Until Mr. A's Enrollment - Dissatisfaction with Family Life -

1. Current life

Mr. A is generally satisfied with his current life.

We have enough food, clothing and shelter, and we have cute children.The position in the private company is high, and the company moves like hands and feet at Mr. A's whim.

Annual leave is actually 160 days.Your bank account balance is now just a series of numbers.There is no use for it.

Before turning 40, Mr. A noticed that he had rapidly lost his desire for material things.
Even though I was a mass of material desires, I have almost nothing of my own other than clothes at home now.
I sold most of my cars and watches, leaving only the bare essentials.

Until now, I may have been able to fill something in my unfulfilled heart by acquiring things.It is no longer necessary.

Mr. A's treasures are memories of the past, such as photographs and writings.
Everything is stored on one laptop and backed up in the cloud.

Even if everything burns down to ashes in a fire or something, as long as this is all that's left, there's no problem at all.

Mr. A has almost no stress for the time being.However, there was one point I was not satisfied with.

Thankfully, it was my wife.

2. Frustration at home

In the company, many subordinates move with one chin.
In order to get Mr. A's decision-making, there are dozens of exchanges a day.

On the other hand, what about at home?return early.

"welcome back"There is no.

I can't even see you.

"Why are you coming home at the busiest hour?"is the first word.

While complaining, the wife quickly heats Mr. A's dinner and serves it silently.

"That's delicious"


No reply.

After that, Mr. A paid close attention and put the child in the bath at the right timing for his wife.

My wife continues to work less frequently than before marriage.
At the same time, I am working hard to raise my children.

However, she works too hard and spends a lot of time adjusting her time for childcare.
Carrying too much.If you talk to them at that hour, they will explode.

Before having a child, Mr. A made a promise to his wife. "Even if you have a child, don't change how you treat me."

The promise was quickly broken.Rather, it seems that the promise itself did not exist.

3. Night life with wife

He no longer has an adult relationship with his wife.

A wife is an animal.

After giving birth or during the child-rearing period, women's sexual desire declines, and they go from love mode to child-rearing mode.

This is a trick that can be done by hormones, but it is hidden on the surface, and even between husband and wife, isn't it something that is performed to some extent?
This is because humans are social and do not act solely on instinct.

However, Mr. A's wife seemed to take the child's loveliness as a hostage and act animalistically and instinctively.

A long time ago, Mr. A made a sexual approach to his wife for the first time in a while.She was told repeatedly that she was 'sleepy' and 'tired', and she was turned down.
Or rather, I got angry.

After some time, Mr. A approached without hesitation.
He kept good manners and treated his wife as a woman.


Towards the end of the story, Mr. A heard his wife's laughter.

My wife was looking at her smartphone and laughing while watching the line exchanges with someone.

For Mr. A, his wife is the person with whom he had a great love.

In the past, as a member of the opposite sex, they were respected and sought after.
However, it was the moment when I realized that my wife's current stage was already in another dimension.

Domestic affairs are domestic affairs.
It would be bad manners to list the details here.
It doesn't matter which one is worse.
The term "personality mismatch" or "compatibility" is used.
Mr. A also has a problem.

4. How to get rid of moyamoya

Onomatopoeic expression of Mr. A's feelings was "moyamoya".

In order to get rid of my moodiness, I rather dislike exercise, but since I was hungry like everyone else, I tried a little exercise.

I felt that the moyamoya was temporarily reduced by exercise, but it did not disappear.The moyamoya, which has become small once, will swell on its own if you notice it.

Mr. A abandoned all expectations and instinctively sought romance as a way to relieve the ambiguity "outside".
It's a common move.

Enter search words such as "mistress" and "how to make" half unconsciously.
As a result, advertisements are pushed one after another to the SNS TL.
While watching a lot, the psychological hurdles are going down.

At the moment when Mr. A suddenly relaxed, Mr. A pushed the installation button of the matching application with the moyamoya as the driving force.

"(Even in private, I want to be respected as a man...)"

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