Professor Y's Papa Activities That Anyone Can Understand Part XNUMX

Why register for Universe Club?not racism.



This time, I wanted to write about the second woman,A woman enrolled in the Universe ClubI tried to analyze what made me unhappy.

I,Falling to the point of falling once, from there,I desperately crawled them,Even if we help financially,In the end, it doesn't try to get out of the negative spiral.

I stubbornly go back the way I came.He's getting kind of empty.I think it's high tide here.

What is the value of continuing to make yourself a product?

Their characteristics are almost fixed.There are many single mothers.

Otherwise, they are adult children.

You can't receive love from your parents when you should.hungry for loveDVTheDating or getting married to a man who behaves well.divorce. . .It's a repetition.

They are hungry for love,I'm always looking to receive that love from someone.

Because my parents didn't approve of me, I want someone to recognize me.Find an object of love.

Because normal men are adults, they are self-reliant.but,That makes me uneasy, so I unconsciously look for someone I can co-dependent with.


What I talked about in the previous chapter is that they can't be happy,It's a rough story.

If you want to say something worse,They are not smart.

The body can only be used as a weapon.

But it would be good if we could change our minds.

But,I'm so stupid that I can't do that.Inability to think what awaits next.The environment in which I grew up may have been bad.

At most, the body can be used as a weapon in the Universe Club.20Until the generationIt is.

because,Beautiful and young women are newly registered on the site one after another.

There are few male members who dare to choose women in their thirties.Then they are dried on the site.

Next is manners,Manners will make money if they work in a place where they can make money,While the spirit and body decline, it also30ends in the XNUMXs.

in addition,I learned how to make money while having fun at Universe Club.It won't last long.

This is because in customs it becomes a commodity.I can't be selfish.

For example,80Ten thousand/Even if I work on the moon,10annual absenceworking without9600Million.If you're single, that's more than enough. . .but,they depend on somethingI will use every bit of money I make.

It's crazy when you're faced with money you've never had beforedeaf.

if you are a single mother.From there, children's living expenses, child support,School fees are deducted, sending children to study abroad,I don't think it's possible to show good things and make them discerning.

I don't really have that perspective.They don't know how to use money effectively.Even though they are in trouble with money, they do not know the preciousness of money.

Finally,It ends up falling apart.They never listen to advice.


So, if you register for Universe Club,Are you prepared to fall until you fall,Do you have the brains to listen to daddy's advice,You should decide

Let me be clear, wecalled papaATMis not.

The body of a young woman has an irresistible charm.that's why,When I was youngIf you have money, you can meet cute women, you can have sex,There are many disgusting men who register for it, but IATMWhen I realized that, I said, "This is Mr. Saito♪"I think there are many people like this.

In addition, Feelings that are not satisfied in a male family, heart bonuses,Healing when you're on the edge of a cliff,If we look successful,It is precisely because it has crossed the limit and continuesNo effort, can't decide to get out of the negative spiral,I don't like that kind of woman.

I think I'm human trash too.

Asking them for loneliness that is not satisfied at home,I feel useful.

The roots of us and themIt doesn't change, but keep trying and give up,Ability, sense,Being smart is a big difference.

Being here makes me feel numb.that's why,We have to wake each other up.

To the end

This time, I wrote a sentence like this because a woman I was dating,Because he attempted suicide.Of course it's not my fault.

With myself who misunderstands her feelings,I couldn't stop her from daring to fall.It ended in a very bad taste.

Kinds call friends,to my daughter,DVAfter she grew up, she said something cruel likeI have

But it woke me up once,But it shouldn't have happened even once.

I suddenly remembered when I crawled up alone when I was young.The counterattack is about to begin.

I aim high again.Don't be joking after reading this far, to those who say give me money for sympathy..I don't know anyone in Japan, butNight shift It's also a system night management related to the dairy industry.I know a Filipina j young lady who gets 30 in a takeover.

Please don't spoil me.Also, easy-to-understandI know everything about not telling easy-to-find lies.

Continued next time...I think...

Professor Y

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