love, customs and mistress

Despite having a bad impression of the person he met for the first time, the impression later changed for the better, and he eventually came to like him.

Just like Domyoji and Tsukushi in "Boys over Flowers", there's no real way to go about it.

Though you shouldn't lump it all together by age and class

Iroha was one of the four people who were offered right after joining, and was a round 20-year-old woman.

The face through the photo resembled my ex-girlfriend, and even if I turned the page of the list of women, it remained in my mind.

It's something I say, but my ex-girlfriend was a beautiful woman who was chosen for a pageant.

That's why I was worried that Mr. Iroha was gold, so I tried to ask staff Mr. X for details ... but as I wrote last time, it felt awkward.

In retrospect, there was a hint in the introduction, and I should have watched the video, but I didn't give it much thought at the time.Although he doesn't really think about it now.

Reserve a private room at a stylish yakiniku restaurant and meet in front of the restaurant.

The Iroha-san who appeared is certainly cute.She's cute, but the look in her eyes, as if she's wearing a branded stole, made me wonder.

And at times like this, the first impression is often correct.


As soon as she sat down and said hello, she took out an electronic cigarette.

"Can I smoke?"

"This is a non-smoking seat."

"It's okay because it's an electronic cigarette (ah)"

"No, that's not the problem."

"This smells like blueberries, so it's okay!"

Oh, I can't understand you.Is this person okay in another sense?

Even after that, I came by car, thinking that I didn't have alcohol today because I was a young woman, and offered alcohol.

Or rather, I just drink beer.drink hard.and burp.Old man?

Iroha-san was in a very good mood, regardless of my feelings of wanting to go home after five minutes.

"What should I call you? It's Nenasikako, so it's Kako-chan!"

 Starting from

"This scarf was bought for me by my dad, who I'm seeing regularly. And this wallet too."

 and indirect boastful boasts,

“This papa, I usually meet him when he comes here on a business trip.



 I couldn't help but say it.

“That papa often follows Iroha-chan.”

"Yeah! The glue is good, isn't it? I guess I'm a different type than Kako-chan."

That's right.Or rather, her strong point might be her tight smile and the fact that she doesn't notice her sarcasm.


"Oh yeah, I have a question for Kako-chan!"


"What is Kako's company? What is your title?"

 I'm sorry to be late, but I'm a so-called office worker.I have also registered as a company employee.

"Hmm, it's just Hira. No title."

"Eh, is that so? It doesn't look like that."

"Oh yeah, and you look like a real estate agent or a financier, don't you think? I'm often asked. Besides, what is that papa doing?"

 I managed to avoid it without any problems, but neither before nor after was I asked about my company name or my position.

However, I have been asked several times by other women, "Why are you registered as a company employee?"

I wasn't conscious of it at the time of registration, but the registration of 'company employee' might be effective in exposing people who have a strong interest in money.

After that, Iroha-san continued to ask questions that seemed to probe people's pockets, but they all answered arbitrarily.

Even so, Iroha's good mood may have been due to alcohol.

I wonder if it would be different if I drank it too.No, it doesn't matter.

Even men can refuse

By the way, Iroha-san came just as I was about to finish my meal.

"I want to drive Kako-chan's car!"

Said.forgive me.I think I'd rather send it at high speed while playing heavy metal, but I'm a weak self who replies, "Then I'll send it near my house."

“What, Kako-chan is rich!”

She was delighted when she saw the car, but I wonder if there is such a contrasting drive.

In a good mood, she stopped the car at a convenience store, bought two cans of 500ml beer, and drank them in the passenger seat.It's the first time in her life that she's been drinking beer in the passenger seat.

Later, Mr. X and Ms. Y from the staff

"Why weren't you angry?"

I was told that, but I think Iroha was too crazy and wasn't at the level of not getting angry.

Besides, I also felt that it would be dangerous if I stimulated him poorly.In fact, after drinking two cans of beer, Iroha began to talk about himself, and although he did not give details, he was still sick.

"I'm 8, okay?"I managed to calm Mr. Iroha who muttered drunkenly and broke up in front of her home.

In this case, 8 and 0 are equally worthless.And after that day, I became especially wary of young people.


love, customs and mistress

If it ends here, you might think, "Why does this person continue with such thoughts?", So I would like to touch on the two after the first meeting.

Both Umi-san (pseudonym) and Erika-san (pseudonym) are platinum, and judging from the trend of offers after that, in my case, it seems that platinum women are the main ones.

The reason why black is not the most

  1. There are few in the first place in local cities,
  2. I am not particular about my title (entertainer or CA),
  3. Perhaps it is because there is a tendency for schedule adjustments to be difficult.

Staff who know me"No, no, it's because you're a bu*."I feel like saying something like that, but I just like the tanuki face.

Anyway, I had been with Umi for XNUMX months and with Erika until recently.

Talking with Erika-san is going to be a little long, so I hope I have another chance, but the reason I ended up with Umi-san was extremely simple.

In short, it left traces of another man.

It doesn't matter if a woman has a boyfriend or other mistress or daddy (I don't think you'll believe me), but honestly, I'm disgusted when a man's peculiar smell hits me.

Unlike the hickey that appeals to the eye, it seems that I can't stand the one that comes to my sense of smell.

However, I feel like I was just looking for a reason to leave using that one incident as an excuse, but it was a good encounter that taught me once again that physical pleasure alone is not enough to maintain a connection with Umi-san. I think it was


It sounds like a dubious form of therapy that satisfies both mind and body, but I didn't feel anything that satisfied both in my relationship with Umi-san.

Of course, as long as money is used as a filter, the relationship we meet here is not love.

It is likely that it will develop into love, or it may develop, but at least there will be no encounters for that purpose in the club, with some exceptions.

Then, what is the difference from customs?Taking my relationship with Umi-san as an example, I think it was close to a sex industry, at least for me, regardless of her intentions.

The meal is just an opening act, and the main thing is sex as a consideration for money.

If I used such a shop and had Umi-san come with me, I might have gone there for years.That was the so-called floor skill.

It's a paradoxical expression, but sex with Mr. Umi, who was good at technique, brought physical pleasure, but also brought mental discomfort.

More to the point, I didn't get the feeling that it wasn't this.

 If I write like this, people might think, "Are you also a romantic person after all?", but that's not true.

It's certainly not just the body.I want to connect with my heart.However, it is not equal to love.It is, so to speak, a social contract.

Needless to say, my current relationship with a woman, or my relationship with a woman in the past (especially Erika-san), is not love, and I have avoided cases that are likely to become love.

I can't put it into words well, but at least women who see money, their time, and their bodies in a trade-off relationship won't last long.

Women who think that way sell their time and have sex because it's not going to go away, but they're actually eroding their own dignity.

It may sound like a contradiction, but I think men instinctively seek women who are comfortable and who do not sell themselves short and do not lose their dignity.

The same can be said for women as well as for men.If I write more than this, it will be complicated, so I will stop here.Even so, such encounters are difficult.


*The name of the woman in the article is a complete "pseudonym" given by is not a female club name. "pseudonym"So even if you search on the site, the corresponding woman will not come out.

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