• We will consult with you and ask you questions about what to wear for the photo shoot.

    I researched what kind of clothes men prefer...


Question date: 2023/09/28 19:37

We will consult with you and ask you questions about what to wear for the photo shoot.

When we researched what kind of clothing men prefer, many said it would be a good idea to dress neatly, feminine, and in bright colors, and to model the clothing worn by female announcers.
On the other hand, I've also heard that the body structure is easy to understand during photo shoots, and that it looks good with the legs exposed.Clothes that expose a lot of exposure and miniskirts are different from the former image, and I'm having trouble finding suitable clothes.
Also, the former type of clothing seems to be shared by many women, so I'm wondering if it's necessary to differentiate.

I think each person has their own preferences, but what kind of clothing do you think makes a good impression on male members?Also, what kind of clothes do you think the staff and female members wear that are more likely to lead to offers?

Thank you.

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Female member


It's important which one is popular, but it's more important that you look attractive.

I think it would be good if research was done on using colors that make faces look brighter and clothes that make people look more stylish.


  • Answer date: 2023/09/28 20:51
Male member

It's My

When photographing in revealing clothing
I get offers from men who like exposing themselves a lot.

Dress like that even on a date
There is a high possibility that you will be asked for
I think it's fine as long as it doesn't bother you

Even if it leads to an offer
If you change to less revealing clothes on a date
There is a possibility that the relationship will not last long.

In addition, surveys etc.
Sampling surveys are unreliable.

Only men who like exhibitionism answered,
If a man who likes less exposure does not respond
The results do not reflect the true reality.

If you want to increase the number of offers
It is best to consult the staff.
Benefit from actually meeting male members
This is because the information provided by our staff is the most accurate.

It's My

  • Answer date: 2023/09/29 13:48
Male member

What a farmer

The male member is Nanchatte Farmer.

I'm a pervert, so I probably won't be of much help.

100% of the female members I look at and find attractive in their profiles and actually make offers or add them to my "favorites" are the ones who are pictured wearing their own clothes.

This may fall under the category of badmouthing the club and violate the rules as a respondent...
Clothes lent to the club, knitted dresses that show off the curves of your body, and ultimately clothes with an oval cutout at the bust line...

Women who appear in such clothes will not open their profiles in the first place.
People who emphasize their glaring cleavage don't even look at their profiles.
Even if I say that it's a money-based dating club, if I don't find her attractive overall as a woman, I won't make an offer.
We do not hire breasts!...Me.

It may be presumptuous, but please be confident and take pictures in clothes that you usually wear and that you like.
I think your priceless charm oozes out through your photos.

  • Answer date: 2023/10/18 22:20
Male member

date ◎ dream

column article

I think clothes that are neat, feminine, and brightly colored would be good for a female announcer or weather girl.

It's better to hide it a little more than to expose it (lol)
After that, I check it by looking at it and touching it (lol)

Sorry for being typical of the Showa era.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/28 19:51
Male member

system engineer member

The club has an official recommendation.I think it would be a good idea to match it to the style and image of the person asking the question.


  • Answer date: 2023/09/29 09:29
Male member


column article

To the person asking the question
I guess the best thing is that they suit each other

profile on subsequent dates.
I will go with the image
I hope I look good in the future

If your face is more baby-faced
In a neat dress

If you're sexy, wear sexy clothes

But if it depends too much on the sexy style (swimsuits, etc.)
The offers are likely to increase, but I'm a fully erotic dad.
Looks like there will be a lot of them lol
(The difference between being sullen or fully open from the beginning.
 Depending on the questioner's preference lol)

  • Answer date: 2023/09/30 15:44
Male member


column article

I know there are rumors that it's neat and that it's based on the clothes of female announcers, but personally I think it's crap.

I think the reason why it's better to have your legs out is that women who are relatively tall, have long legs, and are pretty will get more offers.
There were certainly women who said they had received many offers because of that.

I think it's good to show off your feminine side.
You probably know best the clothes that make you look your best.

However, if you are wearing a very unique fashion, it would be better not to be too individualistic, as I was told at the first interview to "dress as if you are going on a date." Apparently it's not popular to wear denim and sneakers just because you usually wear them.
Personally, I think a hoodie or denim would be fine.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/28 19:59

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