drunk?There are days when my voice is hoarse.

However, they fit in with Fuu's schedule, and even if they're sexy cabarets, they won't get screwed, so the relationship will continue.

H with Fuu and H experience with another man?It will become more and more comfortable to hold.It's growing.

From the tuna → the reaction of how to feel has been getting better and better.

I have a boyfriend who lives with me, and my reaction to H and my technique are steadily increasing.

What got me excited was the intense bondage of my boyfriend, which is common among young men and women, and when I was having sex with Fuu, my boyfriend kept hitting Lines.

Airi-chan "I'm sorry. I'm persistent, so I'll reply to Line"
Fuu: “Okay.”

Fuu licks Airi-chan's pussy while panting Airi-chan.Feeling immoral!I can't stand it!
On this day, Fuu was so excited that he became very stiff.

Like a naughty boyfriend, he properly reported that his boyfriend had a venereal disease, Fuu was tested immediately and was fine, and Airi was a nursing student, so he tested immediately and didn't catch it.Oh my God.
I'm glad you said it correctly. Thinking of Fuu.good kid!
Approval desire is fulfilled.

employment, pregnancy

Airi passed the nurse exam happily.
Maybe to cut off the male relationship in Sekukyaba? I changed my Line account.
Fuu was invited to a new account without being disconnected.

Is it lip service to "focus on boyfriend and Fuu"?But I was kind of happy.

It's been a long time since I started goto because I couldn't go on a business trip because of Corona.

The best body after 3 months
Airi-chan is also "feeling good"
We promised to meet next month.

One Line from Airi-chan
"I'm pregnant. I will marry him. I won't be able to see him for the time being."

"Congratulations, that's great. Until Airi-chan calms down, I won't be on Line from here, but when I'm able to contact you, please contact me when we can meet again."

"Thank you. I'm sad that we got married earlier than planned. It's going to be a long time before we can meet again. Do I still have value as a woman who can meet Fuu-san?"

"Airi-chan is a special person to me, so her value as a woman will never disappear. Thank you. See you soon."

Airi-chan: "Okay. See you later."

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