Romance Vaccine Episode XNUMX One day hot spring date

Due to the influence of Typhoon No. XNUMX, the company was closed today.
(Postscript: We extend our sympathies to those affected by the typhoon. We pray for the earliest possible recovery.)

I had a day off.

In the last column, I received an encouraging comment from Mr. U, saying, "Please continue the column."

I have a daughter who will come if I call her, even on a typhoon day like this.

It's Saki-chan.

I wrote about her episode here and there in fragments, but come to think of it, I haven't put it together as a column article yet.

I received a request from Mr. U saying, "I'd like a story about traveling with a girl," so let's write about a recent trip with Saki.

It is a one year anniversary trip.

The first anniversary is one year since she lost her virginity.

Saki-chan was introduced by Wynn-san.

The app said, "We are looking for people who would like to receive the first one," so Mr. Wynn persuaded him, "I would like to introduce a friend of mine," and set it up.

Saki-chan is an office lady in her late twenties.

"It's okay if you just give it to me. I don't need money. In exchange, I want to choose my partner myself, so I'm planning to meet with other people. May I wait for your reply?"

Humble and sincere.

Although she is plain, she looks beautiful in Mac's eyes.

I realized that if I wrote this far, no, if I continued to write like this, it would become another full-length novel.

I can't quite reach the story until the hot spring trip.

It's my bad habit.

Let's cut it off.

Three months later, Saki was invited to a Christmas party.

XNUMX or XNUMX girls gathered at Mr. Mack's call, looking around the bed with great interest.

Mr. Wynn, who has not reached an adult relationship yet, is also hugging his favorite child on a dinner date and looking at me in a good mood.

Mac is having sex with Saki on the bed.

Saki-chan is going to cum too many times, so let's count how many times we go, and the talk was exciting and we planned it.

Mac shakes his hips and repeats the piston movement, and within 10 or 15 seconds, Saki tilts her hips back and lets out a voice, "Ah, ah!"

And so as to collapse, go.

Wynn-san saw it and counted the number of times.

I counted up to 69 times that day.

It's a party, and I want to dress up as Santa and go out and play around town, so I put it off for the time being, but the girls look at Saki with envy.

"That's amazing, Saki-chan. How does it feel?"

"At that moment, my head went blank and I felt like I was really flying."

"Good, I want to go like that too."

Remember, this was the first stage.

After that, I met with Saki-chan once a week, sometimes twice a week, or even three times a week.

I live alone, so I stay overnight every time.Have sex at night and in the morning.

I usually get bored after meeting this much, but the change in Saki's reaction is so interesting that I can't stop.

Just by touching my ears, I said "Uh" and started to come.

How far will it evolve?

In the second stage, while the penis is inserted and the piston is being pushed, it is in a state of continuation.

I can no longer count how many times.

I can count the number of times it comes back.

After finishing, intermittent convulsions continue for about 10 minutes.

A few more months later.Mr. Mac was obsessed with toys for the first time in a long time.

Using a toy called a Womanizer, which stimulates the clitoris by sucking and stimulating, Saki-chan was tied up with a collar and handcuffs, and Saki-chan suddenly entered the third stage.

I said, "I can't do it anymore, ah," and after that I leaned back as usual and said, but the situation was a little different.

Eyes open, but as if out of focus.

Even when I call, there is no response at all.Are you okay?

After a while, with a gentle smile as if he had risen above a cloud, he started speaking incomprehensible words like "Papipupepopoyo, pipepopepapapa."

It's like communicating with the universe.

I didn't remember it at all when I asked about it later.

It seems that all senses, such as hearing and sight, are concentrated in the back of the head.

It's been a long time, but it's "← here and now".

At Mr. U's request, I'd like to write about a one-day hot spring trip with Saki-chan, but I can't quite start.

However, if I don't write about the process leading up to this point, I can't convey the emotions of the one-year anniversary.

“Saki-chan, has it only been a year since you met me?”

“It’s been a year since we met, or rather, since I received my first gift (laughs).”

"It's been a really turbulent year for's deeply moving, so how about we go on a day trip to the hot springs together to commemorate it?"

"Really? I'm so happy!"

So, I got on the Shinkansen, then another local train, and came to a rustic hot spring resort.

It's a weekday lunchtime, so customers are sparse.

The station is an unmanned station, and I was worried about it being my first inn, but it is surprisingly new and neat.

I heard that it had just been rebuilt because it was completely destroyed by a disaster a few years ago.

I rented a room with an open-air bath for day use.

Enter the room and change into a yukata.

When you change clothes, you both get naked, so you just want to touch each other and fall on the bed.

Or rather, Saki-chan wants to do it, so she clings to it, but I have plenty of time today.

Teasing is also part of sex.

After embracing and kissing each other, we quietly change into yukata, hold hands, and head to the large public bath located far away.

It's nice to look like a newlywed.

Saki has never had a boyfriend in the past.

So this kind of trip is also the first time with me.

I have experienced many firsts.

There was no one in the public bath.

The women's bath is right next door, so if you call, you may hear it, but there may be other customers over there, so I'll put up with it.

Lunch was ready when I got out of the bath.

Affordable mini kaiseki.

View of mountain stream is good from window.

Beyond that, the green of the mountains is beautiful.

After that, I had sex firmly in the room until the evening and plowed Saki further, then called a taxi and sent me to the Shinkansen station.

Go leisurely on the conventional train, and return quickly by taxi.

The tip for traveling around here is the beginning of the year.

In the taxi, Saki leaned her head on Mr. Mac and looked happy.

Of course, Mac is also nice.

Come to think of it, I've never had a decent date like this with Saki-chan.

I've opened my virginity and it seems to have good sensitivity, so I've been obsessed with developing it for the past year.

I played a lot.

Write obscene things on the body with water-based magic and take pictures, continue to caress the clitoris while restrained,

"If you don't tell me to give you a vaginal cum shot, I won't insert you."


"I'm begging you, it will be a disposable masturbator for vaginal cum shot, so please insert it."

I even made him say.

Since then, only Saki-chan has been live every time.

Go out on dangerous days.

The other girls always wear elastics, but Saki-chan is a special case.

It's not that I like raw, it's part of playing for further development.

In the taxi on the way back from the hot spring trip, Saki snuggled up to me, closed her eyes happily, and suddenly muttered.

"We crossed the line..."

one line...

Even if she was raped as a virgin, even if she was developed that much, even if she was vaginal cum shot, did that mean she wasn't on the "first line"?

Was "first line" a one-day hot spring trip?

Eh, is this an important event? ?

Rather than extreme sex, it seems that a relaxing, mediocre day trip to the hot springs has more meaning for Saki-chan.

i didn't notice...

Saki-chan, you're so modest that I won't tell you to stop playing with other girls.

However, like before, when I was asked to join in with other girls, I stopped participating even if I invited them.

I thought I was shy, but in reality, it might be because I feel lonely.

My office is closed today due to the typhoon.What about Saki's company?

If it's a day off, he'll definitely come if you call him.

With a happy smile.

I've finished writing the manuscript for the column, so let's start the line.

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