Daddy activities that anyone can understand Part XNUMX Can you be sure to date?

OK from the first time

Last time I was serious for no reason, but this time I've finally reached the point of writing about the second papa-katsu-joshi I met.

The second girl is the one I met for the first time and started dating.

It's natural for people with Dating Type D to say, "It's OK from the first time."

Since it is registered with readiness,

As long as you don't have any elements that attract men, your body odor is harsh, you're obviously perverted, etc., I think you'll definitely be able to date.

So, if you want to be there and can't help it, without hesitation, choose "It's OK from the first time" and frankly invite you to the hotel.

So we can meet.

Don't hesitate here, push.Press hard.

She is a woman who has made up her mind and chose "It's OK from the first time".

It would be rude not to go to the hotel.This is serious.

at the hotel

This second girl first had lunch at a Japanese restaurant in a place that ordinary people wouldn't know.

He was very polite, and the way he ate was elegant and I had a good impression.

After that, walk around the city and get in the car, and in the car

“I have a hotel reservation for today, isn’t it?”I told her, feeling nervous in my heart.

My mouth is dry and my heart is pounding.The lower body is tight.

She said, "Uh, what should I do?"

I said, "I already have a hotel."

While having a mediocre conversation like a picture, you came to the hotel quickly.


I said, "You can take a shower."

She said, "Why don't we take a shower together?"

I found her extraordinary motivation and determination here, and even though I thought it was a bit like a custom, the extraordinary motivation filled my lower body.

It's been a long time since I've taken a shower with a girl, and I'm simply happy! !

In bed, while talking a little, I thought it would be an act in the flow, but it suddenly started.

I'm excited for the first time from the foreplay, but there's a part of me that's looking at it objectively,

Hmm, I was acting while thinking that this situation was something like an AV.

She wrote a little bit about her sexuality in her profile.

I felt like I was dodged, so

After the act

I said, "Well, 〇〇 can do △△."

She said, "Oh, next time I'll study with a different AV."

I wonder if it was so, I'm studying AV watching.

I was convinced that it was so, but what a brave girl.

Watching porn and researching it... but do you know what I mean when I say it's acting? ?LOL

I didn't feel like I was actually feeling it, so I wondered if I wanted acting...

started with you

She was a very nice person, and after that we continued to eat, shop, and socialize.

In the midst of that, he suddenly told me that he had money to borrow now, apart from entertainment expenses, and that he had to pay it by tomorrow, and that he wanted me to lend him XNUMX yen.

I didn't want to lend it out, so I gave it XNUMX yen so that I could use it, but at first I thought it was a new scam.

From here, the story becomes serious.

She was the first person I met with the same pattern when I started working with Universe Club.

In fact, this story is the same story as if there was a script somewhere and it wasn't acting.

I wanted to ask her why she borrowed the money, rather than giving it to her.

Her ex-boyfriend was in debt and gave him most of his salary.

That's why I borrowed money.

words to her ex-boyfriend,"He was trash"

I heard that there was also DV.

But if that was true, I wondered if he had trusted me enough to tell me about it.

Should I have just helped her...

After hearing that, I don't know what it is, but is it like buying people's hardships with money...

I felt like I wanted to help her, and I felt a sense of guilt, and it just disappeared.

But he was a good person who made me want to meet him again.

I can't say what her profession is, but it's a respectable profession, and I wondered why she had to go through such absurd hardships.

However, I could not experience that propensity until the end.

Happily ever after.

Universe virgin graduation

With this, at the Universe Club, I threw away my Universe virginity, but sex is still good.

So, if you want to do it, "It's OK from the first time",

But if you say, "It's OK from the first time," when you offer a sense of obligation that you absolutely have to do, you will carry it on your back.

When you meet someone you don't think is a good match for your personality, and say goodbye just for the cost of transportation, the indescribable sense of frustration is extraordinary...

Actually, I can't say no.

I will do it.

But from the other side, after all, if it's not today, the feeling of sorry and the indescribable feeling of frustration is extraordinary.

The woman may think that it was good to go home.

Next, I'd like to introduce you to someone from the Tomo-kei system.First, let's start with Papa Katsu Joshi No. 1.

Professor Y

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