Date record #87 Following the fateful reunion @Nagoya Natsuko's 3rd time

 Hello. It's paparazzi. I have been visiting activists in Nagoya regularly, still feeling the emotion and excitement of our last fateful reunion. I'll let you know how it goes.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Natsuko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Relationship type: C
  • Occupation: Student
  • Age: Early 20s

History of dating

 This time it feels like a ``regular visit''. I don't have anything particular to do in Nagoya. Since I had just gone to Kumamoto, I came to Nagoya with the intention of visiting Nagoya as well. It's not like jobs will be created conveniently all over the country. I have to create an excuse or an opportunity to go see him. Although planes fly from Kanto to Nagoya, the Shinkansen is by far the most convenient. As a miler myself, I think that it is probably the city with the highest transportation costs out of all the major cities in the country. Therefore, if you fly to a local city and go from there to Nagoya, you can save on one-way transportation costs.

 This time I had climbed a mountain in Kumamoto, so I had accumulated quite a lot of money. To be honest, my partner this time, Natsuko, has almost no sex appeal. She is young, has beautiful skin, a cheerful personality, and a healthy body, but for some reason, her sex appeal is almost completely absent. However, since I didn't get to meet her last time on Girls' Day, I felt like I was leaving her alone, and she had accumulated a lot of energy from training in the mountains of Kumamoto, so even before we met, I noticed that she was breathing heavily. Ta. And so, after her fateful reunion with Sachiko, she felt that her feelings had somehow increased without her permission, and she headed to the city of Nagoya in a regular seat.

what was the date

 She says she hates restaurants. I can't stand that trashy feeling. She gets nervous even in quiet restaurants, so she prefers taking out food as a general rule. This feels like luck to me. After all, you can save money on meals before bed. And since I eat very little, I can't eat much. I don't really think of eating at restaurants as essential, so to be honest, this was a big help both in terms of time and money. I do think that dating would be less fun.

 I consulted with my girlfriend in advance on LINE about what kind of food we should take out. It's yakitori. After all, yakitori is served on an iron plate. Are there any girls who don't like yakitori? That being said, it's been well received. Best of all, beef is cheaper than pork. I'm sorry to hear that you've been talking about money for a while, but activists have a finite amount of funds for their activities. The truth is that I want to save money if I can. And the rest depends on the opponent. To be honest, there are differences between the person you want to save money with and the person you want to do various things with. Somehow, Natsuko felt like she was classified in the former category.

 She lives a short bus ride away from downtown Nagoya, so we would like to meet her around Nagoya Station (Meieki). Therefore, she will be staying within walking distance of Meieki this time as well. Even though this inn was a downgrade from the previous one, which was directly connected to the station, I felt like I was in a saving mode. Of course, I'm not lying that I sometimes want to stay at another hotel, but to be honest, I was more interested in saving money.

 I met her in front of a yakitori restaurant. It's definitely cute. Nodaga. . . . lol

 Honestly, it's really a mystery. However, she has a bright personality and is fun to talk to. After saying hello to her for the first time in a while, we started shopping together. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have subsided considerably, but taking out food is not a bad idea once in a while. The best part of takeout is being able to enjoy the best of delicious food from a variety of restaurants. She doesn't eat much, but I wanted to eat a variety of things, so I ended up buying quite a bit. He would take it to his room, eat it, talk about it, drink it, then eat it again, repeating an endless loop. Especially since we were returning from the mountains this time, we had a lot of fun talking about our memories of the mountains.

By the end of the meal

 After we finished eating, I suggested that she take a shower. It seems that today is not a girl's day. She obediently responds, saying, ``I've been waiting.'' After I take a shower, the battle begins.

 Since they were given a "deposit" last time, it was a very passionate match this time. It may seem surprising from her appearance, but she doesn't dislike sex, she actually likes it. Of course I mean it in a good way, but I get a lot of orders about what to do here and what to do here. lol

 Especially when a man ejaculates, the feeling of expansion, especially in the head area, seems to be the best. Therefore,

 "When you cum, make sure you're inside."

 That's what he said. Of course it's not raw. Proper use of contraceptives is compulsory.

 However, this time I was surprisingly excited about her. Before I met you that many times, I would have criticized you for not having sex appeal, but since her good style and beautiful skin were among the best among the women I've interacted with, I think her sex appeal comes from a sense of trust. was added. However, I think it would have been better if she didn't have that cheerful "Ikuiku!" . . Well, I can't control this, so I can't help it. Because it's never 100%.

 During the day there was a fateful reunion, and at night there were some satisfying activities, and the night in Nagoya drew on as I looked back on some good memories.

Reflection of this time

  • After all, it's important to feel safe sometimes
  • Funds are limited, so save where you can.

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