Exclusive!Men's 60 Minutes How to win a date for a certain male member!XNUMXrd time

If it's Pink Lady, it's definitely Mie-chan's Mine from Universe Osaka.
This time too, from Mr. M, a male member of the music club who "catch a woman's heart with just one date"
This is the third time I asked about the "secret".I'm buying time even if I'm palliative with a small amount...

So far, I have introduced the gentleman's technique to show from meeting a female member to dining.
Please wait for this time!After that, I would like to introduce M-sama's style "Hisatsu! Persuasion Technique!?"

■Chapter 4 After Meal ~Women should think of you as your partner~

Mine: “So! I’m curious… what are you going to do after dinner?”
Mr. M (hereinafter referred to as M) "What are you going to do after this? Do you have time?" 
Mine: “What about women?”
M: "Most of the women say 'I'll leave it to you...'"
Mine: “That’s right. I guess you grabbed my heart to some extent during the meal…”
M: I don't mean to, but... (laughs) I don't think it's okay if I don't become an adult on that day, and even if I get dumped, I don't think it's a good thing.
Mine: “So you’re challenging yourself with a very rough attitude~”

M: No. Women don't like it either, right from the start? If you say anything, won't you pull it? "
Mine: “Certainly… So how did you talk about the conditions? (with a guessing look)

M: It's a secret, but when I get the OK from a woman, I'll talk a little naughty while I'm on the way there, but I'll do everything at the woman's pace.What do you want?, not from the top, but ``I want to thank you for dating me today...can I give you some pocket money?I will tell you from the same point of view as …”
Mine: “That’s a really soft way of saying it.”
M: I think some women feel guilty, thinking that this is prostitution.

 I don't want money and my body as a price.Thank you for spending time with us

I'm trying to pass it asWouldn't it be easier for women to feel that way, too? "
Mine "I think it's very smart!"


I was made to think again that the relationship between money and body that accompanies dating clubs can be completely disgusting with just the use of words and feelings.Isn't this a technique that can be used in various situations in real life?


■Chapter 5 If you want a long-term relationship, don't make her just a mistress! ~

Mine: “How many girlfriends do you have now?”
M ``Is it XNUMX people? That number is usually the number of graduates and new recruits (laughs).''
Mine: “Isn’t it difficult? (Envy eyes)”
M: No. I'm equally in love with every woman, and...

I will do my best to support their dreams.

For example, "I want to do this in the future! ', I will give you a place to study that will help you, and I will do everything I can to support you, such as studying abroad. "
Mine: “I envy you~.
M: “You can do it~. Recently, a woman I used to date contacted me apologetically saying, ‘I’m going to get married’. , I'll also meet with my husband.business partnerYou can become a lover and make connections from that child, so it may not be just a “lover” frame. "
Mine: "I think it's amazing that you're so divisive, but on the other hand, I wonder if M-sama really likes women... Wouldn't you get jealous if someone got a boyfriend? ”

M: I'm always serious. When I'm in a relationship, I'm really serious about it.

Isn't it part of the aesthetics of a man to support her chosen happiness?

Mine: “The depth of affection is the universe.
M "If you don't have time, nothing will go well. (Gentleman's smile.")


I've even remembered the dizziness of M-sama's vessel that greatly surpasses the idea of ​​an ordinary person like me.He cares about women and treats them as equals, but he feels like a tremendous human being like the Buddha who skillfully plays with Son Goku in his hands.I felt very ashamed of myself who was dizzy.

That's all for today.Thank you very much for your cooperation!
This continuation is another pleasure for the next time...
Universe Osaka Masateru Mine

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