Dating club started

I feel like I'm reaching a milestone every 10 years.At the age of 15, she decided the direction of her life by entering the attached high school, and at the age of 25, she gave up her studies due to her family circumstances and found a job.

And when I was almost 35 years old, I learned about the existence of the dating club.

I would like to turn aside the natural question of whether marriage and the birth of a child are milestones, and try to write about my activities at the Universe Club, which have given me some new pleasures.


Join Universe Club

It's been a little over half a year since I joined (at the time of writing), but in the first place, I was just wondering if I should listen to the story.

Because at that time, I had just broken up with a woman I was dating in private, and I had too much free time.

No, to be honest, I was lonely.And it was painful to lose someone who would eat yakiniku and steak with me instead of my wife who hates meat.

There, I thought about looking for new encounters and fun, but most of the things that seemed fun were not likely to be experienced unless I went to Tokyo, which was a bit of a hassle for me, who lives in a local city (hereinafter referred to as City A).

Above all, I was afraid of my wife who came home late at night the next day.

Meanwhile, when I learned about the existence of Universe Club, which has a branch in A City, I became curious.I can't help but worry.

A world unknown to me who didn't even know the word "papa katsu",

What are admission fees and setting fees? 
what will be done 
What is the difference between customs and customs? 
Is it legal at all? 

Even though I was suspicious, only my interest was walking alone and when I noticed, I was in contact with the A branch.

When I went to the designated hotel lounge (a type of lounge attached to a station, which is common in local cities), a male staff member in a suit who was fresh but didn't match the atmosphere of the place, Mr. X, was waiting for me.

After being asked how he came to know about the Universe Club and what made him consider joining, he then gave a general explanation... but I don't know.

The more you ask, the more questions you have.As if he sensed my state, he kindly asked, "Would you like to see what kind of women are registered?"

I can't start without seeing it.

But you need a temporary registration to see it.Although it is a temporary registration, you will be asked to fill in your license number and select your membership class.But if you come this far, you'll do it, right?Are there any options that you would rather not do?

Actually, this is not said, but I think that if you are an ordinary man who wants to see a woman, no, you have seen it, and you want to meet a woman at the end, you will register.Prior to the interview, I found myself handing over the cash I had withdrawn from the ATM together with the envelope (I'm sorry, it seems that hand-delivery is currently not possible).Or rather, you're ready to join, aren't you?


Enrollment ~ first offer

When I was shown the registered women, I was dazzled by the large number of women.To me, who can only see the faces of a certain idol group as symbols, all but the first few appear to be the same.

In the end, I decided to follow Mr. X's recommendation and offer it to four people.

I actively offered only one person, but my memories with this woman became a powerful one that could be called a baptism.

It's a good lesson not to choose someone just because you look like your ex-girlfriend in school, but that's for next time.

Mr. X chose a female college student in the black class as the first person to commemorate.

According to him, despite being a talented girl who attends a prestigious university, she is polite and has a great she real

Why is such a girl in such a dubious club?She thought so in her heart.Regardless of my inner thoughts, there is something I need to confirm for the time being.

What should I do with my allowance?


I understand the transportation costs.

I'll give it to you when you eat.

I'm also curious about restaurants that are suitable for meals, but above all, it's after meals.

how much do you give? 

Where should the hotel be in the first place? 

City hotel? 

Is it okay to stay at a love hotel? 

Ah, I don't know.Or rather, I'm stupid for thinking that I can already invite you.

Keep calm and ask Mr. X.

"How much should I give you for something like this?"

"No, it depends on the person. Or rather, I can't say."

"Huh? Then what about market prices..."

"That's also an arrangement with the woman I met."

I can't reproduce it exactly, but I think we had a conversation like this.After that, when I put up a candidate at a restaurant, I answered appropriately, "Oh, isn't it good?"

Recently, Mr. X has finally started to talk to me about various things, but when I recall those days,

“Aren’t you going to wait and see first?”

Answer quietly.I don't like that kind of place.I don't hate it, but I wish I could have taught you a little more.

Whether it was because of that or thanks to that, I decided to ask Ai (pseudonym), the first person I met, to teach me everything.

Of course, I give it to Ai-san and the women I meet after that, but I don't think I've ever been disappointed or angry so far.


Meeting with Ai-san

In the end, I met Ai-san at a station in City A and had dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant within walking distance.The phone rings exactly 5 minutes before the appointment time.It's Ai.

Ai, who was at the meeting place, wore a white coat and wore an atmosphere that didn't feel uncomfortable even if she was called a female announcer.

To be honest, I doubted Sakura because she was too cute.

Of course, there was no such reason, and it was more than enough time to open up to the tension that started the meal.

When the dessert is over, I hand over the transportation fee and ask, "What should I do after this?"

I am very curious about what other male members talk about during meals and how to invite them, but in my case, I only chat during meals and ask myself "What should I do?" just ask.

It's embarrassing anyway.

"I'll leave it to you"

Although I feel relieved for the time being, I don't know which hotel to go to next time.

The woman I dated before joining was in a love hotel or a separate house, but I couldn't bring a woman I met for the first time into a separate house, and even so, it wouldn't be rude at a love hotel. That was the part that bothered me too.

Undecided on the answer, leave the store and walk together.I think I have to decide before I get to the station, but I can't come to a conclusion.

On the other hand, it is unrefined to ask, "Where is the best hotel?" I didn't think I would have the troubles of a virgin in my mid-thirties.

I pretended to be calm and arrived at the station while I was talking to Ai-san.

Without knowing the correct answer, I entered the hotel attached to the station as if it were a matter of course and checked in.She is smiling and looking at the sign for the dinner show from a distance.

Apparently you're right.

When you enter the room and sit down on a chair, you are faced with a new problem.

What should I do with my allowance?She was later surprised by a staff member, who didn't say anything about the allowance until he entered the room.

Speaking of conversations during meals, she only talks about college and her favorite novels and anime.

I'm afraid to ask.

"How much would you like?"

And this question creates confusion.

"Hmm, I feel fine."

When I asked my girlfriend who I dated when I was single, "What do you want to eat?"

As expected, at this age, I can at least understand that pork cutlet is an incorrect answer, but this allowance problem is quite serious.

If you get the answer wrong, the woman in front of you will disappear.

"I'm sorry, it's my first time so I really don't know. How many other people are there?"

Luckily, even though she was reluctant, Ai-san told me about it, but when I put it into words again, I think this question itself is the worst.

And, I'm sorry to drag the story here, but it seems that I myself didn't function that day.

By the way, Ai-san and I are still on good terms.


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