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How to meet rich people naturally


I want to marry a rich man in the future, but where should I go for a natural encounter?

I want to marry a rich man because I am the type of person who is ambitious and can realize my dreams.Papa has a lot of married people, so she seems to have little hope.

Golf or bars?

If you are married, where did you meet your wife?

Thank you.




Thank you very much for your question.

Whether you believe it or not is up to the questioner, but in fact there is a secret society in Japan that controls many countries around the world, not just Japan.

Many of the members of the society are powerful and rich.It has a great influence on the political and business world, and continues to influence even the state of the nation.I don't know if you're ambitious or not, but I'm sure it's more than enough to meet your needs.

Members of this secret society often marry each other.So if you want to marry a member of this society, you should also join this society.

I would like to reveal such a secret society here today.

I may have died before this article was published, but I have no choice but to marry the questioner.

The name of that secret society is...

I am at a university (scholarship).

In Japan, Josuikai and Mitakai are famous.I'm also a member of the secret society Mita-kai.Day and night, it may be manipulating Japanese society from the back.

I'm half joking, but the other half is serious.I don't know how rich the person you are talking about is, but if you expect an annual income of 1000 to 2000 million yen, the best option is to enter a reasonably good university and marry a classmate. It will be quick.By the way, as an aside, if you can choose anywhere, I would recommend Tokyo Tech.


Golf if you just want to meet

However, I am fully aware that the person asking the question does not want this answer.

The answer you want is probably something like "I recommend golf because rich people play golf a lot".Also, wouldn't it be nice to have an overseas poker tournament, with a participation fee of $5, and only the rich?

However, these are just "meeting places", and the story is completely different when it comes to marriage.

It's definitely worth it for young women.It seems that some people in the neighborhood will get angry, but it is a fact that it is worth it.

However, although the value is not as low as the average woman thinks, it is not as high as the questioner thinks.

The "Young Woman" ability is an ability that all women can automatically acquire for at least one period.On the other hand, the ability to meet the questioner's request of "rich and other things" is an ability that only a very limited number of men can acquire.

Given that the male and female population ratios are roughly the same, it is self-evident that the supply of young women is much lower than that of rich men.Frankly speaking, there are many "young and pretty women" in this world.

The ability to be a "young and pretty woman" certainly has value.But that alone is not worth enough to buy a rich man.


XNUMX ways to marry a rich man

There are four ways to marry a rich man.

The first method is to stand at the top of the "young and cute woman".This method will be the path of Shura.Anyway, if you fight in this way, your enemies will be celebrities and models.If she's prettier than Kanna Hashimoto, it might work out somehow, but if she's not, it's safer to avoid her.

The second method is to draw an SSR with the parent gacha.Even today, in the Reiwa Era, there is still a de facto fiduciary system for extremely limited families of the wealthy class.Of course, the person who is going to be a fiancé is also from a rich family, so it is possible to marry a rich person.However, this method has a fatal drawback that the game is decided at the moment of birth.

The third method is for the questioner to become a person in a position close to a rich man.However, I am not saying that you should get rich.There is a route such as entering a secret society called a student clique, pursuing a similar career, and getting married within the company.

Honestly, the three methods so far are almost impossible for the current questioner.The last one is not enough, but the first two are a world where luck and talent matter.It's not a story that will happen with effort.

Then there is the fourth method.It's the only way you can do something with effort.

That is Aotagai.

You can't buy a lottery ticket that won 10 billion yen unless you pay 10 billion yen.In other words, in order to buy a super-expensive product called "Rich Man", you have to pay the price corresponding to it.

However, if it is a lottery ticket before winning, you can buy it for 300 yen.

Luckily, the questioner does not want to marry a rich man, but wants to marry "an ambitious person who can realize his dreams".It's hard to tell who's going to get rich, and if you can do that, you'll be a millionaire investing in stocks.

However, it is at least easier to identify the owner of "ambitious and dream-achieving personality".


What is the personality that makes dreams come true?

By the way, there is one last thing I would like to ask the questioner.

What kind of personality is “a personality that can make dreams come true”?

Patient?can you make the effort?

Well, then, if you are patient, hardworking, and ambitious, you don't have to become rich as a result, right?

Isn't that right?

The questioner doesn't like the personality that can realize his dreams, but he just says "This person has the personality that can realize his dreams" when he succeeds in any process.

typical consequence.It's not that they like people who can make an effort, but that they only recognize the actions of successful people as efforts.

"This person has succeeded, so he is a successful person." Level story.You look like a minister of some kind.

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