Renai Vaccine Episode XNUMX: Movie theater in a naked coat, Part XNUMX

When I chat with the regulars of mixed bathing hot springs, I often hear stories about specific adult movie theaters.
Or rather, many of the regulars seem to come to this mixed bathing hot spring after getting to know each other at the adult movie theater.
However, the contents of the story, such as a man dressed as a woman, a homosexual, etc., are not very intriguing.
That's why I was hesitant to go there, but since I hadn't been able to find anything new recently, I decided to take the plunge and go.
What might there be to discover.
Just then, from a daughter named Miya-chan, a line came saying, "I'm sorry, I'm on my period. Can I go on a date without H?"
When I asked him, "Would you like to go to an adult movie theater with me?"
It is about XNUMX minutes away by car.
around noon on Saturday.
Have you ever been to an adult movie theater?
Young people today probably don't even know it exists.
In the old days, when there were no VHS video tapes, let alone the internet, the only way to watch videos like today's AV was to go to an adult movie theater.
It is a story of the time when there was only a paper medium for one-man sidekicks.
did it still remain?
I remember going there when I was around 20 years old.
Feels like visiting an old acquaintance.
I was surprised when I entered.
About 60 seats.The screen is also small.
About 20 old men are watching so-called adult movies, probably old Nikkatsu romantic pornography.
It's like a day service.
Of course, I'm past my XNUMXth birthday, and I'm old enough to be called a grandfather, but the customer base here is a little different.
I probably have better skin tone and less wrinkles than these people.
In a nutshell, the people in adult movie theaters are poor old men who don't seem to have anything to do with dad life.
In terms of age, there may be people younger than me, but my first impression is "old man".
The entrance fee is a little over XNUMX yen, and men who have no place to go after retirement must gather at this kind of place.
For the time being, we've come all the way here, so let's just take a look and go home.
I decided to stand next to Miya-chan and stand by the back wall.
Then, one of the men who was also standing and watching came to Miya-chan's side.
Man: “Have we met before?”
Miya-chan "..."
Man: “Isn’t that the girl who wrote on the bulletin board?”
While saying that, the man is touching Miya-chan's buttocks.
This surprised me.
Whether it's a mixed bathing hot spring or a happening bar, the couples first approach the men.
Moreover, it is impossible for him to suddenly touch a woman.
It seems to be chaotic, but there is something like a self-governing unspoken rule.
Mr. Mac: “No, this is the first time for me and this child.
While saying that, I strongly pushed the man's hand away.He doesn't seem to touch me anymore unless I brush him off.
I have to guard Miya-chan, so I restrained her in a harsh tone, but on the other hand, I want to get along with the regulars and ask them various things.
Mac: "Do you come here often?"
Man: “Maybe two or three times a month.”
Mr. Mac "We like mixed bathing hot springs, so we came here on the recommendation of a regular customer. How do you all play?"
Man: “Before, we used to do whatever we wanted inside the building and in the resting space on the second floor, but since the rebuilding has been done and it’s been cleaned up, if there’s a crowd of people, the owner of the movie theater will come and warn us. You can't play in. Look, there's a surveillance camera over there and over there, right? They're watching you.It seems that the owner's wife wants you to come and see it with peace of mind. hey"
I see.I understand somehow.
When I first entered, I thought it was all dull old men, but when I looked closely, there were some young people mixed in.
Is this man who touched Miya's butt about 40 years old?My eyes are glistening.Like a wolf hunting its prey.
Mr. Mac: “Miya-chan, you came all the way here, so why don’t you sit down for a while?”
Miya nodded.The man's hand that Mr. Mac stopped was not completely withdrawn.He is on standby in the pushed back position.I don't know when he will touch me again.Let's leave for a moment
I take Miya-chan's hand and sit in the middle seat.
Then a man came along and sat next to Miya-chan.
Looking at her hands, her fingertips barely touched Miya-chan's thighs, but they were dangerous.
Mr. Mac: "No, I really don't want this child to play with me because he's scared, so please stop him."
Saying that, he pushes the man's hand back again.The man's hand is on standby again in the pushed back position.Be vigilant.
Mr. Mac: "What are those seats with red tape in the front?"
Man: “Those are reserved seats for couples and Junme.
Mac: "What is Junme?"
Man: “Junjo” means “pure woman” in Japanese. There are also men dressed as women.
Although he can't let his hands slip, he seems to have a kind side, and he taught me properly.
Mr. Mac: "Miya-chan, then, shall we sit there?"
Miya nodded again.
I grabbed Miya-chan's hand again and moved to the reception outside the building.
I caught my eye on the way to move, but there was also a couple doing fellatio between men.oh this is a homo
There are various races among the old men.
Or rather, even though they have the face of an old man, they must all be perverts.
When I told the receptionist, an uncle who seemed to be the owner came out and showed me around.
I see, if there is a guard like this from the time you enter, even women can reach the dedicated seats with peace of mind.
There are no other people sitting in the front row of exclusive seats.
As expected, the man from earlier couldn't come this far, so I was able to take a break.
By the way, Miya-chan is a child who likes going to mixed bathing hot springs, so she knows the pleasure of being seen.
Mr. Mac: "Miya-chan, why don't you get naked here and walk for a while? You'll get a lot of attention. If anything happens, I'll protect you."
Miya-chan: "Eh? ... But I'm on my period today."
Ms. Mack: "I'm fine with just shorts, but is it embarrassing because it's menstrual shorts?"
Miya-chan: Yes
Mr. Mack: "Then, when you're done with your period, why don't you come back here and take some exposure shots?"
Miya-chan nodded quietly.She has a slightly nasty and mysterious smile.
To be continued.

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