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Encounter with 100 Cut Papa

Tired Lena

Lena, I had a pinch hitter job from early that day, and I was exhausted all day dealing with customers.

In the first place, I'm not strong in the morning (I think there are young girls...) and I was exhausted around 5 o'clock in the evening.

But today I got an offer from an uncle who has a dating club, and I had a dinner appointment in advance.

If you have a dinner appointment, it's usually a course meal.

I hope you don't fall asleep on the way.

From the dating club "dandy manWhat kind of person is today's dad who was taught?

Even such a worn-out Rena has her manners in order to dress up properly and fix her makeup before heading to the meeting.

The meeting point is the Tokyo Station Hotel next to Tokyo Station.

There are some delicious restaurants in the basement of this place with an elegant atmosphere.

It's expensive and Lena never went there at her own expense.

Rena was a little excited as to which of the several restaurants she was supposed to meet with her father in the lobby.

Come to think of it, Rena, I've been told a lot lately that my face looks tired.

Should I change the way I do my makeup?

rendezvous with daddy

Even though it's winter, Dad is wearing sunglasses and wearing a suit.

It looked like Rena's image of half detective and half yakuza.

I like fashionable dads, but I get scared when they look tough.

When I asked him about his occupation later, he said he was doing things like real estate.

"Rena-chan!'' Daddy spoke to me cheerfully, holding a silver attache case, and he's the type that Rena doesn't really like.

There are girls who are good at dealing with this type of daddy, I want to be an apprentice.

An elegant course meal and vulgar conversation

When I entered the store with my dad, it was a face pass.It seems to be a regular customer.

As Rena expected, it was a course meal at one of the delicious restaurants.

Papa put a thick wallet and a large smartphone on the table and started the course meal.

As I enjoyed the course, I started to realize that Dad was a bit of a weirdo.

Even though it's a high-end and elegant shop and the people around me are all calm.

The dad I just met said,Rena-chan, do you like sex?""How many people have you had sex with?""Have you ever had a threesome?’ was the only question.

Rena, who was tired from the beginning and was gradually getting full from the course meal, almost fell asleep halfway through after getting tired of the stupid questions.

After all, I definitely don't want to go out with a dad who talks vulgarly in a classy place without taking into consideration the people around him when we meet for the first time.

Even Lena, who is usually serious, had a blank head on this day.

This question I asked Lena convinced me that Papa is quite a strange person.

"How many people do you think I've met and grown up with at this dating club?question.

"Hmm. I wonder if it's about 3 people?It seems that this dad has a goal of sleeping with 100 girls he met at a dating club.

He offers more than 100 people and goes on dates, and most of the time he eats and can have sex on the same day.

Cut into 100 people.

Some men boast about how many girls they have slept with.

On the other hand, in the blog when papa-katsu became popular,Cut 100 people at the dating club!I've read articles like this, but I never thought I'd meet him.

Sleepy Lena began to wonder if this was a dream instead of reality.

How nice it would be if it was a dream...

The course meal is not over yet, so I can't run away.

If it's true, I want to run away from being told such vulgar things in such an elegant shop.

I can't face the store clerk anymore, and I'm too embarrassed to come back.

Papa was persuading Lena without worrying about anything around her.

Lena didn't know that dining with an unattractive man could be so bad.

No, the rice should be delicious.

Is it a game called Papa-katsu?

To tell the truth, Papa doesn't seem to be a big eater.

Rena thought as she finished the dessert.

"I wonder why this person chose Lena, could any young woman have been fine?'

I wonder if it's like a game for Papa.

For dating clubs, every time a new girl gets an offer, she's a good customer, and there's no rule that says you can't do daddy activities just for fun.

However, I wondered if Lena was a little too serious, and I didn't get along with Lena.

want to travel by car

Papa came by car today and said that he wanted to move from one place to another by car.

When Rena politely declined, she asked me to take a look at the nice car that there are only a few in Japan.

I also bought a present for Lena in the car.

I was creating a situation that was hard to refuse.

Lena again politely declined, but Papa's "Then send me to the parking lotI decided to go to the place where the car was.

It was a nice car indeed.

Lena got an allowance and a present from her father and went home by train.

He also said that he wanted to drive me to a place nearby, but I thought he'd be trying hard to persuade me during that time, so I thought I'd like to sleep on the train.

Even though I was tired, it was an even more tired face.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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