• I work in the human resources department of a certain major electronics manufacturer and hold a license as a clinical psychologist.


Question date: 2023/08/29 00:32

A man in his mid-1s who works in the human resources department of a certain major electronics manufacturer, holds a license as a clinical psychologist, and receives consultations from employees once a week as an industrial counselor.

Because I am human, I am not always energetic, but I think there are times when I feel depressed depending on my physical condition at that time and the content of the stress I am carrying.
Many people are mentally ill.

I believe that no one is perfect, including myself.

I heard that Mr. Universe collects only gentlemanly and first-class male members, but the answers to this question box have thorns, and some people may feel that they are being blamed. Is it not?
Of course, they are very kind, and there are also answers that choose their words with consideration for the other person.

Respondents also received various questions from many people, and I think the answers themselves are difficult.Sometimes you may have to say harsh things, but even so, shouldn't you avoid giving too much blame or negative answers?I think.

Are you a perfect human being?
Is the respondent's girlfriend beautiful and attractive in mind and body?

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I'm Shirousa, a new respondent.

I think that there are times when you feel uneasy and have questions in the closed space of Papa-katsu, where you have no horizontal connections or friends.
It's not like I can talk to anyone about it, so if I have a little question, someone will answer.
I think it's a wonderful system.
When I started my activities at Univa, I used to read past questions and ask questions here in order to search for techniques that would work well.
I'm a newcomer, but I'm doing an answerer in the hope that I can help the questioner even a little.
Occasionally, questions and expressions of feelings are posted, but I read them carefully and try to be tolerant.

I think it's presumptuous, but I hope that the questioner will be able to understand and feel at ease with my answer, including the denial.
I'm trying to answer as close to the feelings of the questioner as possible, so please continue to support me.

  • Answer date: 2023/08/29 01:04
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column article

As I wrote earlier, I understand that neither I nor my partner is perfect, and I do not expect perfection from others.
I think it's a phony to escalate the discussion by saying "I'm looking for perfection" and demean other people's answers.

I think a post trying to get affirmation is just a begging, not a question.
If you're a counselor, sometimes it's your job to sprinkle affirmations and approvals, but I see this as a question box, a place to ask questions in search of answers.

My partner is beautiful and attractive in mind and body.So we are dating.

  • Answer date: 2023/08/29 00:46
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Well, certainly, there are many answers with thorns.

Well, they say beautiful roses have thorns.It can't be helped, can it?

Speaking of seafood, it's a sea urchin.Delicious things have thorns.I'm looking forward to chestnuts in the coming season.

Besides, it's nothing new to have thorns, so I have a feeling that the person asking the question knows what they're doing before they dive into the rose field.

After reading the answers, eating delicious sea urchin and chestnut rice, and finishing with a dessert with rose flavor will cheer you up.

I don't know.

Also, I have a question, the smell of chestnut flowers is similar to the smell of men's sperm.


PS: Looking at Shirosa-san's straight answer, I reflected that I might have made a thread (laughs)

  • Answer date: 2023/08/29 01:16
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column article

>Are you a perfect human being?

Unlike primitive times, a single smartphone is perfect.This is an epoch-making and thankful era in which the world itself is full of perfection.I don't think there is anyone in this world who isn't perfect.

>Is the respondent's girlfriend beautiful and attractive in mind and body?

Everything is charming.If you live in the current era, you are living in a happy and perfect era, aren't you?

>The answer itself is very

I don't get paid, so I can relax like a cigarette between work.

Since it's not a paid job and it's not a job, I think I can answer quickly, and I think I can get answers that I can't get from people around me who aren't affirmative.

  • Answer date: 2023/08/29 03:06