Date Memoir #14 Osaka Winter Siege 2 Part 2

How is the day after the overwhelming defeat?Looking back on Osaka for the second time Part XNUMX

Hello.Paparazzi.At the end of the year, I got a job that required me to stay in Osaka for a few days, so I will report on my second trip to Osaka.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Mayuko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Standard
  • Type: C.
  • Age: Early 20s
  • Occupation: Company employee (+night shift)

History of dating 

 The day before ended in an unexpected way.It wasn't just Mayuko who disappeared into the downtown area of ​​Namba, it was the same with me.Today is a date for "Stable?" Kukoto.I have already dated her twice and both times have been successful.It feels like we are about to enter a period of stability.Moreover, we keep in touch with each other quite frequently on LINE, so it feels like we are somehow continuing even though it is a long distance from Kanagawa to Osaka.When I offered to go to Osaka this time,

“Thank you for your hard work! I will go to Osaka on a specific date. If I have time!”

"If it's okay to finish work!"

 OK came with immediate response!Although it was pinpointed, the day before, it was supposed to be sunk by Mayuko. . .

 In any case, it can be said that a relationship of trust has been established.I'm looking for shops as usual, but I've been to Namba many times, and when I get to Namba after work, it's 21:XNUMX.In that case, for someone like me, who considers maintaining my body shape to be the top priority, eating at that time is really a suicidal act.Moreover, since the start time is late, there is no time to think about what happens after that.Therefore, I decided to have a snack and a light drink at the bar, that is, the same strategy as the previous day.There is also a hand of consecutive pitching at the bar yesterday, but that is not fun.After all, when you come to Osaka, you want to visit various shops.

 Meanwhile, when looking for a store on the net, it seems that there is something called "cheap bar". 1 yen per cup?What does it mean?And it's very close to the hotel!There is no problem in terms of movement.I was very intrigued, so I decided to make a reservation both because I wanted to see scary things and because I wanted to save money.In the unlikely event that the store is too bad, I should leave immediately, eat properly and go to the room.

You can see how the spirit of the day before is in the store selection.As expected, the fish I caught once. . .I wonder if that means

what was the date

 On that day, I was worried about the quality of the store, so I decided to enter the store without waiting for the meeting at 21:XNUMX.When I entered the store. . . .

 Isn't it surprisingly good!Atmosphere such as lighting and interior is also perfect.It's a normal

 There is no problem if this is the case.I decided to go to the room after drinking for a while at this store.She arrived at around 21:2 as scheduled.She really likes the counter seats. She has definitely gotten along with her after playing against her twice, so

After exchanging greetings with "Long time no see~", we start flirting a little.I think it's also good for her to have a meal at the bar after her work.She is usually busy with her work, and she doesn't have time with her friends, so she usually goes straight home from work.So she is happy that she can take a detour like this once in a while for a change of pace.She watches her eat while having a silly conversation, with a little gratuity.There is no impossibility in terms of talk.I wonder if it's just that it's particularly fun.Of course he's not a bad boy.He's a pretty good boy.However, to be honest, I feel a little that the conversation is not going well.

 Like this, even if it's good at first, it's getting better and better. . .That means that you can be with anyone if you are socializing.In some cases, the more you get to know someone, the better you get along with them, and vice versa.I also have to do my best in my life so that I don't get bored with my partner.And so on.

By the end of the meal

 Due to the last train, it would be appropriate to have a meal for about an hour as a pace distribution. Although it is close to the bar, it is also possible that it will not be possible to reach the end like last time.Both times in the past, there was something after that, so the two of us went to the hotel naturally without inviting him.It's also just a few minutes' walk away.After a few conversations while walking, we arrived at the hotel.I entered the room as it was and achieved revenge for the previous time.

 Even so, her lower abdomen is still worrisome.There are various troublesome parts about the compatibility of the body.She ended up on a date this time with questions about her compatibility, both in conversation and in bed.

Reflection of this time

  • I try to go to bargain stores unexpectedly
  • Will I stop feeding the fish I catch?

This store

In a word, "Cheap!"

 "No matter what you drink, all items are 200 yen! A chain store that sells "" in major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.However, it is not a cheap izakaya atmosphere, but a solid bar atmosphere.Of course, there is no sense of luxury, but it can be said that it is selfish to ask for it in this price

 The interior is solid, but it's sold as a "cheap bar", so if you go there for the first time, you'll definitely think, "Are you taking me lightly?"After establishing a relationship of trust, there is something called "cheap", but how about trying it out?I wonder if it's good to invite you.It will definitely save you money!

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