A girl in her twenties who is dating with a dad... What is the difference between a dad who is a candidate for a lover and a dad who is not?

Surprisingly, there are girls in their 20s who start dating men because of daddy activities, or think that they may be ants as marriage partners.Women may be attracted to dads who have a higher social status than men of the same generation and who have the luxury of being an adult.

In fact, dad activity is changing to a new meeting place.However, there is a papa who is a potential lover and a papa who is not, and it is said that there is a definite difference between the two.

This time, we asked a 20-year-old daddy girl about the difference between "a dad who wants to be a candidate for a lover" and "an NG dad who never falls in love".

Such a dad is NG! Characteristics of dads who girls in their 20s can't choose as lover candidates

① Even though he is an old man, he appeals to handsome

"A 50-year-old dad who doesn't like talking about himself at all. I don't want my uncle to have a facial deviation value, so I think it's a bit..." (apparel worker, 23 years old)

There are many handsome men who are popular from students to their 20s.However, when they grow up, women come to seek value other than face from men.A good-looking man is considered valuable until he is around 35 years old at most.Older men seem to be more attractive to women in their 20s if they have a wide range of topics and knowledge rather than their face.

② I can't feel the leeway as an adult

“My dad, who is 20 years older than me, invited me to dinner, but I didn’t even make a reservation. I was forced to walk..." (manufacturer, 30 years old)

Women in their 20s want their dads to be more mature.I couldn't make plans properly, and I don't feel comfortable with a man who doesn't have the ability to judge or make decisions.Many women want their lover to be dependable and to lead them.If you are of the same generation, it would be difficult to choose a man who is older but has no adult leeway as a potential lover.

③ You are making the wrong young

"Papas in their 40s who lighten their hair and wear gritty accessories are daunting. I feel like young people are idle." (Administrator, 25 years old)

When you reach your 40s, you start to worry about the deterioration and aging of your appearance compared to when you were younger.Even so, if you desperately try to make yourself young, there is a high possibility that you will not be popular with women.Among them, women in their 20s talk about “Ojisan’s painful young creation”, which includes silver and other rugged hair accessories, trendy fashion that people in their 20s are likely to wear, and SNS that posts in the same way as young people.

What are the characteristics of the dads that girls in their 20s choose and want to be lovers?

① Clean and stylish that suits you

"Cleanliness is an absolute requirement, and fashion is attractive to people who look good in suits." (Service industry, 24 years old)
When you become around XNUMX or around XNUMX, the fashion that you like and the fashion that suits you will be different.Even if you choose clothes that you think are fashionable, if you don't wear them well, women may think you're ugly.Instead of trying to force yourself to dress for young people, it is better to try to wear “fashion that is unique to adult men” that matches your character and position.

XNUMX) Attractive on the inside

"It's not just about looks, it's about having a lot of experience and interesting conversations. If you're an older man, I'll accept it." (IT worker, 27 years old)

What women in their 20s look for in older men is inner attractiveness, not outward appearance.No matter how handsome her face is, if she is empty inside, she will end up being recognized as a "painful uncle".It is important to throw away preconceived notions and expand the topics that girls in their 20s are interested in.The secret of a popular adult man is to have a lot of drawers rather than having a biased conversation genre.

③ Kindness and tolerance

“I want older men to be gentle and tolerant like fathers.

A girl in her 20s who likes older men is a "gentle and tolerant person".In particular, she seems to be attracted to men who treat her kindly and are like her father.Tolerance is "the breadth of your heart that can accept the other person's various points, including mistakes and shortcomings" (Source: Digital Daijisen).It seems that girls in their 20s feel that they want to develop a romantic relationship with a dad who has a big heart and gently wraps them up.

in conclusion

Surprisingly, it seems that there are girls in their 20s who consider dad activities to be an “encounter option”.If you like a gentle adult man who can afford it, it may be an ant to get married with Papa.

If you want to date a girl in her 20s, you need to remember what she wants from an older man.There are many opportunities to meet young women in Papa Katsu, so it might be a good idea to learn about the real romance of girls in their 20s.

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