• I feel bad for having a dad like this.

    In front of him, there are few dads.
    Then proudly Dad...


Question date: 2023/02/28 13:48

I feel bad for having a dad like this.

In front of him, there are few dads.
Then what is dad life?And
He will give you various advices such as looking good like a girl in Minato Ward.
I almost laughed when I said that I had an invitation from a girl like this.

It was too disgusting, so I declined and said I was busy, but my dad thought he could have done something else, so I let my guard down and didn't invite him.How are you doing these days?
It's hard to say that I don't want to meet when ○○-chan says I'll meet him if he wants to meet me, so I replied that I'm waiting for an invitation.

Are all Papa Katsu Uncles like this?

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There are many disgusting women like the questioner.
Just like good women are rare
Papa has a lot of people
I bet there are dads like that too

I feel bad for the questioner.
Do you think it suits you?
I guess you're in balance
A good dad chooses a good woman
A good woman can choose a good dad (laughs).

I can't choose, I have to endure and have a relationship
It's a little pathetic

  • Answer date: 2023/02/28 18:54
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date ◎ dream

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>It's hard to say I don't want to see you...
I wish I could say clearly that I don't want to see you (laughs)

If you don't say it out loud,
I thought it would be nice if we could get along a little bit and have fun dating while occasionally throwing jabs.
Just as dating is mutually beneficial,
It's fine as long as it's fun for both of us (laughs).

It seems that you are not enjoying your relationship, so please devise and bring it to a fun relationship.

  • Answer date: 2023/02/28 19:31
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In front of him, he would lie about how few dads he had, so he reacted like that.

I really have a bad temper.

Conversely, I would like to ask, but are all the women who live with daddy all of them with bad personalities like the person who asked the question?

I don't think so.

  • Answer date: 2023/02/28 19:48
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It's the same as the complaints of people who work at night.

It's true that there are daddy girls who are desperate to earn money, but in reality, including those girls

Papa-katsu is about enjoying the ideal and fun life that you couldn't get.

I want to travel, go sightseeing, go to hot springs, go to esthetics and massages, go to the gym, get a massage, get a massage, find a good restaurant, go out, and enjoy my life freely with someone. It's what you do

If a lot of those wishes don't come true, I guess I can't call it Papa-katsu...

  • Answer date: 2023/02/28 20:39
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Thank you for your continuous votes.

What you say is papa katsu is like prostitution.
Uncle prostitution may be that kind of person, but I think it's different for those who are dating.

  • Answer date: 2023/02/28 13:52
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There is no doubt that the questioner is not suitable for dad life, so it is better to quit.
Then, if you ask me if I'm suitable for sex or prostitution, it doesn't seem to be the case.
Basically, people who can't feel happy when the other person is happy aren't suited for interpersonal service work.

It's written like a salaryman's complaint.
When I was a salaried worker, I never complained, and I didn't hang out with co-workers who complained.he kept his distance.
I don't know if the person himself feels good when he complains, but it's definitely a self-suggestion.He gets involved when he's around people like that.
By saying, "I hate my job, it's hard, I don't want to do it, I hate my boss," I'm fixing something in myself.
I think it's a bad story. I think it's called "digging a grave".
Well, if you can sleep peacefully in the grave you dug yourself, then sleep.

  • Answer date: 2023/02/28 14:15
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If you feel uncomfortable with these points, please write them down and send them to me.

I will reflect.

  • Answer date: 2023/02/28 14:15

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