• excuse me for some questions

    For example, if it's the same woman, it's black or premium.
    In the end, which one is better...


Question date: 2023/09/26 03:01

excuse me for some questions

For example, if it's the same woman, it's black or premium.
As a result, which one will give you more total monthly allowance?
number of offers,
I wondered if the allowance would be higher for black than if it was premium.
Of course, there is also luck involved, so I would like to ask men about their general predictions.

Between black and premium women, do black women hesitate to make offers?

Is it difficult for women to become black members in rural areas because the proportion of male black members decreases the further you go?

With an offer to women
How much importance do men place on body shape and face?
100% face, 50:50, etc...
What kind of clothes and hairstyle do you think women should wear?

Profile photos and videos
I smiled a lot and my eyes looked narrow,
I'm not very confident
If I post a photo of myself that looks great, will it give the same impression even if my profile doesn't look great?

Sorry for asking so many questions
I'll do my best to answer as much as I can, so thank you in advance ^^

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Male member


It makes me smile to see so many questions that seem to be really interesting.

There is a classification into black or platinum, but this is basically decided by the club staff.Clubs basically earn money through referral fees, and the higher the class, the higher the referral fee.A club's sales are referral fees x number of referrals, so if you think it will become popular (= the number of referrals will not decrease even if you increase the referral fee), you will move up the class.However, whether you actually get offers or not depends on what male members think.I think there are times when the staff's reading is quite wrong.Furthermore, this is a bit disappointing, but since it is done manually without using IT systems or AI, there are many mistakes and corrections are slow.So I don't think class classification matters much.Rather, a festival occurs when a popular woman is placed in a lower class.And after all, the amount of allowance is definitely proportional to the number of offers.That's market principle, and I've faced it many times.

There is no hesitation on the part of men.If you are a black member, you will not hesitate to make an offer to a black woman.She is a black member for that purpose (she pays a lot of money to become a member).There are times when the difference in referral fees is a concern, but it can be considered to be at a negligible level (=range of error).The impact of this is that the number of members that can be offered will be narrowed down (only black members can be offered to black women).

I was interested in the ratio of black members in urban and rural areas, so I compared Tokyo and Hokkaido and found that Hokkaido's black membership rate was half that of Tokyo.Well, it's not so much a question of class division, but rather a difference in the number of male members offered, so I think it's better to work in a city if possible.The number of offers is ``Number of men who can make offers = Number of members in your class or higher'' x ``Offer rate = Percentage of men who are interested in you'', so it is better to live in a city with a large number of members, or if you are in an attractive but low class. It is more advantageous if you are left alone (= there are many men who can make offers).

At first, 9% of women's offers are based on looks.That's the only information I have.I think 9% of whether or not it connects will depend on personality and sexual compatibility.The first impression is to go with the neat style (= standard, high winning rate).

Please also consider that cuteness from a female perspective is different from cuteness from a male perspective.I think it's cute when her eyes narrow when she smiles.There are people who post pictures full of photos that they can upload themselves, but if they are far from reality, they only end up being entertainment.If you find such a woman on the top screen for male members and click on it, you will be redirected to a profile page with a photo taken by the staff, and sometimes you'll be left wondering "Who is that?" (lol).I welcome things like processing or miraculous pieces, but it's better to take them with the understanding that they won't lead to offers.I like how they look good even though it's the same person.Also, if you're confident in your body, I think it's effective to post a photo of yourself in a swimsuit.


  • Answer date: 2023/09/26 04:05
Male member


column article

I think black women receive more allowances.
If I can get a replacement man, I think I can get away with saying 20 for each new man.

I have a body size of 60 and a face of 40.I'm searching for people over 160cm tall and over F cup.
I prefer hair with bangs, I only offer black hair.I haven't seen the clothes.

Whether it will last the second time is whether they will talk cheerfully and well, or whether it will be tuna.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/26 05:40
Female member


This is a very high-level problem.

It's the product of the allowance unit price and the number of offers.
If you're at that level, I think you'll get a lot of offers no matter where you are, and if you catch people's attention in rural areas, I think a lot of things will happen, such as men going to meet you or being invited to men's areas.

I think it's better to leave your profile picture up to you, knowing that if you post a weird photo that makes you think you're looking good, even if you don't look good, it will ruin it.

Body type: As for the face ratio issue, there are people who won't make an offer unless they like the face, people who decide based on the overall atmosphere, people who are more than satisfied with their looks, and people who focus on things that have nothing to do with their looks, such as their occupation, hobbies, interesting writing, etc. .

By the way, I don't show my face, so I think there are quite a few people who have thought to make an offer based on something other than my face.


  • Answer date: 2023/09/26 13:01

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