Mom life column

Thank you very much for your help.

I'm Itsuki from Universe Club.

The end of the year is just around the corner, but how are you all doing?

There was a lot of news this year as well.

Among them

“Fukuoka high school boys, guidance for mama activities”

The impact must have been quite strong for the male and female members who are registered with the dating club.

I wonder what "mom life" is...

I'm pretty curious.

So this time, Itsuki put his body up and went undercover.

It looks like it's going to be a long story, but I'd appreciate it if you could join me.

*This article is non-fiction*

(XNUMX) Conducting an undercover investigation

When conducting an undercover investigation, I tried to decide the rules in Itsuki's own way.

・We do not receive allowances or transportation expenses from women
   (Because I don't really do mama life)
・Do not spend money to meet people (paid apps, etc.)
・ Go with dating type A

The reason why the rule was decided is to consider the "risk of anonymous men and women meeting" because it is not an encounter via "dating club" including universe club, and to investigate while securing personal danger.

② How to find “Mama”

So, how exactly should we look for “mama”?

Considering anonymity, I decided to attack from "Twitter".

I'm 23 years old, but I don't like SNS.

I got up and installed Twitter and created an account.

Code name is

My name is Junichi Hasebe.

For the icon image, I used a processing app that young children love and pretended to be handsome.
*Account has already been deleted.

If you search for "mama life" immediately...

It was a hit that surprised me.

There are a lot of obviously suspicious things, mom activity intermediaries, personal accounts, etc.

The majority of women are between the ages of 26-40.

I felt that there were many young women besides.

When I checked with a friend who likes to "play" with younger boys, it seems that "Anekatsu" is also popular in the streets.

I sent a DM (direct message) targeting personal accounts.

③ Activity start

The message to send looks like this.

"nice to meet you!
A 23-year-old man living in Tokyo, a new member of society!
I'm interested in being a mom, but I don't have any experience.
Since it was in the profile as "recruiting mom activities"
Thank you for contacting us!
Could you tell me something about it? (>_<)

It's a pretty vivid sentence for me...

For the time being, I copied and pasted it to about 20 women.

④ Start the actual exchange

After a day or two, I got a reply back.
To be honest, it's all about content,

Female A in her 30s
"Nice to meet you, Junichi-kun?
Thank you for contacting us!
I'm a 32-year-old lady, but is it okay? ? ”

Late 40s Female B
"If it's okay with me (*^^*)
Junichi-kun, what kind of work are you doing? ”

I caught it, so I will approach Mr. A and Mr. B.

…In conclusion, Mr. A was a bank transfer fraud, and Mr. B was “a woman who wants to live as a mom”.

⑤ In the case of Mr. A

A: What are you working on (*^^*)?

XNUMX "I work as a recruiting agency! (It's not a lie)"

A ``You're young, but you're great, aren't you~?''

We kept in touch for about two days.

and finally

A "When are we going to date? (*^^*)"

I got the word I wanted.

Five: Please do so (*^^*)
      I just want to be a mom, so I want to set the conditions..."

I was doing what I thought was disgusting for such a female member...
I think I understand how women feel.

A ``Conditions?

XNUMX. Thank you very much
      What do you do on a date! ? ”

A ``Cute isn't it~? (liar)
     Let's see, we'll have a drink together in the morning, and if we can go, would you like to go to the hotel?"

...! ! ! ! ! ? ? ? ?

Five: “Ho, is this a hotel…!?”

A ``Yeah? When you reach 30, your libido gets stronger (*^^*) (laughs)
      But since you're an old lady, if Jun'ichi is okay??"

Fifth: “Come on…(。>?<。)
       By the way, how do you feel about your allowance…??”

A ``Yeah.
1 hour meal 10,000 yen, hotel 5 hours 50,000 yen, 10 hours 100,000 yen? ”

...! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Five: Eh, can you have that?!
      Mr. A is not working, is he? ? "

A ``Yeah (*^^*) But I earn 300 million a month through dad activities (*^^*)
      That's why you want to flirt with a young man~?"

At this point I feel like I am being scammed.
Itsuki is also a staff member of the dating club.
"300 million a month with dad life" You can see what this is.

Where does this scam end up?

A: But, lately there have been a lot of late cancellations on dates,
     I have already received 10,000 yen as a credit from the boy."

Five "..."

A: "You don't get it, just keep it?
      I'll return it on the same day, so it's okay (*^^*)
      Please deposit money into this account.”

It looks like wire transfer fraud.

Five: “But I’m a new graduate, and my salary is low…”

A: “Is it okay if I just keep it for you?
     I'll give you 10 yen if you go on a date with Jun'ichi, right?"

After that, there was something else, so I transferred it in, wondering if it would be a story.

After the payment was completed, I was unable to contact Mr. A at all.

In addition, there are 100% black cases of trying to take money under the pretext of "advance credit, setting fee" by calling yourself a "mother's intermediary".

This can also be said for women who are doing dad activities on anonymous SNS.

⑥ In the case of Mr. B

Mr. B, who was interacting in parallel,
The story continues in a similar way to Mr. A.

"Then why don't we meet once?"

I got a call from you.

Five: Thank you (^^♪
  But at first, I would be happy if you could teach me various things while drinking coffee♪"

B: "Okay♪ I'm looking forward to it."

So I actually met you.

A brief summary of what we heard

・Mr. B works as a company employee during the day and earns extra income from blogs, etc.
・ I wanted healing and started mama activity
・Many of the male counterparts are students aged 20 to 23. (It seems that Itsuki was the first member of society.)

... apparently ...

Unlike Ms. A, she seems to use the money she earns for her mama activities.

the main date

・Lunch date

So it seems that the main thing is to give presents and buy clothes, not how much is time.

Fifth: “By the way… are you going to do something like H…?”

The answer was NO.

"I don't have sex for the purpose of enjoying a date"

like a stance.

B: “Occasionally, I’ll kiss you, though (laughs).”


By the way, Mr. B seems to give the man he dated about 5000 yen as pocket money.
I felt that the amount was suppressed because there was no relationship between men and women.

Ms. B is sharp and a career woman.

She's pretty, but she doesn't seem to have many chances to meet men.

I thought that I wanted to diverge somewhere as much as I was working hard at work.

Five: Thank you for listening to my story (*^^)
  It seems difficult for me to meet Mr. B's schedule because of my work..."

I was treated to a drink like a Starbucks parfait, but of course I didn't receive any pocket money.


On my way home, I felt a little sorry.

"I'm sure you were looking forward to it, but it was an undercover investigation..."

I reconfirmed that I can say that I want the opposite sex to have something that I lack not only in my body, but also in my feelings.

That's why some people use it to commit fraud like Mr. A.

This time, although it deviated from the original purpose, it was an opportunity to reconfirm whether Itsuki was able to fulfill his role as a concierge.

The above is the contents of this time's mama activity infiltration survey.

If there is a dating club specializing in mama activities, I would like to infiltrate again.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jun Itsuki

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