Fuu's Papa Katsu*GOLD's Real Episode 2 Joining the Club-First Offer


Nice to meet you, Fuu.

Fuu looks like a normal middle-aged man.
I've never been popular, and I've lived as a love weakling.

It's been about a year since I joined.

I am a club addict.

I look at the profile on the Universe Club site almost every day.

A year ago, I never imagined I would have such fun days.

In the case of Fuu, the main battlefield is the GOLD class C type.

Join Universe Club

I did a lot of research to find out if Fuu, an ordinary uncle, could manage with a young girl.

I've arrived.

I found out about dad life.

At that time, the daughter of a former dream ad (idol) was doing a daddy activity in a Twitter drama, a terrestrial drama about daddy life, a special feature in a magazine SPA, and a little information about daddy life was just starting to come out.

I searched various dad life on the internet.

I also considered a dad activity app, but I have a bad feeling about dating, and Fuu is weak in singing, so I can't stand the app system.

I found several dating clubs on the Internet, but when I looked at the blogs of my seniors in particular,Most of the successful people started from Universe.

In addition, the number of registered people, price,I decided on Universe Club for the balance of correspondence.

Was the famous beauty Anna registered in the past?

The news of Don Juan in Wakayama was also a decisive factor.

I was told by the club that I would have an interview, but I was surrounded by scary men and I wouldn't be able to go home until I put $ in. What should I do if I get kidnapped?

I was a little nervous when I went to the interview venue.

I was shown

What type of forbidden things do you like?

Mr. O's question

A large number of registered girls from the tablet

picture!How many are there?

Are there really that many girls registered?

Isn't it Sakura?

Models, idols, cute college girls, ordinary people, chubby people, etc.

"I like gentle and young people."

"I'm a little loli"

"I'm busy with work, so I'd like a room on that day."

So your type is C or D?

How about this person or this person?

I can make an offer as soon as I become a member today, but it's true.

Not Sakura.

Join immediately, go home, profile

After looking and pondering, I decided to make an offer.

This "female member list" is addictive.

An image of a treasure hunt.

Photos, videos, comments

I forget the time just by looking at it.

Dozens of new daughters are uploaded in one day.

The good thing about the universe is that there are no panes in the photos and it's normal

Where the video has not been processed

I was taking videos in the snow in Osaka, so I sent an email asking them to stop.

The good thing about Universe Club is that it's a sincere work without processing, right?Therefore

Since it is an amateur shoot, I often feel that it is cute and beautiful when I meet you, and I do not feel deceived.

I heard briefly that a girl had her photo processed at an event the other day.

Oppose processing!Against Panemaji! !

Obviously, if it becomes unnatural, I will send a request email again.

Since I will just do it after joining, I will do a thorough investigation along with my work and prepare as much as possible

Reading blogs of seniors

simulation, rope play

I was delusional (laughs).

I offered to dozens of people in a year and the room rate is about 1%

Securing several good-natured daughters who can continue

In Fuu's experience, daughters who are slow to respond to offers usually end up hurting when they meet.

A girl who replies quickly is almost a good girl.

"Please allow up to XNUMX days for a reply."

“That day is useless, but how about on the __th?”

Or a daughter who can return it properly immediately is a good girl and has a high possibility of having a good time.

Are you almost a continuous girl?

First offer

The first offer is an offer to another college student who canceled the day before the student who was just listed

No communication

Offer to a man who just moved to Tokyo and became an office worker

Cancellation on the day

keep canceling

"I may have been deceived."

I thought then.

Thinking about it now, I was naive when it came to looking at Fuu's profile.

Students have a high cancellation rate.

It's a light feeling papa life.

It seems that the offer goes smoothly for my daughter, who has been working in society for several years.

The scary girl who fell on a landmine announced in episode 1 was probably a professional.

All right to the room.

It's a little loli type.

However, prepayment request + $ request for each play type

"If you want to do that, please add $"

I was horrified and sent home.

I have many daughters.

It's interesting to include this.

Next time, the first good experience and a request to the girls who are active as dads

looking forward to

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