• Nice to meet you, I am a female member in her 40s who always visits here.
    Sorry for the long post, but it would be helpful if you could answer...


Question date: 2022/09/07 20:34

Nice to meet you, I am a female member in her 40s who always visits here.
It will be a long sentence, but it would be helpful if you could answer.
I've been registered for almost a year now.
I received an offer from a man in his late 1s about a month after I registered.
However, the man suddenly got a job and it was cancelled.
However, after 3 months, I received another offer and was offered twice, so I was very happy. I called you ten minutes ago.
The man was very sincere and knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with.
But what should I do if I get my period on the morning of the day?I was worried, but I didn't know if the man would invite me to H on the day, so I thought it would be rude to say something like that, so I kept silent.
I got a cake set at the hotel and got in the man's car.
Let's touch the body and go to the hotel!I honestly told him that I was on my period and told him that I would meet him around here next week and exchanged LINE.
Since Valentine's Day was coming up, I gave him a chocolate and a message card, and since he said he likes reading on his profile, I gave him an eye mask, and I got this for the first time!I was very happy.
I had fun interacting with them on LINE, but a few days before the promised pet rabbit I had raised with care passed away. It became a natural extinction as if it had been done.
However, the day before yesterday, LINE came from that man for the first time in half a year.
How are you doing with the content?Have you found a better person yet?It is written that
We had a reshoot in June, and thankfully, I received an offer from another man, but I honestly told him that it was canceled because the schedule didn't match.
Then, will the man meet again?
Universe left.He said he was studying and had no money, but he wanted me to meet him if he didn't mind.
I was looking at the man's profile before he withdrew, and it said that he would ask for XNUMX yen, including meals, adults, and transportation.
I think that he is a sincere and hardworking person, but since I am in my 40s and there are few offers, is it free?Or XNUMX yen please!Do you think
Or did you contact me purely because you wanted to date me?
I don't want to think he's a jerk because he's given me two offers, but since LINE came, I'm at a loss as I don't know how to respond.
It's still sad that you don't get paid.
What do you think?
I would appreciate it if you could lend me your wisdom.
Thank you very much.

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Female member


What would you do if the questioner were consulted by a female friend who was being seduced by a man who used "I don't have money" as an excuse?

I'm sorry, but I don't feel that man is sincere.If you really want to persuade someone, I think there must be a way to treat the other person with more respect.

If you don't have money, think of ways to please women.At this point, the questioner is not happy at all, nor is he looking forward to it.

She must be beautiful enough to pass the interview, so don't be too servile and ask yourself, "Do you really want to go to a hotel with that person for less than 1 yen?"

  • Answer date: 2022/09/07 22:47


column article

I felt the sincerity of the man until halfway through.
But now that I'm out of the club,
Even if there is a problem, I think it will be difficult to solve.

So, if I were to meet you as a papa, I wouldn't go (´・ω・`)
I don't want to get into trouble...

I think that I can be a friend or something,
That 1 yen?If you think it's okay to ask a man like that, you might go ( ´・ω・`)

How do you feel about your relationship with that person? .

  • Answer date: 2022/09/07 21:06
Male member


I feel like I've already got all the answers, but I'm writing a long article and I think you'll want to see various opinions, so I'll try to answer from as many different angles as possible.

First of all, I feel that the interest on the male side was not so high.

The first offer is one month after registration.It's not that the man recently joined, but since all new registrations are seen, it took a month to decide from there to the offer.If you like it unconditionally, it's an immediate offer.If not, I'm sure there's a good reason for that.

Next is the story after the first offer.It can't be helped that I got a sudden job and canceled it, but the next one is 3 months later, which is too long.Were you busy during that time?If you just happen to get a job on that day, I think it will be set in the next week or so.When she was told that she couldn't because the woman she offered was in sales and she was busy with the holiday season, she immediately re-offered in mid-January when things had calmed down.I feel like that's normal. I can't understand the gap of 3 months.

As for the impression of the day we met, I think I thought it was a "hit" as a man.

It's daytime because it's about saying cake set.It's not normal to get along and chew.It's a huge success for men.And it's hard because I'm on my period, oh, I can't help it.So, the next schedule is postponed due to pet problems.Well, I can't help but doubt it.There are actually women who are hesitant and postpone for that reason.

In the six months until I get contacted again, I'm sure the man has made several offers.But I don't think there was a woman to match.I think that I tried to contact you again, who was a fairly successful case among them.Men renew every year with an annual fee system, so if you withdraw, does that mean you didn't renew the year?Otherwise it's just a lie.

It's abnormal or against the rules to write something like "all inclusive XNUMX" on your profile.Writing conditions in your profile is prohibited.Putting that aside, as a man, I think that if it's clearly written and women agree with it, then it's OK under those conditions.It seems that you have resigned.It seems that he thinks that it is free because he withdrew.

This is the end of the elucidation of men's feelings.On top of this, what will you do as a questioner?As with everything in the world, it is unlikely that you will be set up conveniently for yourself.If you want something, you need to assert yourself, and if the conditions don't suit you, you must have the courage to cut it off and throw it away. I think that's what "living" means.

The fact that you received an offer is proof that the questioner is attractive, and if you think you are a good person, I think it is wonderful that you can honestly talk about the situation. think.I'm not as confident as those people, but that's okay.You are attractive and you will definitely find a good person!So don't be shy and make decisions one by one with confidence.

We wish you good luck.


  • Answer date: 2022/09/08 00:47
Male member


column article

Don't think about it complicatedly, if you want to have sex with that man, you can do it for free, and if you don't have money, you can refuse.
I'm in my 40s, so I'm worried that I'm being licked.close to desolation.You should let go of that feeling.

It's not that I don't understand your feelings. You want to have sex, but as a premise, you want the woman you call yourself to recognize her value and treat her with care, right?If you don't have money, at least you want it to be from the feeling that you like yourself.
But it's too complicated.If you line up your words, you can decorate your feelings beautifully and write them down, but that kind of thing is meaningless.
That's why I often write, but for women
"Look at the wildflowers"
For men, "look in the mirror" but lol

Women want to wear make-up even for sexual desire.Pride or money.

  • Answer date: 2022/09/07 21:04
Male member

Losing man

I understand well that it is NG to have sex without any treatment as a bride, and there is nothing wrong with it.

However, no matter how low it is, if you can't get 3 allowances, I don't want you to do H for any reason.

It's obvious that the man's allowance is 1 at the highest, so at this point it's a NG choice.
2 is also lonely.Even Menes will pay 2.

Actually, I would like to say that the minimum allowance is 5, but in reality, the median allowance in Universe is 5, so if you can't get the lower limit of 3, please choose NG.I want you to protect your bride as a woman.

  • Answer date: 2022/09/08 07:42
Male member


I wouldn't call it yarimoku, but considering that men in their late XNUMXs are offering women in their XNUMXs, they seem to think that the allowance is cheap.

If you're sad about the lack of benefits, you should be honest and ask about benefits.

But if you tell it on LINE, it seems that it will end with natural extinction.

If you don't mind if you can get even XNUMX yen, I think it would be better to meet you in person and tell you directly that you would like to have a little allowance if you are going to have an adult relationship.

  • Answer date: 2022/09/07 20:58
Female member


If you're withdrawing from the club, do you want to meet instead of doing dad activities?it might be.

I may have already contacted several people and asked the questioner because I could not get an OK.
Perhaps the first thing that came to mind was the kindness of the questioner.
I don't know even if I thought about that, so I want to meet the questioner even if he doesn't go through the club.If you think so, why don't you meet?
If you have an allowance, you can only think about it.Not ten thousand!If you think so, should I tell you so?
If I'm studying and I don't have money, I wonder if I'll come back to the club after saving money.Then give us a shout!And.
There's no need to be shy, just be honest with yourself.

What is the interviewer looking for in a man?I don't think so.

  • Answer date: 2022/09/07 21:22
Male member

date ◎ dream

column article

>That man is free because I'm in my 40s and there aren't many offers?Or XNUMX yen please!Do you think
I think you should say that (laughs).
Just say, "Give me one hand, please."
To put it mildly, I think it will come out as much as it can.

When you are presented with less, your breasts are three inches.

  • Answer date: 2022/09/07 23:03
Female member


It may be a long-awaited offer, but there is such a man with condition 1 including everything...

If you are looking for a relationship with an allowance, why don't you say, "Thank you for inviting me. However, I'm looking for a relationship with an allowance"
I think it would be rude to tell a club girl that she doesn't have money first.

  • Answer date: 2022/09/08 08:06
ス タ ッ フ

Maezawa (Staff)

column article

Blog post

> I'm having trouble figuring out how to respond.

I think it's good to convey my feelings as they are.
You can see from the writing that you don't want to meet with no allowance or an allowance of 1 yen.
then as it is

What do you think about your allowance?

I think you should ask.

If the amount is lower than the questioner's request
I think you should politely decline.

I don't know where the man got it wrong.
Feels like dating
I think I was looking for a woman who is OK with no allowance or 1 allowance.

Because there are women on dating sites and apps who are okay with that.

Did you withdraw from the dating club because it was impossible
Did you get a lot of bad reviews from women and was forced to withdraw?
I feel like it's around that.

  • Answer date: 2022/09/08 08:30
Female member

Nana Ayase

I told other people that it was 1 including everything, but they refused everything

Didn't it flow to the questioner?

I think I'll tell you without any allowance soon

Oh, of course I'm thinking of doing it raw

I don't want to feel miserable like that, so I won't go out with you.

If that's okay with you, go ahead.

  • Answer date: 2022/09/08 09:49
Male member


For 1 yen!I received an offer once with a man who declares that it is important whether or not there is 1 yen.

Is it the end of the story after checking on the line? w

is it wrong?

  • Answer date: 2022/09/07 22:23

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