Hostesses with older sister's skin

■ Synopsis up to the last time

Caught on the keyword "I want a sex friend", he successfully hit two landmines! !

Thinking that it's a waste of money (tears), should I stop using this app?While thinking about that, I tried to contact the 35-year-old hostesses who seemed to be the last one guard!


【current situation】

・19-year-old vocational school students who cannot pay tuition fees ←Completed

・ Housewives in their 20s who want a sex friend ← Mine certified!

・ Nurses in their 20s who want a friend who is confident in technique ← Mine certified!

・ 35-year-old hostess who seems to be a hard guard ← The main character of this time



A 35-year-old hostess who seems to have a strong guard

The photo on the app shows her back from a distance, so I honestly don't know her specs.

In fact, the title of this column uses the phrase "getting up as a hostess", but I couldn't get any information about it during the exchange of messages, so I thought she was a normal office worker and recommended an appointment.


I'm sure she's a bit of a tough office lady, right?While thinking about it, this time!There was myself who was fired up.

This is because the exchange of messages was all serious, and I was actually a beginner of the app, and I was already teaching when I was looking into the market price for the first time.

In spite of that, it's only natural to expect something from him.

However, please give me AE XNUMX yen firmly at the face-to-face meeting?It is said (bitter smile)


And on the promised day.Meet at a private room restaurant in Ginza where you meet!

He had a personality that was like splitting bamboo, and it was a lot of fun talking to him!

According to him, if he can't get married by the age of 40, he's thinking about doing the business he's thinking about now, so he said he's making money for that.

yeah? ?So what are you doing now?I thought, so I asked

After landing, she lived with her boyfriend on the premise of marriage, but her boyfriend's DV was so severe that she is now looking for her own place to live.By the way, he seems to be staying out somewhere until she leaves her room and won't come back.


I thought, "Heh, there's such a thing!"

I also consulted about the market research this time, so I was able to get a lot of information, but... once and for all!


35-year-old hostess: "If you keep going like this, you'll be dragged into Bubble Princess more and more, so you should stop! I think you're looking for money, so you should stop! (Slightly stronger tone)"

Me: "Huh? Is that so? But right now, I'm just checking the market price and telling Awahime, so I think it's okay~ (bitter smile)"

35-year-old hostesses: "Because I won't say anything bad. Why don't you do it to me? (laughs)"

Me: "Really!? That's funny~ you (lol)"


With that said, XNUMX hours passed with a lot of excitement, and we decided to raise the promised allowance and part. . .


35-year-old hostess: "Of course, you'll send me, right? (laughs)"


eh? ?Yes, she remembers that she told me during our conversation that she was also a car enthusiast, just like me, and that I was coming by car. (she smiles wryly)


Me: "I can't help it ~, I'll send it to you! Mou (bitter smile)"


In the car, we talked about cars again, and it turns out that she likes the CLS.Even though she is a hostess, she seems to have been top class, so she may have been earning a lot of money. she. .She arrived at the back street of the station she specified, thinking that it might be possible!

Then what! ! !A CLS was parked in front of me (surprise).(bitter smile)


Despite such a surprise, she was about an hour's drive from home, so we exchanged contact information, dropped her off, and hurried home.


■ Impressions of a 35-year-old hostess who seems to be a tough guard

・There was almost no impression that she was a hostess, and there were many things that I could sympathize with, such as firmly planning her future life.

・It was fun to talk without being too careful because he has a personality like breaking bamboo.

・I want to make a lot of money using adult relationships as a weapon!It didn't seem to mean

・For some reason, she seemed to like me a lot.


I had stepped on a landmine twice in a row, so maybe that's why I could see her so well. . .

That said, rather than having ulterior motives for an adult relationship, I really enjoyed talking with him, and he listened to me about the market price of P-katsu, which I'm currently researching, and the mines I've encountered so far. I was left with a strong impression that this girl is solid.

The only thing that bothers me is that because of her occupation as a hostess, she must be good at grasping men's hearts, and isn't that what she's getting caught up in?That feeling and the existence of CLS that I saw when I sent it.

He may have a different sense of value about money than I do, but I decided to look forward to seeing him next time.


later her.Knowing that I was living alone, she learned that I had a femininity, such as thinking about my eating habits and bringing home-cooked side dishes in Tupperware (sweat).

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