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Can you say your true feelings?

I think most of the men who have become dads have led a rich life, built up a certain amount of assets, and have been recognized by those around them.

This does not mean that I am self-praising myself, but realistically, I think that otherwise I cannot be in the position of a basic dad.

The reason is that it costs a lot of money, and if you don't have a lot of free time, you can't match it with women.

It's based on my experience, but basically I'll match it to the female side.

I think everyone recognizes this as the minimum condition for contracting with a woman who works as a dad.

However, when the amount of time spent together with a woman increases after signing a contract, various things happen.

Among them, there are probably many quarrels and differences in thinking.

This is an unexpected opening, and it develops into a different big problem, and there are many men who have the experience of "getting out of control" and "losing the woman they love."

I've messed up quite a bit in the past too.

However, this is where it gets really difficult.

In my case, there is nothing wrong with my recognition. (This is still the same.)

So I still don't understand why I'm arguing with the other woman.

Before that, I wanted to have a debate rather than an argument.

This is my true intention at that time, and when it comes to a similar situation, there is a part of me that always thinks, "I want to clash with each other."

However, when I talk to young women, it doesn't flow like that.

When I give examples of my past, the other person stops talking.

Or rather, at that time, I would say goodbye with a smile, but later on the line, I would be typed in a long sentence about what I wanted to say at that time, and it would end with a one-sided message saying, "It's difficult because we have different values." .

And after that, even if you reply from here, ignore or block.

This pattern is really many, and I think there are a lot of men who have experienced this. (Perhaps there are young people.)

This may be a selfish assumption on my part, but today's young people don't often say what they think on the spot compared to the past.

And later, a message with surprising content is sent on line etc. "Did you think that?" (Sometimes it's scary to read the lines)

It may be that we live in a world where it is difficult to have face-to-face discussions in real life.

Besides, it's troublesome to talk about the tension on the spot, so it's okay to say, "I can tell you by email later." .

To tell you the truth, I think that "on-the-spot conversations are more important" than emails.

First of all, because we can look each other in the eye when we talk, I think we can deepen our understanding of each other. (This is just my point of view.)

Of course, some women are the type who can't express themselves well.

We are also adults, so we have to have ears to listen carefully, and we have to be careful about the listening attitude we show to the other person on the spot.

I'm going to be careful around here.

When I told my drinking friends about my current situation, they were very sympathetic.

However, if you think of dad life as a business, the real intention may be unnecessary.

In my own way, I changed my point of view a little.

For example, let's say you've been together for a long time in an environment where you breathe the same air as the same woman.

If this is private, it's normal to start talking about what you shouldn't talk about.

But what if the other party is only in a business relationship?If it were me, there is a high possibility that I would act to please the other party by only saying good things without speaking my true feelings. (How about you?)

The reason is that I want to be well thought of by the other party, and it would be nice if that would lead to a good business relationship.

Because that's how I feel.

So, have I lived my life that way until now?That's not the case if you ask me.

There's a good reason for that too.

Even in business, if you don't talk about your true feelings and maintain a relationship, you won't be a good business partner in the long run.

It may be too late after a problem arises, such as being betrayed or straying from each other to a completely different path, but there is a possibility that a scene that can't be undone will occur after the matter has grown.

“A relationship in which each other does not speak their true feelings” also means “lack of internal communication”.

I think you can imagine that this is a very painful thing in the business world. (All men who are dads should understand)

I try to be honest with women even if they hate me.

After all, do you think women respect adults who can't say "this is wrong" to a woman who says the wrong thing or tries to do the wrong thing?I don't think so.

In the first place, we are dad's standing position.

There is an exchange of money between a woman who works as a dad.

That said, even in that relationship, I believe that mutual respect always exists.

Even if it doesn't exist at all, I want to believe it does.

There are various reasons for the allowances given from here depending on the woman.

That's why there should be cases where you give more than the allowance you have contracted every month.

They must have asked for a reason, and I think that I also think that the content is true, and I give it to them.

If you have any doubts, I think the male side will also refuse by saying, "Spitting is the beginning of a thief." (Or the contract may be canceled due to distrust.)

No matter how much I am connected with a woman who works as a daddy in a financial relationship, I would like to cherish her true feelings and true feelings.

Even if it ruins the relationship with the woman.

In that case, switch to another woman.

Perhaps, men must always have that level of determination.

I forgive her because she's a pretty girl.

This is probably the worst pattern. (I tend to feel that way, too.)

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