Princess Nana and French in Naha Part XNUMX


Joe knew about the restaurant that Princess Nana requested.

Rumor has it that it is difficult to make a reservation after being featured in a documentary program as a new standard of French cuisine using Okinawan ingredients.

However, it was a request from Princess Nana whoever it was.

When I called the store with no luck, it happened to be canceled, so I was able to make a reservation so easily that I was disappointed.

However, if it's late, they can prepare a seat, so when I asked Princess Nana what time it was, I made a big circle with both hands.

hmm?I've seen this pattern somewhere before.

Certainly, after that time, I should have plunged into Mugen Hell.

And as you can imagine, I'm writing this crap now?Because it's over with Princess Nana (tears)

"If I didn't get a reservation at that time, I wouldn't have gone to hell."

I think, but at that point

"It's a fateful encounter that there are cancellations and you can make a reservation."

I was gloating.

I'm Joe with zero learning ability.

Undaunted by the ensuing tragedy, Joe immediately sends Princess Nana back to the hotel for dinner.

2, Joe's fashion

Since it was a French dinner, Princess Nana was expected to be very fashionable.

Speaking of Joe, I never thought he would go to a French restaurant, so there were almost no clothes to choose from.

As for the shirt, I put on a Kariyushi wear with a pineapple pattern (!) that was given to me by my daughter on Father's Day, and a jacket so that I wouldn't get caught in the dress code.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I can't say that I'm fashionable even if I'm flattered because I'm an old man who doesn't look good.

The shoes are John Lobb.

I feel like only my shoes are floating.

At the reserved time, I went to pick up Princess Nana from the hotel.

Princess Nana, who appeared in the lobby, appeared very fashionable as expected.

An elegant gray dress.
necklace around the neck.
Dior back.
and red hail.

Joe is not familiar with the brand names of women's shoes, but he knows that they are expensive.

In addition, red is the accent color, giving color to the chic outfit.

When he recognized Joe, he approached him waving his hand.

“Joe-san, your shoes are beautiful as always.”

Perhaps because there is nothing else to praise, Princess Nana flatters.

Actually, the last time I met him for the first time at a sushi restaurant, he complimented me on my shoes.

So Joe is prepared just in case?He bought a new John Lobb.

That's why I'm very happy to be praised for my shoes.

"Princess Nana's shoes are also very nice. They match well with the color of the dress."

“Thank you very much.

Even without that, Joe and Princess Nana are out of proportion in terms of appearance, so you don't have to try so hard.

3. As expected of Princess Nana

The problem is French.

I think Joe's lack of likes and dislikes is one of Joe's strengths, but I don't think he's ever truly enjoyed French.

I don't have confidence in my table manners, and when I go to French restaurants, I often go with beautiful women who can't help but be nervous like I did this time.

It would be nice to leave it to the sommelier, but the choice of wine is also a pain.

Joe has a tendency to show off and pretend to know.

However, in conclusion, I was able to enjoy French for the first time this time.

It's partly because the taste suits Joe's taste, but most of the wine and other choices are left to Princess Nana.

This is because Princess Nana went to Paris to study French cuisine and wine for about a year a few years ago.

There was no need to show off, so I could concentrate on tasting the food.

Even so, Princess Nana's knowledge of wine and cheese is considerable.

The words spoken by Princess Nana, who chose wine while consulting with the sommelier, were indeed in Japanese (sometimes mixed with French), but I couldn't quite understand the content.

However, Princess Nana's choice went well with the food, and I knew that there was no doubt about it, and the wine I drank while listening to Princess Nana's poop was even more delicious.

For the first time, Joe enjoyed French to his heart's content.

4, After French

It's not that I didn't have any ulterior motives, but I didn't have the image of going to bed with Princess Nana.

In Joe's case, it wouldn't work if his stomach was filled with great French food and he was comfortably drunk with great wine, so he was puzzled about when to send Princess Nana to the hotel.

It's hard to say that this restaurant is in a convenient location, and since it's a residential area and there are no shops around, I can't just go for another one.

After finishing the dessert, I asked for a taxi when the owner chef came out to say hello.

As for the destination, I told him the name of the hotel where Princess Nana was staying.

I thought that if Princess Nana would allow me, I could have another drink at the hotel bar.

However, there was an unexpected proposal from Princess Nana.

"Joe-san, you're staying at Osamu-san's apartment today, aren't you? Let Nana see it too."

That's right, Osamu-kun and his friends were supposed to stay in a room in a high-rise apartment in a new town owned by Osamu-kun because it's Miyako Island today.

More than XNUMX% of the owners are from outside the prefecture, and it is said to be the most prestigious condominium in Naha City with a panoramic view of Naha City.

I can understand the feeling of wanting to take a peek because there is not much opportunity, but Princess Nana stares at Joe with wet eyes while intertwining her fingers.

Her true intentions were hard to fathom.

However, a taxi came, so the two of us headed to the apartment.

5. The entrance to hell

The room Osamu owns is located on a high floor and has a high status among the apartments.

You can see Naha city from the living room.

I can't say it's a million dollars, but at least I can see the ocean in the distance.

After enjoying the night view for a while, the two of us sat down on the sofa by the window.
Princess Nana naturally leans against Joe and traces Joe's hand with her finger.

Unexpected?Princess Nana's face approaches Joe, who is surprised at the development.If this happens, there is only one thing to do.
Mouth to mouth.

Joe loses himself in the soft lips of Princess Nana.

At first, the kiss, which tended to be reserved, eventually became bold.

After a long, long kiss, Princess Nana opens her mouth and whispers to Joe.

"Joe-san, I have a favor to ask of you. Will you listen to me?"

Now that I think about it, this was the entrance to hell.

It was a kiss that paid a heavy price in many ways.

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