Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

WTW is an over XNUMX-year-old father who is an office worker president overseas.

Why did I join the club and what kind of encounters did I have when I was stationed overseas?

I would like to write while sharing my memories.

This time, I will talk about my first and longest Daddy-katsu with a Japanese woman.

All A

I met Hitomi when I came back from Bangkok and was back in business at a Japanese company. 

Come to think of it, I was sipping cold coffee while reading gossip weekly magazines at a coffee shop, thinking that there used to be a mistress bank.

Toshiba smartphone!When I looked it up, there were many things.Even at that time.

Among them, there was a cheap club on each level, so I went to ridicule it.

I think the admission fee was XNUMX yen and the referral fee was XNUMX yen.

It's the same pattern as the universe, where you get an offer from the internet or an album, and then you're free to do the rest.

I offered it to several people, but I couldn't set it up at all.

After that, I went to that store to kill time.

"I can't meet you, I can't set you up"

What a store clerk booed

"There's a secret woman by chance right now, so how about that?"

Face-to-face at the shop.

Her name is Hitomi, and she is XNUMX years old and XNUMX cm tall.

thin and long hair.

beautiful face.

I felt like I was the mother of a bar somewhere. 

I guess the store there was for basic transportation expenses.

All basic A.

Earn pocket money.

After talking at the café for an hour, I handed over XNUMX yen + α and said goodbye, but this beautiful woman of the Moriizumi style.

What caught my attention was that when she smiled, she was very cute.

Is it okay to get this much?He said.

Maybe sincere.


It became a relationship to eat occasionally.

I was told that the only male customers at that store were Kimoota, but it seems that WTW was still acceptable.

I was a little thinner than I am now.

she was a married woman.

I heard a lot of bad things about my husband.

But the good thing is that I went to a delicious restaurant in my hometown together, which I had forgotten due to the transfer after transfer.

We went to delicious Italian, French, creative cuisine, and hidden bistros in the countryside.

WTW's repertoire has increased considerably, and those shops are still in the drawer of shop choices for WTW dates.

real eyes

Her car is a BMW X5. 

It changed to MB MLXNUMX on the way.


My husband seems to be self-employed, and sometimes he doesn't put the money he needs into the house every month.

When I was listening to the story, I thought that I would not get divorced because my married life is different.

I understand well that the business is painful, but he is a showy husband.

But Hitomi is a housewife.

Her family is rich and Hitomi has never worked, she can't rely on her family anymore, and she doesn't have the qualifications or experience to earn her own money.

My showy husband doesn't even allow me to go out to the part.

For women, divorce can be difficult because of money worries.

From the husband's point of view, it must be a pleasure to be told that he is a beautiful wife by those around him.

I guessed that they were such a couple.

Hitomi had a part of her shopping addiction, perhaps because of that kind of stress, or maybe because she was originally from a wealthy family.

How many pairs of Louboutin shoes did you buy her and how many LV?I don't remember.

I don't have money, but I can't control my greed, and I don't have cash, so I pay by card.

Before the payment deadline of the card, change to split and get the amount for that month from WTW.

Hitomi always said that she wasn't feeling well.

Before I got to know WTW, I had a flashy accident with a magic crank on a high speed to play at a club, broke my shoulder and waist in an accident enough to scrap my MB G class, and always complained of poor physical condition and fatigue. Hitomi buys Louboutin stiletto heels, even though she only wears flat shoes while traveling because her hip joint hurts.

But when she wears Louboutins and walks down the street, she has an aura that makes everyone look back.

Basically a very good woman, but a dangerous beauty.

I advised Hitomi to build muscle by walking in the pool, and then to build armor with muscle training.

Once I started going to the gym, I started to feel better.

It seems that physical strength and muscles are required to wear XNUMXcm pins.

I knew she wasn't XNUMX.

I didn't know exactly at the time, but later I found out that I was reading XNUMX-year-old mackerel.

She was so beautiful that I didn't realize it.

What if I enter the beautiful witch contest?I always said that, but they said it was impossible because they had different ways of spending money.

Certainly, even in the universe, there are people who are 45 years old and look like aunts, and there are people who say yes.

The money and effort you put in will make a difference.

Women are tough.

Play tag

For about three years, we continued to go on dinner dates, but one day, Hitomi invited me.

She was slender like a model, had her hair trimmed, had no fat, but no muscles.

I have had breast surgery.

WTW took care of her, who had a painful hip joint, and had sex with her in a way that didn't put a strain on her waist and hip joints.

Cute nipples with color at age.

But it's beautiful over there.

Is she not interested anymore?

Regardless of the fact that I was going to die, I was afraid that my physical condition would get worse later on because my neck would be strained if I died, so I felt like I was enjoying the connection a little.

This is not just a situation for women, but for men as well.

WTW never died in her.

I never let her go.

Dangerous Double Tag

Upon closer inspection, Hitomi's house is not far from WTW's.

The living area is also wearing a lot.

Hitomi's child and WTW are from the same high school.

Actually, it was a neighborhood activity.

I once passed the car your wife was driving.

My wife helped me with my poor eyesight.

Hitomi came to visit me once after I was assigned to this place.

I stayed in WTW room for 2 nights.

BIGBANG's live performance that Hitomi was chasing was here, so I invited her.

They were impressed by the arena standing, which is unthinkable in Japan.

But I didn't have sex at that time.

Somehow I couldn't hold it.

I didn't want to hold you.

When I returned to Japan, the number of times we met decreased.

It's not like I didn't like it either.

I was chasing you, but I caught up in the middle, and when I was chased before I knew it, I would run away.

WTW, you asshole.

But, you know, her smile is the same face she had when she was in college.

I once told your eyes that I like your smile.

When I smile, I become Mako Ishino.

Yeah, I wanted to meet you while writing the column.

It's dangerous, but I think I'll contact you for a moment.

Let's go on a date when I get home next time.

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