Afterimage of the 2019 New Year's gift campaign

Four months after joining Universe last year, when I got used to it, a dream-like project came down under the name of a New Year's gift campaign.

This project that the universe will listen to one wish.

Without hesitation, I ask for an offer for XNUMX people for XNUMX yen!and request.

The answer from the universe is too stingy and is NG.

However, there is also a kindness universe.

I managed to get an answer that XNUMX people would be fine, and I got excited and immediately deposited.

There was such an exciting project at the beginning of 2019.

This year? ? 

Only joint parties planned unilaterally by the mysterious universe.

All three of my friends who I introduced Universe to were silent and laughing.

Yabanai or Universe.

Yabanai or Nagoya branch.

Throwback to last summer.

At the end of summer, Mr. Shimoda, a very friendly and funny man, moved to the Osaka branch.

After that, Teratsuji-san, the character I decided to join Universe and the best female representative who brought excitement to Universe, took a long break.

I've definitely had some concerns since then.

However, in anticipation of the latest universe, I would like to introduce one new member.

I will see how you can support him, and at the same time, I will make an offer for one person and see how the new universe is doing.

Let's see how it goes for about two months.

Then, there is no feedback request contact that always arrives after dating.

In addition, he who I introduced has no contact, let alone support.

His aggressiveness is gradually disappearing, and even though he is a man now at the beginning of the year, there are no offers.

The daughter I offered also didn't have the amount of information or advice that Mr. Shimoda and Mr. Teratsuji had given me until now, and as a result of choosing among the innocuous comments, I felt that it was innocuous and didn't hit at all. A daughter appears.

Currently, it is just a thin and long one.

This time last year, I was full of excitement, and I was enjoying the mistress club, but what the hell is this?

I wonder if the staff at the Nagoya branch don't feel anything.

Obviously the numbers are going down. . .

In sales, instead of just chasing the numbers in front of us, we will build a solid medium- to long-term plan and deal with existing customers who are fans of our company even when we can't get the numbers.

And wait for the time when the stagnation period passes and it gets on the upward trajectory.

That should be the rule of thumb.

However, it can be imagined that the current Nagoya branch is in a state where they are unable to come up with new ideas due to their routine, even though they feel frustrated that they cannot get numbers.

The obvious thing is the response to customers who have points.

If you have points, in the universe, if you have some kind of trouble, such as a woman canceling.

Or those who have a lot of introductions.

Or those who are constantly involved in the universe, such as columns.

It is clear that

This time, I am planning to add points for the first time in a long time and add a new female member.

The current Nagoya branch has not heard anything from everyone, including myself, who has such points.

I think it's understandable if you think about it.

If you don't let the people who have points spit out points, it won't be profitable. No profit should be expected.

In other words, if we pursue only short-term profits and proceed without looking at customers like now, those who have points will not be able to earn profits while holding points, and they will not be fans of the universe as much as point holders. If you hang new customers with a superficial plan, troubles will occur frequently, and as a result, the evaluation of the universe itself will decline, word of mouth and referrals will decrease, which will lead to a decrease in overall and future earnings.

Don't you notice that it is exactly the same as the situation where "OT furniture" fell into?

Business is going downhill.

It's often said that you won't get tired, and if you get tired of it, it's over.

Planning for the beginning of the year is the best.

This time, I would like to show you a project that I thought I would propose if there was a similar project in 2020 as in 2019.

I would like the members to vote on whether the actual 2020 project or the project proposed by me is better.

In addition, below, this proposed plan uses the same standards as the New Year's gift plan in 2019, so that profits are generated in the universe, so profitability should not change from the New Year's plan in 2020, including personnel expenses. Note that it is

[2020 New Year's gift plan that I thought]

The New Year's gift project I came up with is a Universe lucky bag!The contents are full of dreams!There are also jackpots!


The price is 8 yen

The contents of the lucky bag are four women.

The content is limited to platinum or higher members, and the universe will randomly introduce 4 women of gold or higher.

As for the hit, two of the half are black women.

10% of applicants will win

[Example] XNUMX platinum women and XNUMX black women

Outliers are women with two gold halves

[Example] 2 gold women, 2 platinum women

Members can make up to three requests.

For example, (XNUMX) Bust D or higher (XNUMX) No offer (XNUMX) Within half a year after joining


The universe follows it, but is randomly selected.

For gold members, the price is the same, and 4 universes will be randomly introduced from among the gold women.

One out of four gold members is a platinum woman.

10% of applicants still win.

that's all.

If this is the case, the revenue will be the same as the New Year's gift plan in 2019, and for Universe, it will be possible to make offers to women who have few offers, making it easier to prevent women from leaving.

As a man, I hope to win and make a deposit.

A win-win project.

Can't you just think about it?

The reason why the 2019 New Year's gift plan was successful was because it was a plan that listened to customers.

The key to increasing customer satisfaction and increasing contracts and profits is how to incorporate customer feedback.

Because it was a project that did just that.

what does the customer want?

The Nagoya branch is moving away from there.

My membership renewal date is near, and so is the membership renewal date of a friend of mine who is a heavyweight in the business world.

At this rate, let alone an introduction, I don't want to update.

With the last hope, I would like to make an offer in the near future.

How has the Nagoya branch changed?

or as it is.

I would also like to conclude this column with a promise to report back.


This time, I wrote with anger and affection for the universe.

I think it's a good club, but I'm disappointed in the current situation that embodies how people can change so much.

I hear that my introducer feels the same way.

Now that there is no give-and-take and no win-win relationship can be built, I honestly feel that I am waiting for the revival of Mr. Shimoda and Mr. Teratsuji.

I would like you to make an offer once again, including whether or not to update it, and show me that "the new universe is not abandoned".

Thank you for reading.

Pseudonym: Ray World

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