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The sex that daddy wants

I think there are dads of a wide range of ages, but in order to build a long-term relationship with dads, it is necessary to continue not saying "NO" to the sex that dads want and what dads demand. I feel that I can build relationships.

This time, I would like to write on a theme that summarizes the opinions of Papa.


1.Consider the age of the other person when engaging in an adult relationship

I think there are dads of all ages, but according to what I've heard from dads who are older, when it comes to having a relationship between a young woman and an adult, they want it to end quickly. It will be transmitted.

As he got older, he said that even if he wanted to finish it quickly, he couldn't do it.And since it's boring to have classic sex, he is attracted to slow sex and women who can respond to the sex demanded by men.


Before I started working as a dad, I only had experience with young people, so I didn't do slow sex and had sex that ended quickly.

After working as a dad, I learned about sex that doesn't end quickly and sex with various demands.I felt that it would be difficult to continue working as a dad if I could not leave a form of what my dad wanted.


2.pretending to feel even if you don't

Depending on the dad, some people agree with this opinion, and some dads don't, but if you want to have sex, it's better to feel that it's good to have sex with this child. Because it seems like it, it's better to pretend to feel it even if it's acting.

If your partner feels it, you can feel better and have a very fulfilling sex, so even if you don't feel it, some dads may be happy to pretend to feel it.

3.don't ask daddy

In some cases, if you make too many demands on your dad when it comes to sex, the other person will think that you are a troublesome child.

Of course, there may be some dads who are happy with what the women want.However, not everyone is like that, so I will talk about it as a case where it is not.

In my case, the skins in the hotel do not suit me, so I bring skins with me.

When I told my dad about it, he said, "It's troublesome."It happened before we had sex, so I knew that Papa's tension was down.

Because of that incident, I learned that when I meet new dads in the future, I have to be careful not to say anything.

Four.take a bath together

I think this depends on each person, but it is said that taking a bath together has the effect of raising the mood.

Sex allows you to get to know the other person and puts you in serious mode, but a bath can get you excited before you go into serious mode.

Sex is serious mode, but the bath is a sense of play to flirt with the other party.

When taking a bath, we recommend that you take a bath with your partner.

Five.It's not that I like stylish women

In the world, there are men who prefer women who are tall and slim, and there are men who prefer women who have a little fat around their stomachs.

Of course, I think it depends on the person, but I found out that there are dads who feel more feminine when they have a little fat in their stomachs than women who are slim and have a good style.

In fact, I'm a fat person, so when I first started working as a dad, I was worried about that, but I found out that it was surprisingly acceptable for my dad.

It is said that women who are too fat are not liked, but there are cases where a man has a good impression of a woman who has a constriction and a little protruding buttocks and abdomen.

However, this depends on the dad, so I think it's important to figure out what kind of woman the dad you're looking for likes.


In the past few months, I've been working as a dad, and there are many things I haven't been able to experience and things I've learned.

Every story I hear from my dad, who has lived much longer than me and has a lot of life experience, is fresh.

The theme I wrote this time is not necessarily common to all dads.

To the last, I am telling you as an article based on the opinions of dads I have met so far.

I hope it will be a little bit of a hint for those who are going to do daddy activities from now on and those who are currently doing daddy activities.

From now on, I would like to write articles about papa activities, so please support me.


What I learned from being a dad.I would like to write stories that can be helpful for both men and women, both good and bad.

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