• ``The question box is a place to ask what other people think, so it is meaningful to be exposed to ideas that are different from your own, including negative ones.


Question date: 2023/08/29 01:37

``Since the question box is where you ask what other people think, it is meaningful to touch on ideas that are different from your own, including denial.'' You are right.Otherwise, you will not learn.What I would like to say is that there are different ways of saying and writing, whether it is a harsh answer or a negative answer.Is it wrong?

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Most people can't live without working every day, but dad life is not necessary for life, so if you're overwhelmed by a bulletin board like this, you should quit.It's not for me.

Since you are an industrial physician, you might not only advise someone who is doing a job that you are not suited for to take a break, but also, ``Why don't you change departments?''

You can think of it as something similar.

(Even though he says such difficult things as working in the human resources department of a major company and dealing with people's problems, it makes me smile to think that in the end he is working as a father. I'm sorry if I haven't done that.)

  • Answer date: 2023/08/29 12:40
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It's just a question box at a dating club, don't get hot.
In the first place, people who get hurt by being harshly told with answers that they don't need to see can't live in this kind of world.
I think it would be better for the employee to directly understand the harshness of this world than to treat them in the same way as mentally weak employees.

I wonder if this activity has been accepted by society that much to say like this class president.

  • Answer date: 2023/08/29 12:33
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column article

They want you to care, they want you to approve them, you want them to agree with you, and even if you don't get their approval or agreement, they want you to be considerate of how they say things, how greedy they are.

Since this is a question box, not a cuddling box or a counseling box, I think it's different from all the submissions asking for cuddling or counseling, so to avoid that, I try to respond coldly and bluntly to posts that ask for help. .

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Perhaps the person asking the question fundamentally misunderstands that this is not a trouble consultation service.It's a place set by the universe club, but no matter how many answers you give here, the universe won't make any profit.Respondents are also not compensated.Fundamentally different from trouble consultation corners on TV and magazines, it is not entertainment with monetization.just wild.A bear will appear from now on.It's like climbing a mountain with a sign that says.

Bears may say nice things sometimes, but most of the time they end up being bears.In any case, the bear attack will be broadcast completely, so it might be fun for people watching.Again, it's just fun and no one makes money.In that situation, I think it would be wrong to expect them to be obedient to the compilers like they are paid services.There's no use complaining when a monkey takes your lunch on Mt. Takao or a seagull takes your lunch in Shonan.I'm happy because it's a bit of a hitsumabushi for the onlookers who watch it. . . (It's not "killing time")

When I'm having sex with a woman, I'm like, ``Why are you moving even though you're saying you're having sex?'' ``No, I stopped, but it just stopped when I happened to thrust into it...'' ``LOL, I don't need that kind of strict talk.'' I remember something like ww.


P.S. Mac: Even if you think about it, you have to have a very good fluency, and I think Ichiro Furudate is probably the only one in Japan who can do it.But the freedom of the 20-stroke is attractive.

P.S. Kazu: It's excellent that you changed "post" to "surrender."After all, you should dive into the rose garden. DJ That’s right!

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column article

No matter how you say it, how you write it, or what happens, there are people who are full of gratitude (if you ask them or hear about it) and people who are not.

It is a natural fact that to those who are grateful, things that make them grateful will happen again, and to those who grumble, things will always grumble again.

  • Answer date: 2023/08/29 02:54
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Joe Rubicon

column article

Read the series of questions
"As expected of the personnel department, I'm going to do it properly."
I muttered to the screen.
At the same time
I wanted to comment and say, ``You're in the wrong place to explain people's ways, are you serious?''

  • Answer date: 2023/08/29 19:59
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date ◎ dream

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>I think there are different ways to say and write it.Is it wrong?
I think so.
Oh dear,
This is something I always repeat, but by saying, ``I also have that opinion.''

  • Answer date: 2023/08/29 19:02