Mr. A trying out a matching app

1. Install the matching app, but it is troublesome

Mr. A tries to get rid of the moyamoya through romance outside the home.

I don't intend to look for encounters through work or acquaintances.So, I installed "dating" and "matching" apps.

In common, it is troublesome to enter the profile in various ways.However, if you do not enter a profile, it will be difficult to meet.

I want to leave it to someone, but I can't leave it to my secretary at work.This is because public and private matters are mixed up.

It's too troublesome, and I wonder if it would be profitable to create a profile entry agency or an AI app for profile entry.

Next, in order to find a person of interest and exchange messages, it is necessary to send an identification card or the like to the management and charge several thousand to ten thousand yen.

Mr. A is a timid person at heart, so he has a delusion that if the management is anti-social, the list may be sold, etc., and he is terrified.

There is no guarantee that you will meet someone just because you paid for it.If it is a system that cannot meet at all, it will be a make-believe.

Surprisingly, some contracts claim the existence of fakes (there is no guarantee that you are communicating with a real person).

It's kind of troublesome...


2. Marriage-hunting and non-serious matching apps do not meet Mr. A's needs

First of all, since the "marriage-hunting system" is intended for single people, it is difficult to use it because you have to hide the fact that you are married and lie to the other party.

Next, the "non-serious type" who seeks one-night love almost immediately is rampant with cherry blossoms and fakes for the purpose of charging.

It is immediately recognizable with uniform messages and nuances.

Of course, there are real women among them, but the composition is that the overwhelming majority of men flock to a few real women, and advanced messaging skills and profile creation are required to match good properties. Become.

For that reason, men will not be selected by women unless they publish or send their photos.However, it is dangerous to send photos to public net spaces or to strangers.

If a smug face with a long nose is exposed on SNS, it will forever drift in the pitch-black space of the Internet.

Even if you actually get an appointment, women seem to have a lot of vague or processed photos, and there is a strong gambling element about women's appearance.

There's no way you can tell a person's personality from an exchange of messages.Furthermore, it is full of gambling elements.

First of all, if you only want immediate sexual intercourse, you don't need to go to such a huge amount of time and effort to meet a woman who doesn't know what you're talking about, and you can just go to the right shop.

Appearance is a photograph, personality (feeling) can be selected based on the information of the store clerk, and you can receive a service that is convenient for you at a time and place that is convenient for you.

It is very convenient.

I found out that there is no meaning to use unserious matching apps for me.

Paradoxically, it has become clear through the trials of non-serious apps that what Mr. A himself is looking for is more of an "experience" that can be obtained from "love itself" and "date itself". It was.

3. Falling in love with dating apps

Therefore, Mr. A then charged for a certain “romance” app.

Candidates such as restaurants for dates are displayed from the app side, and men and women match each other based on the desired restaurant and each other's profile.

On this app, it is allowed to use a pseudonym for the other party.

Most of the dates (eating and drinking expenses) are paid by men, and among the candidate restaurants, there are first-class hotel restaurants that make you want to say "Hey, there is that", and the management side makes a reservation. will go to

It can be understood that the store has given permission to use the app as a candidate, but from the point of view of a top-notch hotel customer, I thought it wouldn't be very interesting.

In this app, sexual intercourse is not an end point, and the purpose is to have a healthy eating and drinking date first, so relatively high-spec women are registered. and have clear photos.
This is probably because there is no guilt in using the app, and it is easy to make excuses.

It is surmised that some women who are looking to meet other people, such as just friends, are registering, and some are registering just for the sake of having a drink.

Mr. A posted a photo that he picked up from the internet that looked a little like himself (of Hanyu).After thoroughly examining the other person, I was able to get to the verge of a date with a woman who was a former model and had the looks I liked, a returnee and a variety of hobbies.

The age difference is one turn, but the other party is also aware of it.The date was several weeks away, but frankly, Mr. A waited for the day with the most excitement he'd had in years.

However, perhaps because Mr. A's expectations were too high, he seemed to have said too much in the conversation before the meeting.

Did this cause anxiety for the other party?

"It was different from my first impression. I thought that our tastes would match, but I thought that he would be a more friendly person. I wonder who Mr. A is? I'm sorry to promise you a date. Please turn it off."

And, in an extremely businesslike tone, he was dumped just before.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Mr. A is married and expects a romantic relationship with a young woman that will be requested rather than begged, just for the cost of meals.

It is difficult to create such a favorable situation without lying.Tears appeared at the ends of the words, and the other side intuitively sensed it.

Mr. A became very stupid and charged for 3 months, but deleted the entire app in less than a week after starting to use it.

4. Matching apps are female-dominated and risky

Through these experiences, all dating apps are based on the premise that men contribute money, but despite their strengths and weaknesses, they generally have a female-dominated structure, and this structure itself does not satisfy Mr. A's self-esteem. concluded that it is.

In other words, even though Mr. A's motive for meeting him is "wanting to be respected as a man," it is a place where it is easy for him to meet an arrogant woman who is accustomed to being teased.

Mr. A is a coward, so he is sensitive to risk management (I will write about this in another section).

I realized that any app carries a significant risk of losing social status or home in an instant, as women who arrive may be under the age of 18.

The reason for this is that although it is a rule for women to use the app to verify their age, there is no guarantee that the IDs sent are those of the woman, as long as the company and the woman have not met in person. Nowhere.
(Forgery of official documents such as driver's licenses is a serious criminal offense).

Even if that were the case, if the men were involved in the matter, they would probably not be exempt from responsibility for violating various ordinances.In short, get arrested.

The story of a child using a dating site being guided for some reason, and a man being arrested because of the content of the line, is no longer a daily occurrence and is no longer news.

As long as you use the app to seek out a date, you cannot escape this risk.

In this way, Mr. A graduated from the dating app without meeting a single woman.

The next week, Mr. A will knock on the door of the Universe Club.

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